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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A moment of your time
A word
All is forgiven I have an erection
Are you kidding me
Are you losing your mind
Bob saget
Boom told you
Brad anderson
Can I help you
Can we talk about our situation
Christmas singing
Cut off my penis
Do you still love me
Don't hurt me pt1
Don't hurt me pt2
For real
Ha ha ha 1
Ha ha ha 2
Ha ha I need to run this with my wife
Ha ha this place is great
Hand shaped device
Happy to help
Have you ever tried to relax
Hello 1
Hello 2
Hey 1
Hey 2
Hey buddy what's going on
Hey i'm gonna make love to my wife
Huh you think you know a guy
I am finally complete
I appreciate you saying that
I demand you cut off my penis
I don't get it
I give up
I have an idea
I like it
I love lasagna
I need a few hundred dollars pt1
I need a few hundred dollars pt2
I need a few hundred dollars pt3
I suppose
I will come to the hotel room
I wish I could stay longer
I would like to take 2 strokes off my golf game
I'd like to go home
I'm an idiot
I'm flattered
I'm jerry
I'm jerry smith
I'm leaving
I'm mr crowbar
I'm not calling him that
I'm not stupid
I'm sorry
If you'll have me
Is everything okay
It's a common name
It's personal
It's your bed time in an hour
Jerry smith
Jerry Smith Apples?
Jerry Smith Burn?
Jerry Smith Called
Jerry Smith Committee
Jerry Smith Control?
Jerry Smith Cyborgs
Jerry Smith Damn
Jerry Smith Damn 2
Jerry Smith Disagree
Jerry Smith Dog
Jerry Smith Drag?
Jerry Smith File
Jerry Smith Goodnight
Jerry Smith Grunting 2
Jerry Smith Hate
Jerry Smith Hate Xmas
Jerry Smith Help?
Jerry Smith Hi
Jerry Smith Horse
Jerry Smith Jerry 2
Jerry Smith Jerry Smith
Jerry Smith Misunderstand
Jerry Smith No
Jerry Smith No game
Jerry Smith Nuts?
Jerry Smith Of course
Jerry Smith Outside? 2
Jerry Smith Outside? 3
Jerry Smith Planet 4x
Jerry Smith Relax?
Jerry Smith Right
Jerry Smith Sue
Jerry Smith Throat
Jerry Smith Told
Jerry Smith What?
Jerry Smith Working
Jerry Smith Wrong
Jerry Smith Xmas
Jerry Smith Yeah
Jerry Smith Yes
Judgemental monster bitch
Knock knock
Make that dog smart pt1
Make that dog smart pt2
Making conversation
Married pt1
Maybe you're right
Nailed it
No 1
No 2
No 3
No 4
No 5
No no no
No stop I hate this
Not able to judge the situation
Noted goodnight
Now you're being mean
Oh yeah just masturbating
Okay i'm going out for ice cream
Okay yeah
Question pt6
Question pt7
Question pt8
Question pt9
Screw you
See you in 10 minutes
Serious conversation
Some people can't handle the truth
Sorry I wasn't paying attention
South pole
Sure sounds important
Thank you 1
Thank you 2
Thank you sir
That's ridiculous
The trick to cereal
This is gonna be fun
This is good though
This is misunderstanding
Throw your pants pt1
Throw your pants pt2
Today was the best day of my life
Well isn't that convenient
What am I talking about
What do you mean
What is this on the floor pt1
What is this on the floor pt2
What the hell
Where am i
Why are you looking at me
Yeah it is
Yeah you like that pt1
Yeah you like that pt2
Yes 1
Yes 2
Yes 3
You guys are gross and lame
You guys suck
You know what no
You ready to be nice to me pt1
You ready to be nice to me pt2
You think you can control me with a haircut
You're busy pt1
You're busy pt2
You're not as fast as the other kids