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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Are you ready for some good news are you ready for some good news make sure what you can we can we are displaced in thirty days not only that but we got a green card anna job in miami next now we m...
Bullshit man and don't talk to me about trust I don't know you know what you should listen to your wife man she's right you are an asshole man
Can you
Come back and get this correct fuck you who put this thing together main that's who who do I trust maine fuck
Dani dani montana
Decide about that yeah it's all set up that would you forget it staring at the girl women stay arm is my deal I set it up you're not a negotiated manage you know that come on would you like a lady ...
Hey you know if I wasn't a nice guy I can't it'll pay for you lesbian
I guess sometimes my life is not artist cracked up to be where you going I got update
Is fucking crazy man she's a hundred and three years old
Look at low low low low low low you're missing oversight that's how you doing we were missing the action summer solar you wanna size quick with my family
Miami miami
My way yeah what I mean
Now we just a loose up here OK you guys stay loose you can worry all the time you're going to have a fucking heart attack is play cooling
OK yeah my way now
Skynet rebenga emilio revenger repair call your brain I know my name is political or he's coming here today muncaster just run him this guy man
So so what you tell
The word were other after this already see my
You know how you pick up chicks in this country
You know what I want thought of this the other day I line up blue you right where my name written on the back of chicks asses hello
You tell your cash in miami your friend impression I kill a communist for fun or for green card I gotta carve him up real nice