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Am I talking too loud
And how do you feel about kids
And you really don't want to know me
Are you crazy
Give me a name what is it going to another level
Hey you gotta build more you gotta be a moron don't want to be a fire you know what I mean
How 'bout maybe you and I mean we'll go out together get something to eat I don't know maybe laugh a little bit who knows you know
I want to break every beautiful bone in your body
I wouldn't ignore chief shirts either very big facepalm part you know
I'd like to talk to you about a little difficulty my daughters having
Is a great home
It's OK
It's one of the mysteries in life you just gonna accept on
Love you
My daughter is turning eighteen and she wants to get married
My name is john rambo we served on the same team together in them
Oh really
So how you doing
So what's your name
So why are you pushing you haven't done anything to you
That is dollars you think I am
This in the
Well forget that
Well I just said I know you look for spawn partners and I just wanna say i'm very available you know
Well if I kick your ass
Well is this a problem i'm supposed to be scared
Why don't you just shut the leash up my ass
You are the father my daughter faith
You gotta problem with that
You know it's rocky again you know
You see it again oh braids
You shut your mouth or this is going to the next level you got there
You're not married or anything
Your real tough guy on the phone