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All I want is you to **** me.
And after you give give it to me in the *** I'll give you a *******
And how big are you?
And you ain't gonna shove your fist up nobody's ******* crashing into their stomach.
Are you getting off on that?
But you **** like you talk, you ain't gonna be worth a ****
Could be bending over I. I kind of like it in the ***
Do you have your hands down your pants?
Do you want to **** me?
Excuse me
Good evening.
How does it feel?
How, how long have you had your hands in your pants?
I am out of my mind.
I am somebody you can trust.
I am the distributor. The only way to distribute any drugs is if you **** me first.
I do belong to you. I will be your woman.
I do want to **** you.
I don't understand what you're saying.
I I would love to be out of my mind with you.
I like hardcore rough sex.
I like slow and easy sex.
I love discipline.
I wanna **** with you and I wanna **** you.
I would I'd **** you all night long if you could go that far.
I would rather that you ****** me and then the burner myself one minute.
I'm gonna help you. I'll trust you.
I'm good, how are you?
I'm not lying.
I'm not pushing you.
My butt is really tight though.
No comprendo.
No deal.
No, I don't wanna **** you.
Not only would I let you **** me, but I'll let you bend me over and **** me in the ***
Oh **** you know I want you to **** me.
Oh my God, I like to **** cops.
Oh, that's what you're doing. So you have your hands in your pants right now.
Oh, you're funny. You're recording me.
OK ***** Don't call me no more.
Rock on.
Some kind of funky *** ******* phone system we got going on there.
Stop, thank you.
Talk to me.
Well come and arrest me could you had company please?
What do you mean? Who are who am I?
What's your 20 honey?
Who am I?
You ain't got what it takes to **** me, *****
You don't have to be rough about it.
You got nothing better to ******* do, dude.
You wanna **** my mother too.
You want to speak to the drug dealer of the house.
You're a cop.
You're jacking off to anybody that will listen to you.
You're not going to play that game.
**** ***