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Breaking Bad (2008) - Season 3

Breaking Bad (2008) - Season 3

Breaking Bad (2008) - Season 3 is a critically acclaimed television show that continues to captivate audiences with its intense storytelling, compelling characters, and gripping plotlines. Created by Vince Gilligan, the series follows the transformation of Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher turned dangerous methamphetamine manufacturer, played brilliantly by Bryan Cranston, as he delves deeper into the criminal world.

Season 3 of Breaking Bad delves into the escalating complexity of Walter's double life and the devastating consequences it has on his family, associates, and himself. As Walter becomes more deeply entangled in the meth business, his alter ego, Heisenberg, starts to emerge, bringing forth a more ruthless and dangerous version of himself. Bryan Cranston's outstanding performance as Walter White continues to garner praise, with his nuanced portrayal of a man consumed by power and desperation.

The rest of the cast is equally brilliant, adding depth and complexity to the narrative. Aaron Paul shines as Jesse Pinkman, Walter's former student turned meth production partner. His character's evolution from a troubled drug addict to a more self-aware and conflicted individual allows for powerful and emotional moments throughout the season. Anna Gunn portrays Skyler White, Walter's wife, who unknowingly becomes entangled in his criminal activities. Gunn beautifully captures the fear, anger, and resilience of a woman grappling with the shattered reality of her life.

Additionally, Dean Norris gives a standout performance as Hank Schrader, Walter's DEA agent brother-in-law. His relentless pursuit of the mysterious meth manufacturer, known to him as Heisenberg, leads to an intensifying cat-and-mouse game that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. Supporting actors such as Betsy Brandt as Marie Schrader, RJ Mitte as Walter White Jr., and Giancarlo Esposito as Gus Fring also deliver exceptional performances that further elevate the series' quality.

Breaking Bad stands out for its exceptional writing, which seamlessly blends elements of crime, drama, and dark comedy. Season 3 is no exception, as it continues to explore the moral decay that accompanies Walter's descent into the criminal underworld. The tension-filled episodes are masterfully crafted, with no shortage of unexpected twists and shocking moments that leave viewers emotionally invested in the characters' fates.

The show's production values are top-notch, with stellar cinematography, skillful editing, and a memorable soundtrack that heightens the intensity of each scene. The attention to detail and atmospheric visuals help to immerse the audience into the gritty world of methamphetamine production in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Fans of Breaking Bad can fully indulge in the sounds and music of Season 3 by playing and downloading them here. The iconic opening theme composed by Dave Porter sets the tone for each episode, while the carefully selected songs effectively enhance pivotal moments. Whether it's the tense silence before a life-altering decision or the pulsating beats during a high-stakes confrontation, the music in Breaking Bad helps to elevate the viewing experience to new heights.

Breaking Bad (2008) - Season 3 solidifies its status as one of the greatest television shows of all time. With its exceptional writing, remarkable performances, and impeccable production values, it continues to captivate audiences around the world. This thrilling journey into the dark depths of Walter White's transformation will leave viewers eagerly anticipating the next season as they yearn for resolution and closure.

A 'Stang.
A 1971 Mach 1 fastback...
A bag, where he keeps it.
A bit more professional.
A cashier's cheque, por fav or.
A condo in Georgetown. I know.
A couple of gentlemen from OPR will come down...
A DEA agent.
A few weeks.
A fly, like... Like, what do you mean?
A fly.
A fly. I get it. It seems insignificant, right?
A job?
A legal business, not this.
A little bit of putty, you'll be fine.
A little maybe.
A man provides for his family.
A master.
A meth head you're trusting to do this?
A million and a half each.
A photo of Agent Schrader's hands. For the record.
A pipe.
A ploy. A ploy to get me cooking again.
A point that you'll be arriving at sometime in the near future?
A pointless exercise, it seems to me, but that is option A.
A statistical edge?
A system for counting cards in blackjack.
A system?
A teener here and there, you know, strictly street level amounts.
A voice scrambler. Could have been anybody.
A warning call? What do you mean?
A yawp is a yell. I'll be right back.
A, these things cost $800 apiece.
About Skyler. About where to find me just now.
About what happened with this Jesse Pinkman?
Absolutely. I'm just gonna need your swatter thing.
Actually what I really remember about that day...
Actually, it's not so much that he got trapped...
Actually, she asked the doctor.
Actually, that was the night I brought you your money, remember?
Actually, tied for 50th.
Add one more to the countdown.
After you.
Again, I can't express how sorry I am.
Again. Oh, God, I'm sorry. I know how you feel about this.
Agent Schrader needs to get home...
Agent Schrader, you need to be calling me back ASAP.
Ain't jack going on up here. It's quiet as hell.
Ain't top shelf, but we could at least move it.
Albuquerque Police Department.
Albuquerque Police Department. How may I help you?
All courtesy of this criminal you refuse to divorce.
All due respect, I don't see it. So I vote no.
All due respect.
All good.
All I know is I got half the money I'm due...
All I need from you is the poison, that's all.
All I wanted was to show you two your potential.
All I'm saying is we have a schedule, right?
All redone. New tiles in the bathrooms and kitchens...
All right, 200 pounds a week for three months.
All right, all right, all right. I'm calm. I'm calm.
All right, all right, scratch that.
All right, bring it down.
All right, down.
All right, fair enough. Who else had their hand up?
All right, good.
All right, here we go. You ready?
All right, how about we go get some air?
All right, I understand that the fly is a serious thing now.
All right, I'm here. See you soon.
All right, imagine these two guys had Patrick working as a mule.
All right, just...
All right, let's just take a look here.
All right, living large, players.
All right, look, say he's getting 40 a pound.
All right, never gonna be like it was.
All right, now I want you to tell me if you can feel this.
All right, rain check, then.
All right, see you tomorrow.
All right, so when do we get him walking again?
All right, that's it. Slow news day.
All right, well, we'll go with the... sound.
All right, well, you must've done it wrong, then.
All right, well...
All right, well...
All right, you can call my lawyer, Saul Goodman.
All right, you're done.
All right?
All right? I mean, I can't believe I'm saying that and all...
All right? I'm on board.
All right? It's all gone!
All right? Ninety six million.
All right? Okay?
All right? We sell it smart.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. See, that's your first mistake.
All right. That's a cakewalk.
All that week, all I could think of...
All the other ones have to, like, kiss his ass.
All they get is juvie if they get caught.
All this...
Although let's not lose sight of the fact...
Am I talking too much? I am, right? I am, I know.
An anonymous tip brought police to a playground...
An invitation.
And a man... A man provides.
And after a decent interval of time...
And after a few minutes, I took the gun out of his mouth...
And all the while, I kept thinking about that great old Whitman poem:
And an obvious one at that.
And as with most things, the devil is in the details.
And at first he went to the casinos, but then he realised that...
And by the way, welcome back.
And by the... end of the semester, by like box number five...
And do what exactly?
And even then, the odds, they're not great.
And for some reason, I thought to myself:
And frankly I'm concerned.
And from time to time
And God knows there is nothing wrong with jazz.
And Hank, okay? Hank's got enough on his mind right now.
And he always checks the receipts. I mean, like, always.
And he can't get you another Danny to run the car wash?
And he does it even when he's not appreciated...
And he doesn't want a divorce. Won't even consider it.
And he read books and he did a whole bunch of research...
And he told me, yeah, he did it.
And he would've had a gun and could've defended himself.
And he's crying, going to the bathroom all over himself.
And him cooking again?
And his eyes were all red, like he's been crying or something.
And how about there?
And I asked him to leave, but he won't listen. I just...
And I can't seem to control it.
And I didn't.
And I do.
And I don't gotta be a mathematician to figure out...
And I just don't feel really comfortable talking about it.
And I just think that that kind of compassion is...
And I kneel him down and I put my revolver in his mouth...
And I know best how to run it.
And I need to get you up to speed.
And I need to keep it that way.
And I so do not care about that.
And I stand by my decision 100 percent...
And I swear to God, I double checked this like 10 times.
And I told him to be quiet.
And I will advise them to be patient
And I will get to the bottom of this. Trust me.
And I'd ask them to try to take the time to understand...
And I'll do the rest.
And I'll take you home.
And I'm not forgetting that.
And I'm not half the man your husband is.
And I'm sure we're driving my sister and her husband up a wall.
And I'm... I'm at something of a crossroads...
And I've had to be out running errands...
And if he doesn't...
And if it gets reported, your family might find out.
And if Pinkman were arrested, he'd take it as a problem.
And in the meantime, my son and my daughter...
And it happens to work quite well, thank you.
And it is. It will be.
And it just rubbed me wrong.
And it looked pretty lame, but it worked...
And it was at this point you drove to the home of Jesse Pinkman?
And it's just gotten worse.
And it's not an apartment, it's a house that you live in?
And lightweight? So lightweight, you'll forget you're wearing it.
And looking back, I don't think I ever really understood...
And meanwhile, I have Federales surrounding my house.
And Mexico doesn't have a damn thing to do with it. Anyone who doubts that...
And more than that...
And my desire for continuity.
And nice try, saving your asshead brother in law.
And not before.
And not to sound cold blooded, but I am running a business here.
And now everyone at work thinks I'm an evil ladder climbing whore.
And now he won't even drive me home.
And once he feels confident that he knows my entire method...
And one must learn to be rich.
And plus, my daughter wasn't born yet.
And safe and cautious is you not being involved in this at all.
And she got all obsessed with it and just had to paint it 20 times...
And she's saying "No, no."
And Skyler and Holly were in another room
And so he paid his medical bills the only way he knew how.
And so that's how this all started. For better or worse...
And suddenly a fantasy story.
And that goes double for you, Hip Hop.
And that is in no way a misuse of the word. Okay?
And that will be the... end of this.
And that...
And that's not psycho to you?
And that's what shattered my windshield...
And the head hyena, he's the man, you know.
And the house? Gone. Feds would RICO her and the kids out on the street.
And the sooner physical therapy begins, the better his chances are.
And the therapists in your network are mostly fine.
And the whole system is run on 1960s technology.
And the whole time, all I could think about was:
And the wife, she catches him. I mean, it's a story as old as time.
And then my son hating me even more.
And then there's two more at the back.
And then what? I'm gonna need some...
And this is in Portsmouth, Virginia...
And this is the dining area.
And this is the statement you want to give?
And this is, I believe, Peter?