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Mabel Pines - Gravity Falls Soundboard

Mabel Pines - Gravity Falls Soundboard

Mabel Pines (born August 31, 1999, 5 minutes before Dipper Pines) is one of the two main protagonists of the series. She is a 12-year-old girl spending the summer with her Great Uncle Stan in Gravity Falls, Oregon, where she and her brother frequently encounter the supernatural. She takes a much less serious approach to life than her twin brother as she navigates her way around odd, new surroundings.

Ah I forget
Alright runaway tough guy
And I can prove it
And that's why I believe blueberry should be decriminalised
Any ex lover of my father 's is a friend of mine
Are there any shows or movies left in the world that you haven't proved up
Are we good here
Are you drunk
Are you kidding me
But first you gotta make some money for mommy
Come on you'll see
Cool mongas hasn't gone a little overboard from time to time
Dial picture my dad 's mustache really given it to a caterpillar
Did you throw it in a volcano
Do it do it do it
Do you hate them
Don't ask don't ask
Don't forget about that penis
Don't tell me to shut up
Don't wait up
Enough with canada
Everybody hates you
Everyone around me useless I have to do everything
First person to catch a squirrel winds
Funny coincidence
Glen crest yacht club
Good take a shower wash this filth off
Gotta have that but all to yourself
Has the world gone crazy
He did use the word scrap doodle
Heard that before
Hell hath no fury like I do
Hello my name is louise
Here the worst kind of artistic
His last wish was to be buried at the house he was murdered in
Hold on i'm not done with this yet
How about I don't know
How about mass murder
How's it going
How's your hearing
Human sized hamster balls
I accept your apology
I am one million percent on board with this
I believe in you goober
I didn't do that
I guess you have to use your bare hands then
I hate that country
I hate you
I hope i'm not interrupting dinner ma'am but
I know right
I rigged it
I smell fear on you
I think you know what it feels like to kiss a man
I want
I will see you in hell
I'll be your kissing coordinator
I'm edward scissorhands
I'm human sized
I'm playing hook
I'm sorry for ignoring your advice
I've been wanting to tell mom this video me sticking a hundred gummy worms up my nose
I've been working my ass off
I've just made a food all out of a potato
If you had the chance to make a treasure map in his shape what shape would you make it
In a lot of junk in the trunk
It doesn't matter
It's more cushion for the pushin
It's my big chance to have an epic summer romance
Kiss your ass goodbye
Maybe we should cook meth
Me too
Metal child anything for attention
My calendar is wide open
Nailed it
No freaking way I was just messing with you
Not even close
Not so high and mighty anymore
Now we just take him outback and hold them off
Oh come on
Oh crap
Oh my god why do you talk so slow
OK well good luck trying to polish a turd
Ow my ears
Paint some crap and we can sell it
Personally I don't really care
Peter pescadero
Remember when you made fun of me for moving into a closet
So just a couple more questions
So majestic
So our grandpa died
Sorry i'm saving my spitting blood for my honeymoon
Squishy bastard
Stab stamps
Thank you
That is not funny
That we have nothing to do on father's day
That would be so awesome
The county jail so cold
The eighties in my right
The hell is this
There's your transvestite
They'll be wheeling and dealing i'll be getting my percent
This is all i'm gonna say
This is really really boring
To tell it only takes two pounds of pressure to drive someone 's nose bone into their brain
Trust me
Twenty bucks
Two pounds that's it
We each shovel snow into our pants first person to give up get hyperthermia or die loses
We had some good times didn't we
We're all gonna die because of you
We're not going to get revenge today
Wealth with your excuse
Well first of all i'm flatter
Were you were you talking about
What are you doing
What are you new here
What can I say I guess i'm just irresistible
What can you trust me
What do you mean we're just getting started
When I was young and naive I would have said arson but i'm going to go with voodoo
When i'm in PE class I feel like i'm not living up to societies warped image of fitness
Where do you come up with this stuff
Where do you shop
Who can yes idea was that
Who knows kids eat crazy stuff
Who was the first thing you would buy after you stole all that money
Wow cool
Yeah 'cause you're yelling
Yeah and we need more unicorn testicles
Yeah common hussey
Yeah I don't know about all this
Yeah i'm out i'm sick of your dark twisted games
Yes it's louise
You are dead weight
You are drunk
You freaking eddie
You have been selected as the subject of my important person school essay
You haven't broker jack
You know what i've done all I can for you hacks
You like to crash a car and burn down the house I got to do nothing
You may now kiss the bride
You mean that creepy guy with the mustache
You OK to drive
You probably can't
You say that about everything
You should kill yourself
Your son he stole something of mine