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Scrubs - Season 2

Scrubs - Season 2

Scrubs – Season 2: Unforgettable Moments of Laughter and Growth

Year: 2002

- Zach Braff as Dr. John 'J.D.' Dorian
- Sarah Chalke as Dr. Elliot Reid
- Donald Faison as Dr. Chris Turk
- John C. McGinley as Dr. Perry Cox
- Judy Reyes as Nurse Carla Espinosa
- Ken Jenkins as Dr. Bob Kelso
- Neil Flynn as The Janitor
- Robert Maschio as Dr. Todd Quinlan
- Sam Lloyd as Ted Buckland

Attention all Scrubs fans! Get ready to relieve the unforgettable moments, heartfelt connections, and bursts of irreverent humor that made Scrubs – Season 2 a fan-favorite. Released in 2002, this critically acclaimed television show continues to captivate audiences with its unique blend of comedy and drama, charming characters, and relatable storylines.

Led by the talented actor Zach Braff as Dr. John 'J.D.' Dorian, Scrubs – Season 2 expertly delves into the lives of the medical staff at Sacred Heart Hospital. J.D., along with his best friend and roommate, Dr. Chris Turk, played by Donald Faison, navigate the ups and downs of being young doctors. From hilarious misadventures to introspective life lessons, their bromance remains one of the show's most endearing aspects.

The chemistry between the cast members makes Scrubs – Season 2 a joy to watch. Sarah Chalke as Dr. Elliot Reid shines, gracefully capturing the insecurities and aspirations of an ambitious young doctor. John C. McGinley delivers a standout performance as Dr. Perry Cox, displaying a gruff exterior with profound moments of vulnerability. The talented ensemble, including Judy Reyes as the compassionate nurse Carla Espinosa, Ken Jenkins as the manipulative Dr. Bob Kelso, and Neil Flynn as the enigmatic Janitor, contribute to the show's unique blend of comedy and heartwarming moments.

Throughout its second season, Scrubs tackles a variety of themes with its characteristic blend of humor and poignancy. From the challenges of balancing personal and professional life to the complexities of patient care, the show masterfully explores both the triumphs and struggles faced by these young doctors. This season highlights the growth and development of the characters, allowing viewers to connect with their dreams, insecurities, and evolving relationships.

Scrubs – Season 2 is also known for its memorable musical moments. With various musical montages and original songs, the show utilizes music as a powerful storytelling tool. One unforgettable scene features an impromptu performance by Sam Lloyd as the clumsy lawyer Ted Buckland, serenading his crush with "Hey Ya" by Outkast. The blend of humor and music in these moments continues to make Scrubs a standout among other medical dramas.

To relive the magic of Scrubs – Season 2, fans can still easily access and enjoy the sounds and songs that made the show so iconic. By playing and downloading the soundtrack, listeners can rediscover the emotional depth of songs like "Superman" by Lazlo Bane, which served as the show's memorable theme song.

So, gather your stethoscope and scrub in for another season full of laughter, tears, and growth. From the impeccable cast to the memorable musical moments, Scrubs – Season 2 promises to deliver an unforgettable television experience. Whether you're a long-time fan or discovering the show for the first time, the charm and wit of Scrubs will leave you eager for more.

To enhance your Scrubs experience, you can play and download these iconic sounds and enjoy the memorable moments of comedy, drama, and growth that defined Scrubs – Season 2. It's time to relive the laughter, the tears, and the heartfelt connections that have made Scrubs a beloved television show for years to come.

A bunch of other docs wanted in.
A couple of days off and travel to her mother's house
A cut down? No one does those anymore.
A golf ball hit my windshield and I drove into a tree.
A guy who looked a hell of lot like you used to be that guy.
A hot girl has never asked to buy me a drink.
A joke?
A laceration in your spleen,
A lawsuit?
A lawsuit? So you're suing me because you're not dying?
A little at work something something.
A little can. A very tiny, small can.
A little help here!
A little possessive, but I'm flattered.
A little scary. Sorry, jitters.
A little.
A lot can change in a week.
A lot happens in the cafeteria.
A lot of people keep plants in their apartment. Right, JD?
A lot of the better pros take a running start.
A lot of things can take you by surprise.
A man's office is a reflection of who he is, don't you think?
A patient was mad at his brother for presuming to know what was best,
A patient's blaming me for losing his sense of smell.
A patient's improvement is always cause for celebration
A post op infection at her thyroidectomy site.
A sympathy date with whatever homely looking chick
A tiny little balloon inside someone's clogged artery
A toast that only people that have known Turk and Carla
A wallet, a money clip
About 115 pounds.
About being a janitor?
About getting pregnant before getting the valve repaired.
About how I live my life.
About Mrs Kahn's necrotizing fasciitis.
About the missing ID badge.
About the race between the tortoise
About who does and doesn't notice you.
About you not being able to commit because that means saying goodbye
About... you... because you're so damn cute.
Above him pulling the strings.
Accept the fact we're the most underappreciated people here.
Acetaminophen for her headache,
Act schmact. The lips stay zipped.
Actually, Dr Cox, I was watching TV last night,
Actually, I don't care either way.
Actually, I need to go this way.
Actually, I was talking to myself.
Actually, I'm going to speak at my son's career day.
Actually, I'm just gonna stay with coffee.
Actually, I'm not so keen on nicknames from guys that barely know me.
Actually, I'm not the father, he's a bellboy in Greece.
Actually, it's a family business.
Actually, it's a roll of quarters. It's laundry day.
Actually, JD, I think it was that guy.
Actually, why don't you tell me what you are keen on?
Admitting it is the first step. Am I right, Ace?
After a while, your residency boils down to just a few things.
After all I've done..
After being blackmailed, I decided to check in on Jordan.
After he graduates from art school. And by the way, sport,
After seeing too many Meg Ryan movies.
After what happened, I was in no mood to be messed with.
Ah, back when I was a resident, I remember,
Ah, Doug. At least you're going to a more chocolaty place.
Ah, hell, I'm impressed. Let's get some coffee.
Ah, no. I think we both know you did this to yourself.
Ah, she's a tough kid. You can tell her later.
Ah, what the hell, I'll take the giant hip needle.
Ah, yep.
Alas, Mr Corman, shockingly, all your labs have come back
All done. Continue.
All he tried to do was take care of me and show me he loved me.
All I wanted to do was have a big, beautiful wedding.
All I wanted to do was have a big, beautiful wedding.
All I would say is... I need to think.
All I'm saying is that Miss Kaye looks like she's in great shape.
All I've got is this date night push up one.
All in all, I'm pretty damn happy. I'm happy, you know.
All of a sudden I'm Doctor J.
All of these are your patients?
All right, don't sweat it, OK? Stay on your toes.
All right, guys, let's make it happen.
All right, here we go, baby. Here we go.
All right, it is broken.
All right, just relax. You can totally handle this.
All right, Kappa Gamma says it's time to get this thing underway,
All right, man. I understand.
All right, Mrs Carlson, the surgeon
All right, now, who wants a refill?
All right, Ralphie, new tack.
All right, stick around.
All right, we need to talk about this.
All right, we're done here.
All right, you don't have to worry about me asking you over and over anymore.
All right. Go.
All right. Here we go, Mr Carney
All right. Jack it is.
All right. Just tell me why you're hitting yourself.
All righty there, Dr Leverage, listen up because here's the real inside scoop.
All righty.
All the best, baby.
All the way through your hip,
All we gotta do now is cross our fingers.
All we have to do is whatever it takes to make her happy.
All you have to do is sign right below where it says, "Fit as a 26 year old."
All you saw was, like, knuckles and a bun. Poor Bessie.
Also, it gives you two days away from the missus, right?
Although it smells a little bit like the truth.
Always a charmer. Hi.
Always keep an eye out for Johnny, the tackling Alzheimer's patient.
Always remember how I made you do that.
Always thinks he knows what's best for me.
Am I included in the planning of your coming out party?
Am I supposed to lose in my extremities?
Am I the first they've done this to?
Am I the only one? Boner?
Among all the surgery residents, what's the difference between you, Bonnie,
An innate desire to help people.
And "increases blood flow" way, way too much.
And a bus pass
And a dog eared copy of Teen People magazine.
And a hoagie.
And after the two that I knew, I started naming insects.
And all that person has to do, really, is, I don't know,
And anytime we feel lonely or vulnerable, we have hot sex?
And are you starting to see a pattern forming here?
And as scary as it is being truly vulnerable with another human being,
And as you can see, the ass is on the front.
And asked Dr Gross to take me back.
And at Sacred Heart that means one thing.
And Bambi, room 201 needs an art line, room 202 needs reintubation,
And be done before Leno starts.
And be done with all this in five minutes.
And be quick or I'll have the manager send over a different waitress. Go.
And became insensitive with another human being is my fault?
And believe me, missy, either one's fine with me.
And blah, blah, blah, nerdy sex.
And by bus, I mean helicopter.
And by Cleveland, I mean Hawaii.
And by law that could only be a doctor.
And by many, many women, I mean three.
And by medical boondoggle, I mean golf weekend,
And by that, I mean "no." Never.
And by the way, dolor en el asno means "pain in the ass."
And by the way, your new nickname is Pee Pee La Fritz.
And by the way...
And come back to work with me.
And count up all the women I've ever slept with.
And cried on his shoulder, boo hoo
And dance around above it Come on
And did you ever place that femoral swan?
And don't think I've forgotten that you have yet to turn in a case report.
And Dr Cox knew this?
And Dr Michaels,
And Dr Stone... Was it his ear hair?
And each day had begun to feel the same.
And even though I could give a rat's ass, I still think it's a pretty sound.
And eventually, you get your glasses snapped in half by the big kid
And every second with him is time away
And finally the reason Dr Cox and his wife got divorced
And finally, Perry. You are not gonna believe what happened
And for the life of me I can't remember where.
And for the love of all that is holy,
And for the love of God, do you at least remember what you were doing
And for the record, you did.
And fortitude.
And four years of medical school,
And get a whiff of your halitosis while you turn and cough,
And get some caramel d****d in nougat.
And gosh, all kidding aside, I'd like to see us work together on this one.
And hang you from my rearview mirror. What you gotta say for yourself?
And hang you from my rearview mirror. What you gotta say for yourself?
And hasn't raised his voice about you and his ex wife?
And have sex one last time, just get it out of our system.
And have to walk around down here with the rest of us,
And he cut you off, no money, no nothing?
And he just never seems to show it.
And he said if you hadn't caught my high blood pressure,
And he wants you to be there to hold back the guy's fat flap.
And he's never coming back.
And her insurance at the dancers' union
And here comes the crushing blow.
And here comes the wink.
And here's the kicker.
And hey, what is the deal with Q tips?
And his answer will be filled with hate. Filled with it.
And his brother turned to him and he said...
And his loss of smell is caused by manipulation of his sinuses
And hit the vein on the first try, I will crack open a bottle of bubbly.
And hopefully you'll land on solid ground.
And how are you, Dr Cox?
And how did I end up in the middle of nowhere
And how it seems to even out.
And how you just send a constant stream of crap my way,
And I always made damn sure she knew she came second.
And I am extremely tickled
And I assume that you told her to blow it out her ass.
And I can't even get him to notice me.
And I checked tonight's TV listings.
And I decided that I'm not giving up on you.
And I don't think I can take it anymore.
And I don't wanna do that with you.
And I feel like we'll always regret it if we don't see if they lead somewhere.
And I finished all the transfer summaries
And I get whatever "Hey, baby" you throw my way?
And I just thought I'd be more hooked in if I knew.
And I just want you to know that I act...
And I know I just said "drop your duties."
And I know I'm right. I'm the same.
And I know myself, and if we keep doing this,