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Dallas - Season 1

Dallas - Season 1

Dallas is an iconic television series that originally aired in 1978 and ran for an impressive 14 seasons. Set in the world of oil tycoons and their feuding families, the show captivated audiences with its dramatic narrative and engaging characters. Season 1 offers a captivating introduction to the Ewing family and their high-stakes world filled with scandal, power struggles, and plenty of Texas-sized drama.

The cast of Dallas - Season 1 is truly stellar, featuring a talented ensemble who brought the characters to life with incredible depth. Patrick Duffy portrays the honest and principled Bobby Ewing, the younger brother of the charismatic yet manipulative J.R. Ewing, played flawlessly by Larry Hagman. Linda Gray shines as the beautiful and resilient Sue Ellen Ewing, J.R.'s long-suffering wife who navigates the treacherous waters of the Ewing family dynamics. Victoria Principal delivers a memorable performance as Pamela Barnes Ewing, Bobby's love interest and the daughter of the Ewing family's mortal enemy.

The rest of the cast is just as exceptional. Barbara Bel Geddes portrays Miss Ellie Ewing, the matriarch of the family who tries her best to keep the peace amidst the constant family feuds. Charlene Tilton brings charm and sass as Lucy Ewing, the vivacious niece of J.R. Ewing who adds a youthful and rebellious spark to the show. Jim Davis is wonderfully cast as Jock Ewing, the imposing and authoritative patriarch of the Ewing family.

Dallas - Season 1 lays the groundwork for the thrilling storylines that unfold throughout the series. From J.R.'s notorious affair with his secretary, to the financial struggles of Ewing Oil, to the bitter rivalry between the Ewing and Barnes families, each episode is filled with jaw-dropping twists and turns. Viewers are constantly kept on the edge of their seats as they are pulled into the compelling world of Dallas' power players.

The show's theme song is instantly recognizable, an iconic melody that has become synonymous with the series. The yearning guitar strums and sultry tone perfectly capture the essence of the show's mood and atmosphere. You can play and download these sounds here to transport yourself back to the world of Dallas and relive the gripping moments that made the show a television phenomenon.

Dallas - Season 1 remains a classic television series that has stood the test of time. Its captivating storytelling, strong performances, and unforgettable characters have left an indelible mark on the television landscape. The show's success is a testament to its enduring appeal and the skilled craftsmanship of its talented cast and crew.

So, immerse yourself in the captivating world of Dallas - Season 1 and experience the power, wealth, and deceit that defined the Ewing family's legacy. With its addictive storylines and stellar performances, this iconic series will keep you entertained and enthralled from start to finish.

A bonus.
A boy called and asked if I could go to a party with him.
A boy or a girl.
A boy or a girl.
A couple of strangers showed up. Their car broke down and...
A drunk, like your daddy.
A handshake.
A hurricane?
A little arm twisting.
A loan, discreetly forgotten.
A lost receipt, a secret account, extra $50,000.
A storm is one thing in a city. It's something else again on a ranch.
A what?
A windstorm, which blew in unexpectedly...
About J.R. And me and the conjugal circumstance.
About you and Lucy.
Ain't like him to stay away from his guests so long.
Ain't nobody I can't outsmart when I set my mind to it.
All I'm asking you to do...
All right, easy. Easy, Ray.
All right, get up.
All right, give me a little bourbon.
All right, I believe it.
All right, one more time. Come on, sweetheart.
All right, you.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. Have a nice day in the city.
All right. Okay.
All these years, you've been coming here...
All this over that old drunk?
All you need is a good teacher.
Allen, it ain't the same. It ain't the same.
And as long as I'm running this company...
And Digger Barnes?
And guess where we found her this morning.
And he looked at me and laughed in my face...
And he went back to register the claim and I stayed there and I drilled...
And he's bringing home a lady.
And I don't think you want her to see me here now.
And I haven't been able to give him his first because of your disinterest in me.
And I haven't been able to give him his first.
And I haven't been any stronger.
And I won't come between you and our mama and daddy.
And I'm not riding in that car.
And if you don't back me up, I'll tell J.R. About you and Lucy.
And in return for this magnificent gesture...
And neither is that shirt.
And now here's Miss Texas!
And now, the 8:00 news.
And once that sinks in, they're gonna love you.
And she said, "I love you. " And I said, "Are you sure?"
And so do I.
And sometimes I think you forget about that.
And that best of all.
And that takes muscle. Even my daddy didn't have that kind of muscle.
And that was that.
And that's my business and mine alone.
And the last few years, you've been out there spreading the B's around...
And then they ****d them.
And then?
And this is too serious.
And what about those oil leases that he bought for 50 cents on the dollar?
And when we're done, we can leave a house full of people alive or dead!
And with your daddy retired, I bet they could use another man...
And women.
And you two best come right on home.
And you'd better remember it.
And you've made me come between my husband and his family.
And, oh, what a temper she had.
Answered a few of them I didn't even ask.
Any permanent injuries?
Any regrets?
Anything we can do for you, Pam?
Anytime. Anything you need, you just let me know.
Anyways, once upon a time...
Are you all right?
Are you coming in?
Are you going to that new disco in Braddock?
Are you sorry that she lost the baby?
Are you sure?
Aren't you gonna share your secrets with your little brother?
Aren't you supposed to pick Lucy up at school?
Around, now, around!
As a matter of fact, I'm sure it's gonna. Come on.
As a matter of fact, yes, I do mind.
As far as I know, the letters stopped coming.
As long as she goes, that's all I care about.
As soon as J.R. And Ray get there, everything will be okay.
As soon as we get what we came for.
As soon as you're on your feet, we're getting out of here.
At least we don't get letters from her school anymore.
Backgammon? You and J.R.?
Background stuff is real important.
Bad storm blowing in. Hands are off. J.R. And Ray aren't back yet.
Be right back.
Be right down.
Because he came home with a wife.
Because I begged him to.
Because I think you do care what they think. And I think you care what I think.
Because I'm a Ewing now.
Because if you don't, I'll tell my husband you've been blackmailing his niece...
Because Pam asked me.
Because she and J.R. Had a...
Because the lack of it turns competitors into enemies, and enemies into fanatics.
Because we need you in the other room, Junior.
Because we're brothers, and I got a wife.
Because you have to ask that. That's why.
Been a loser every day of his life.
Before it sinks in is what worries me.
Begged you is more like it.
Believe me, I'm not. It's just that...
Ben, don't put words in my mouth.
Betty Coed.
Betty who?
Bobby and Pam, of course.
Bobby Ewing is not a man. Pamela, he's a Ewing.
Bobby James Ewing, I don't believe you.
Bobby wanting to come in off the road, be an executive.
Bobby, are you through with this?
Bobby, do you think you could take me to the house now?
Bobby, good to see you. I met your bride.
Bobby, how did Cliff Barnes get ahold of that trust deed?
Bobby, I don't have the money.
Bobby, I'm sorry, I don't mean to disturb you.
Bobby, that'd be a breach of ethics.
Bobby, this is the last time, but it's gotta be done.
Bobby, those red files really ought to stay here in the office.
Bobby, what are you saying?
Bobby, you can go back on up now.
Bobby, you could've had any woman in Texas.
Bobby, you know I always do everything Jock asks.
Bobby, you said it'd get better, and instead, it's getting worse.
Bobby, you're the most important thing to me in the world. You know that.
Bobby, you've been to my house, haven't you?
Bobby? I'm home.
Bobby's out there with the association minutes.
Bobby's really gotten into the executive business, hasn't he?
Bought you some new school clothes today.
Boy, I wish I could sleep in a car.
Breaking out windows in the Ewing building downtown.
Bring the truck up to the house.
Bring them on around!
But from the looks of him, it happened a long time before he was ready.
But he's... He's Bobby Ewing.
But I accepted the way things were.
But I bet you saved the banner.
But I did what I had to do.
But I don't think I could eat anything right now.
But I got more than one son...
But I got two of the prettiest girls in Texas. We ought to dance till dawn.
But I gotta protect her.
But I need Orloff.
But I was here busting my butt under our father.
But I won't blow the whistle on you, J.R.
But I'd have to resign my Senate seat.
But if I'd have shown him that deed...
But if it's legal...
But if you insist on being driven away, which you surely will be...
But in all this wind and dust, no way to fix anything.
But it does.
But it's just a matter of time.
But it's me, Cliff.
But it's not as important as your peace of mind.
But old Jock, he's gotten to love it, the cow part.
But while you were sowing your wild oats, I was learning the business.
But without my nose, he wouldn't have nothing.
But would you please drop the "Mr."?
But you could be important to more than me.
But you do like girls though.
But you knew what you got into by marrying a Ewing.
But you made yourself sound so noble.
But, Miss Ellie, J.R. Says that...
But, you know, party at home with grandmother around...
By finding out how that file got out.
Bye bye.
Bye, Sue Ellen.
Bye, Wanda. You take care now, hear?
Call me her name.
Can you?
Can't help being what he is more than we can help being what we are.
Chances are she picked him up.
Change that shirt.
Cliff Barnes causing you any problems?
Cliff Barnes is holding a news conference right now.
Cliff Barnes is holding a news conference right now.
Coffee ready yet, Connie?
Coffee, Pam?
Come down here, please.
Come home early.
Come in.
Come in.
Come in.
Come on, baby.
Come on, Bobby. Be sensible. Let's put up at a motel.
Come on, buddy, another drink here!
Come on, come on!
Come on, honey, let's go.
Come on, honey.
Come on, I want both of you to give each other a little kiss...