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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
And imagine how it turned out if my dad love me no matter what
Are you just going to take that
But I tell you
Come down
Don't talk again
Don't worry
Everything is fine
Go figure
Good lord
Home alone
I don't even know anymore
I don't know I don't care
I don't understand
I just woke up
I love the beverly hillbillies
I tell you what
I was just about to threaten you
I'm your land
Is it that bad
Is that a fancy way of saying you need to go to study hall
Is that what they're calling it these days
It'll be fine
It's nice you to say that
It's real hard sitting around watching TV
Just when I think you said the stupidest thing ever you keep talking
Look I know that you and octavia or trying to sell your kids
Maybe we should split up
My ass
My guess is yeah
Not me
Now you start paying some bills
Playing it
Show me some rage
Shut the hell up
Some sort of crazy protest grill
State farm
Stop that
Sure it is
That's bad
The great spirit warmer tonya
The twenty four hour open silent starts now
This head
This is blatantly unfair
This is the thanks I guess
Well of course you should
What are you saying
What's that
Where are you
Who knows
Willie nelson
With all due respect, Sir, it's not a fair competition.
Yeah I guess not
Yeah worship
You just paint it how do you feel
You need to be lectured all afternoon
You're about to lose your house
You're lying on the beach on a warm sunny day
Your legs feel like spaghetti
Your mother likes your hair