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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Click on the ingredient and drag it into the pot.
Click on the lips to hear the whole Riddle again.
Creepy collections. The objects you see on these shelves have something in common. Know what it is. Fill the empty shelves by clicking on the objects that belong in this collection. Ready, set, go.
Enter if you dare.
First, go find a wind up mouse. It's near a tall clock in this spooky house.
Go to the trunk and open it wide. There's a big furry spider hiding inside.
Have you ever met a ghost before? You will soon just finish one more.
Hello there, I see you've come back for more. To find the way out, turn around and explore.
Here is some help with creepy collections. First, figure out what the objects on the screen have in common.
Here's a Riddle for you to solve. Listen to it, then hunt for the items the Riddle asks for on this screen.
Here's the next part, number 9. It goes somewhere on that machine of mine.
Hop to the window on the 1st floor. Find a frog sitting under a floor.
Look around the room. When you find a way out of the house, click on it.
Part number 5 you're on your way and doing quite well, I have to say.
Roll your cursor around the screen. Anything that moves is a place to explore.
The final part. Here's #15. Now go start the Ghost machine.
The ghost machine is working. To start making a ghost, click on a number.
This is the front door and the way you came into the house. But you can't get out of the house this way.
This is the secret message puzzle. You have to put the pieces together to learn how to get out of the house. You will earn one puzzle piece for every Eye Spy Riddle that you solve.
This recipe card tells you which ingredient you need to add to the soup.
To get a new set of objects, click this New Game button.
To go back, click the yellow arrow button.
Two flies rest under a marble sink. What room are they in? Stop and think.
When you earn a piece, pick it up and put it in place. If you click on an empty space, I'll give you a hint on where to go to earn that piece.
You can keep playing to make more creepy collections.
You can't get out here. The front door's been sealed. When you finish the puzzle, the way out is revealed.
You found all of the missing parts. Now go put the ghost machine together.
You found all of the pieces for the secret message. Now go put it together. It's right by the front door.
You found all the things for the ghost called Meow to make it go to the workshop right now.
You will find the parts you have earned here on the table.
You're playing an I spy Riddle. Listen to the Riddle that's written at the bottom of the screen. It tells you what things to look for in this picture. Click the things when you find them.
You're trapped inside my house once more. Could there be another door?