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Bang bang bang #bang bang #thrust
Be down to his house. Your mother and I never would have in this neighborhood. We hadn't known you need a gun to walk down the damn St.
Been here? Would you talk about you? Wait till I come out. I smelt your shit with 22 years now you can't smell mine for five min.
Craig. I was proud of you tonight. Use your brain. That's what I want to do. Use your brain. That's my boy. It's my boy.
Dogs. That's the beauty of it. I grab it all. Now took him, you know, I kick the shit out of him. And I and I all day long my foot up a dog's ass, got bang, bang, bang up his ass.
Don't nobody go in the bathroom for about 3545 min. So might open the window.
Every time I come in the kitchen, you're in the. In the goddamn refrigerator. Eating up all the food, all the chicken. All the pig feet.
I want you get your ass up today. Go out and look for a job. The world today is. John JOB.
I'm at 2. You're gonna drop. No thinking loads here. Dropping low. It's gonna be me.
Not the way it is. You kids that did nothing but punks. Sissified. So quick to pick up a gun. You're scared to take an ass, whippin.
Now you see something you gotta let us know when you leave the house. What have you got killed tonight? We had to bury you. You know how much a funeral costs these days.
Smoking them tweeds and everything where no clothes are half off your ass. What the Hell's going on today?
Stay on it. You think about the milk, don't care what kind of milk it is. You don't care two percent 3% buttermilk, pat milk, polar cow and pat milk can. I bet you eat that too.
Stupid. How the hell you gonna get fired on your day off?
Take a dump for two weeks. If you eat it on the 4th of July, by the 18th, everybody in the whole neighborhood trying to get to the bathrooms.
Try to Have a Nice Day #things go wrong #if youre broke #if you have a big head #have a nice day
What happened to you? Got bitten ass today, son? By stinking ass filthy dog you should.
What kind of name is that? I bet you're drinking that wine too, aren't you? Smoking them tweeds and everything we know.
You thinking I'm mad? Macaroni.