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The Tale of the Princess Kaguya (2013)

The Tale of the Princess Kaguya (2013)

The Tale of the Princess Kaguya is a stunning animated film that was released in 2013. Directed by Isao Takahata, this Japanese masterpiece tells the enchanting story of a mystical princess who is discovered inside a bamboo shoot and raised by a humble bamboo cutter and his wife.

The film is based on a well-known Japanese folktale called "The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter," which dates back to the 10th century. It has been adapted into various forms of art over the years, but Takahata's interpretation brings a unique and visually captivating twist to the story.

The animation in The Tale of the Princess Kaguya is truly breathtaking. Gorgeously hand-drawn, it captures the essence of traditional Japanese ink wash paintings, giving the film a dreamlike and ethereal quality. This visual style perfectly complements the fairy tale narrative and adds a sense of magic and wonder to the storytelling.

The film explores the themes of identity, freedom, and the fleetingness of life. As Princess Kaguya grows up, she yearns for a life beyond the confines of conventional expectations. She longs to be free from the duties and pressures of her aristocratic status and to experience the simple joys of life. This struggle between societal expectations and personal desires is portrayed beautifully, evoking a sense of empathy and emotional depth.

The music in The Tale of the Princess Kaguya is enchanting and adds another layer of ethereal beauty to the film. Composed by Joe Hisaishi, the score features mesmerizing melodies that transport the audience into the world of the story. The music perfectly complements the animation, enhancing the emotional impact of each scene.

The voice cast of the film includes Aki Asakura as Princess Kaguya, and other notable actors such as Kengo Kora, Takeo Chii, Nobuko Miyamoto, and Atsuko Takahata. Their performances bring the characters to life and add depth to the storytelling.

The Tale of the Princess Kaguya received critical acclaim upon its release, with many praising its stunning visuals, powerful storytelling, and emotional resonance. It was nominated for several awards, including an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

If you are interested in diving into the world of Japanese folklore and experiencing a visually mesmerizing and emotionally poignant film, The Tale of the Princess Kaguya is a must-watch. You can play and download the film's soundtrack on various platforms to immerse yourself in its beautiful music and captivating story.

A banquet?
A celebration of your coming of age.
A dream?
A fine thing! Yes?
A fine thing! Yes? A fine thing! Yes?
A gem with more radiance than the five colored jewel that shines on the dragon's neck!
A grain of unwarranted impurity. A question of my varasity on the subject!
A great tragedy. His back was broken... reaching for the nest.
A little baby, of course.
A maiden scoops water with a silver bowl!
A noble princess would never frolic, nor even consider part taking in such unlady like antics.
A place brimming with life.
A proper way of looking at it, is like this, so the story flows.
A true treasure...
A warrior's determination is a very powerful thing.
After His Majesty returned to his palace...
After seeing her with my own eyes... that is entirely possible, my Lord.
Ah, My Lord!
Ah! I had finally arrived at the Mountain of Horai!
Ah! I might be imagining it but she feels heavier.
Ah! I was overwhelmed by my feelings. My love for the Princess spread within me...
Ah! Mr. Miyatsuko!
Ah! Shh. Shh.
Ah! This is wonderful!
Ah! This is wonderful! I mean, it's wonderful!
Ah! Well, well, Princess!
Ah! What a beautiful little doll!
Ah! You are promised to His Majesty?
Ah... no, it's nothin'
All feel compassion.
All grief and sadness are gone.
All of these robes are yours, Your Highness.
All right, Dragon! Arise and meet your fate!
All that remained...
All that time I was wishing I was here on the mountain, playing with everyone.
All that we have done has been for the sake of this!
All the more reason... to put it in the fire.
All these gentlemen compared me to very rare treasures.
All these items would be impossible to find, even if they do exist!
All this happiness that you wished for me has been very hard to bear.
All this time I've wanted to come back to my real home.
All who live on this earth, experience them in different shades.
Alright now!
Alright, my lady!
Alright! If she is determined to play that game, I will grace her mansion with a surprise visit.
Alright! This is really strange, you know. I mean think about it...
And a beauty that radiates out from her! Superb!
And after a grueling, harrowing journey...
And after you have put on that cap as part of the court... I will kill myself.
And can I ask you, if Your Highness' mood, would you be in the best of spirituals today?
And even the Minister of the Right!
And for some reason coming over the pass, I thought I heard your voice, singing.
And from that day forward the Bamboo Cutter and his wife...
And go somewhere different, and leave us behind.
And I had a moment of inspiration,
And I must leave you both forever.
And I won't be able to laugh anymore!
And I'll always be a part of your gang, forever and ever, too.
And in my heart...
And in time, His Majesty himself began to show interest.
And is in the process of completely rebuilding his mansion...
And it's because you feel that way the princess never changes her...
And look! We can go across that bridge and climb over the hill...
And Mr. Moon could rise up from right behind those mountains, couldn't it?
And now on the 15th day, the people of the Moon will come for me...
And Papa?
And passing her days in silence.
And put them together, as if it came from a jeweled tree on Mount Horai.
And see the cogan grass? It looks just like the bamboo grove.
And since Princess Kaguya, one of his concubines...
And so I am, and since it seems to be impossible for...
And so the Princess, under Lady Sagami's tutelage...
And that's your bamboo grove.
And the memory of this impure Earth, will lift from your mind forever.
And the mugwort looks just like trees!
And then at last, the 15th day of August came round.
And these arms of mine, will drive them away!
And thus I suggest to you the name "Princess Kaguya"
And thus, without haste, I snapped off this branch to bring to your feet.
And to make matters worse, they are all waiting impatiently in formal dress even as we speak!
And what she had truly wished for, was not some distant unobtainable treasure...
And what's wrong with that once in a while?
And when His Majesty grabbed me, in panic my heart just screamed out...
And when I picked you up and cradled you, put you on your feet and changed clothes...
And with you, Sutemaru...
And you are very brave to have travelled so far!
And you won't! I will never let you go!
Anyway... I have news about Kuramochi!
Are these not the jeweled branches of Horai...
Are you a servant of Princess Kaguya?
Are you okay?
As he approached it, the light flowed into the ground...
As if a dry fountain had come flowing back to life!
As is the custom, the naming ceremony was followed by putting up the hair and dawning the trailing skirt.
As of today, this will be our new home.
As time went on, rumours of the Princess' beauty grew.
As you know my true feelings have been clearly stated in the letter that has been given to you...
As your Majesty wishes.
At the order of Prince Kuramochi, we gathered together precious gems, mounted them...
Atta girl! Come here
Bamboo shoot sprouting so early? Even before the plums?
Bamboo shoot! Bamboo shoot!
Bamboo shoot! For dinner!
Bamboo shoot! Little Bamboo!
Be careful now! I will!
Because I'm a fake!
Been weary to the point of exhaustion, I sat myself down by a stone on the road.
Began to learn the heirs and graces of a noble lady.
Behold! Those precious, exquiste trees!
Better run little one!
Better wood?
Birds, bugs, beasts, grass, flowers...
Birds! Bugs! Beasts!
Bring around the carriage quickly!
Bring me one of the good baskets, please.
But don't matter how beautiful they say she is... she is still of humble birth.
But for the Princess and for Sutemaru, that tomorrow never came.
But have no fear, your suitors are trying.
But how do we choose among them? It's going to be a very difficult challenge!
But I've never even met them!
But if you leave the mountain its power, and go on a journey...
But in spite of her wishes, there was even more talk of the Princess...
But it still doesn't make it your fault.
But it won't happen.
But it's no use! They're coming for me on the 15th day!
But Poppa...
But she must be a beautiful princess. Her voice, her music...
But she was a beautiful princess just a moment ago!
But they're coming for me.
But this is the only way I feel at ease living in this house.
But this simple flower, which itself is a treasure of nature.
But weren't you happy in the capital?
But when she sang that song, I saw tears fall from her eyes.
But which itself is not consumed, only shining more brightly as the flames grow higher...
But, but...
But, I fear that... between the...
But, you can't...
But... but...
But... how do I move if I want to pick up something?
Bye! Bring us back a present!
C'mon you know what we mean? Princess Kaguya or whoever...
C'mon! Let's get out of here!
C'mon! Let's go!
Calm down! The storm will pass.
Can we come back tomorrow in time for stew?
Can you make it?
Can't you see? She wants me to be the person who raises her!
Careful! You do not want to touch those.
Carefully raised this miraculous child, as if she were their very own.
Clearly there wouldn't be any harm in allowing us to see her if she's as beautiful as they say?
Come here!
Come over here and listen husband...
Come round and call back my heart.
Come round, call back my heart
Come round, call back my heart
Come to a kneeling position and schuffle your knees, to move gracefully.
Come with me to that place! Far away from here!
Come with me, and we'll go!
Congratulations sir!
Could you please perhaps, accept this lovely flower as a token...
Counselor! Counselor!
Court Official!
Creating something he had never seen before.
Curious the bamboo cutter approached it.
Dada! Hi...
Dear Maiden...
Definetly a blessing from Heaven!
Did anybody hear that?
Did you say Princess Kaguya?
Dinner! Dinner! Bamboo shoot! Bamboo shoot!
Do you really want to hurt your father like this?
Do you understand that he is as happy for you, as he would be for himself?
Don't be ridiculous. For a noble princess there is nothing that will maker her perspire!
Don't be stupid!
Don't be upset, sweetheart. We're gonna take very good care of you. I promise.
Don't just sit there! Go find a lenght of cloth or something warm I can wrap her in!
Don't worry, there's nothing wrong.
Drop it in the fire.
Even a noble princess must sweat and sometimes want to laugh out loud!
Even remebering her now, words fail to express her glimmering beauty, and my heart...
Even you have to admit Akita, that Princess Kaguya is a very presumptuous name...
Every night I've begged them to let me stay!
Everyone's miserable and it's all my fault.
Everything comes back eventually.
Everything has been made ready for you. If you would be so kind to come this way...
Excuse me! What's going on here?
Excuse me?
Excuse me?
Excuse me? Where did the people who were living down below go?
Father, I'm afraid the Prince has taken his leave.
Father, my answer is no!
Father... If disobedience to His Majesty is considered a crime punishable by death...
Feast your eyes on this!
First, allow me to ask you how you found it. It must be quite a story...
Five of the most high born men in the land have come calling for one simple reason...
Flowers! And trees!
For a girl born in this land...