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American Graffiti (1973)

American Graffiti (1973)

American Graffiti is a classic coming-of-age film released in 1973, directed by George Lucas. Set in the summer of 1962, this nostalgic movie follows a group of high school friends on their last night together before heading off to college. Through a series of interconnected stories, American Graffiti captures the excitement, fears, and hopefulness of youth as they navigate the uncertainties of adulthood.

The impressive ensemble cast includes Richard Dreyfuss, Ron Howard, Paul Le Mat, Charles Martin Smith, Cindy Williams, and a young Harrison Ford. Their performances, combined with the film's authentic 60s atmosphere and a memorable soundtrack consisting of iconic hits from the era, contribute to its enduring popularity.

If you're a fan of the film or if you want to experience the music that defined the era, you can play and download these nostalgic sounds here. Relive the magic of American Graffiti with its unforgettable characters, thrilling drag races, and a soundtrack that echoes the spirit of a bygone era.

A couple of flashlight batteries
A double Chubby Chuck, a Mexicali Chili Barb,
A few extra bucks babysitting?
A field car runs through the fields,
A little piece of this place.
A white T Bird, you understand.
A Wolfman Jack exclusive!
About 8:30 tonight, did you?
About where she is, don't you?
After all that stuff you told me about watching your brother.
After all we went through to get accepted?
Ah, man, it's nothing.
Ah, shit! Holstein!
Ain't he neat?
Ain't he neat?
All done? What's he mean?
All night you've been sitting there, and you've been so sexy,
All right, all right, you old fart! Relax!
All right, baby.
All right, Bolander, you are suspended!
All right, boss.
All right, now where's this Paradise Road?
All right?
All right.
All right. I'll see you.
All the good times you won't be having.
All the time?
Am I gonna see you there next year?
And a ball point pen,
And don't do anything I wouldn't do.
And don't take all day drinking it. Please.
And drag you around a bit.
And get it on the air for you later on.
And he says they're all very proud of you back at the Lodge.
And he wants to talk to you out there, baby.
And here I sit, sucking on popsicles.
And I can't wait any longer. You've been so...
And I could make it stick.
And I don't know anything about you.
And I don't know if I'm gonna go. I don't know.
And I got a really neat record collection.
And I just don't think it'd work out.
And I know we're gonna have about 500 degrees
And I know what you'd like more than anything right now.
And I thought you'd maybe like to come over.
And I thought, as long as I was in there...
And I want to thank you two guys for finding it.
And I was wondering, since you're going in there anyway,
And I'm not hitting the rack till I get a little action.
And I've decided that I'm gonna let you
And if you told me where you lived,
And it's just not in this town.
And it's not even his own fault.
And it's silly to think that when we're 3,000 miles apart,
And it's very important that I...
And leading it off is last year's
And little girl, you better call him
And married.
And now you don't want me with you.
And now you want to crawl back into your cell, right?
And ride with me, in about 10 years?
And saw a holdup, and then we went to the canal.
And saw me dancing with one of you sexy little... Excuse me.
And screw around. I know.
And she was cruising 10th Street.
And since we should really consider ourselves as adults now,
And smiling did reply, who made the eyes but I?
And some beef jerky.
And take a look at the big, beautiful world out there somewhere.
And that you'd probably get around to it after a while.
And that's his car you've got your butt parked on.
And the places he talks about
And the satellites, and the little bitty space men.
And the Wolfman gave me my start
And then you let him have it.
And then, I got to watch you getting sick.
And then, you got in this really bitching fight.
And they came all the way from Stockton.
And they're melting all over the place.
And this year's head cheerleader, Laurie Henderson.
And try and figure out what he wanted to do with his life.
And two Cherry Cokes.
And was acting so wacky, she got run over by a bus.
And we started going together
And we thought you just might know who it was.
And we're all proud of you.
And went out with ammunition.
And when I do, I'm gonna nail you but good.
And you don't want that, right? No.
And your two Cherry Cokes, sir?
And zoomed straight into the canal.
And, Milner, the front end
Ants, bring him over here. I want to show him something.
Any of you guys know a blonde in a white T Bird?
Anybody else want to go for a ride?
Anyway, he thought he was had.
Are you all right?
Are you for real? Come on. Girls don't pay. Guys pay.
Are you listening?
Are you separated?
Are you sure this is it?
Are you the Wolfman?
Are you trying to tell me that she's a prost...
Aren't you the one that told me for eight weeks
At Jerry's Cherry.
At least I don't have to pull over to the side
At least until Christmas.
Backwards Day. Remember?
Barfed on the train all the next day, too.
Because somebody stole our car.
Because the light on your license plate's out.
Been a long time, ain't it?
Before we picked you up.
Being on his hands and knees like that,
Bend down here. Look across here. You see?
Besides, it only took me one night to realize
Big shot.
Billy Weber. That was 10 years ago.
Blotto. Blotto. Exactly.
Boy, are you conceited!
Boy, are you up a creek.
Boy, I'll tell you something,
Bring two Cherry Cokes with lots of ice.
Bringing tapes, you know, to check up on me and whatnot.
Budda, you got an hour left. Let's get on it.
Budda. Budda, wait.
But he had, like, switched parts of their bodies.
But his greatest ambition is to shake hands with President Kennedy.
But I can tell you one thing.
But I know what you...
But I mean, do you like me?
But I'm gonna go with Steve and Laurie to the hop.
But I'm not gonna do that, Milner. You know why?
But I've been just quick enough
But it's the first scholarship
But that can't be your car. It must be your mama's car.
But then you suddenly realized you were in love with me,
But we can date other people.
But why should I leave home to find a home?
But you asked me.
But you won't tell me where you live, so here we are.
But you're still a punk.
But... Give me this thing.
Buy you a bottle of booze?
By the way, where is it that you live, Carol?
Bye bye, Curt.
Bye, Curt.
Bye, Curt.
Bye, Curt.
Bye, kid.
Bye. Bye.
C. S? What's that stand for?
Can I speak with you a minute?
Can I wizz on you, Wolfman?
Can really be hard on a guy.
Can you imagine? He had the whole police force there.
Can't be too hard to find.
Can't possibly hurt, you know?
Can't we talk about something else?
Carol's not grungy. She's bitching.
Chasing girls down for you.
Cherry bomb!
Chicken shit. That's what it is.
Class president, Steve Bolander,
Come here.
Come on in the back.
Come on, Budda. Come on.
Come on, come on! Come on, come on!
Come on, Curt.
Come on, Eddie, I'll dance with you.
Come on, get up! Come on!
Come on, she's gonna blow.
Come on, Terry.
Come on, Wendy.
Come on, will you? Give it back to me.
Come on!
Come on.
Come on.
Come on. Beat it, Vic. I'm not your baby.
Come on. Come on what?
Come on. Don't give me any grief. I'm warning you.
Come on. For old times' sake.
Come on. Get your cooties off me.
Come on. No.
Come on. Really, Carol, don't say anything.
Come on. You gotta catch up to her.
Congratulations, my boy. We're all proud of you. All of us.
Consider ourselves adults. Right. Right.
Could I have a couple of those fries?
Could we meet someplace?
Could you pick me some Old Harper? Hard stuff?
Couldn't I have something to remember you by?
Course, it's pretty tough when they take somebody with them.
Curt Henderson, are you with these punks?
Curt just said at dinner tonight
Curt, before I say goodbye,
Curt. Curt.
Curtis, come here. Help me, will you? I'm surrounded.
Cut around him.
Cute. Why don't you hold it for me for a while?
Damn it. That I reach this girl right now.
Darn it, I wish I could see.
Dave Ogler told me.
Dazzling creature I've ever seen!
Debbie, that's the car!
Decided I wasn't the competitive type.
Despite you scratching Gil's car, I like you.
Dewey. Can it lay rubber?
Diane. How're you doing, Diane?
Did I do something wrong? I'm sorry.
Did you hear that?