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The Replacements (2000) Soundboard

The Replacements (2000) Soundboard

"The Replacements" is a 2000 sports comedy film that revolves around the sport of American football. Directed by Howard Deutch, this movie offers a humorous and heartwarming story, filled with underdogs and the power of second chances.

The film showcases a talented cast led by Keanu Reeves, who plays the protagonist Shane Falco, a former college football star turned never-was. Gene Hackman portrays Jimmy McGinty, a tough and experienced coach who is tasked with assembling and training a replacement team during a professional football strike. The supporting cast includes Jon Favreau as Daniel Bateman, a police officer turned wide receiver, and Brooke Langton as Annabelle Farrell, the team's head cheerleader and potential love interest for Shane.

The story follows the Washington Sentinels, a fictional team in the professional football league. When the players go on strike in pursuit of better contracts, the owners recruit a ragtag group of replacement players to continue the season. These replacements, including former college stars, convicts, and even sumo wrestlers, are the epitome of unconventional.

Throughout the film, the Sentinels and their replacements face numerous challenges, both on and off the field. However, with determination and teamwork, they gradually transform into a formidable unit. Shane Falco, in particular, undergoes a personal transformation, overcoming his fear of failure and proving that he is not a quitter.

"The Replacements" delivers both comedic moments and heartfelt scenes, highlighting the trials and triumphs of the underdogs. The film captures the essence of teamwork, loyalty, and the indomitable human spirit. It explores themes of second chances and the power of perseverance in the face of adversity.

Additionally, "The Replacements" boasts a memorable soundtrack that enhances the movie's energetic atmosphere. From rock anthems to timeless classics, the music perfectly complements the high-energy football scenes and heartfelt moments of the film. You can play and download these sounds to relive the experience of watching "The Replacements" at your convenience.

Overall, "The Replacements" is a feel-good sports film that combines laughter, drama, and action. With its talented cast and relatable characters, it easily hooks viewers into the story and keeps them entertained until the final whistle. Whether you are a sports fan or simply enjoy a heartwarming tale, this film is sure to leave a lasting impact.

Absolutely. Washington is playing like there's no tomorrow...
All right, I'll do that
All right.
All right. Good game. We snuck by on that one
All right. So besides me, who really wants the ball?
Although we'll see a few guys we know today.
And here goes Falco.
Anything else you're afraid of?
Are you all right?
Blue 15! Hut, hut!
Blue 25!
Blue 42!
Blue 89!
Brian Murphy fumbled the ball. Dallas recovers.
Brilliant. How about a quick kick?
But tonight it'll be Martel leading Washington against Dallas.
But what they didn't know...
Can he catch?
Coach McGinty wanted you with us for five weeks...
Come on in. You want a beer?
Damn it! They did it again!
Damn right.
Danny, go down!
DC Right, Pro, 424 Tomahawk, on one, on one
Ever seen anything like that?
Every athlete dreams of a second chance.
Expert at pushing people around. That's what pass blocking is, remember?
Falco's on his back.
Feels good, doesn't it? One game away from the playoffs?
Fifteen yards, so that's, wait...
First down, Washington.
First down, Washington.
Get some penetration, Morris! Get some penetration!
Get to the playoffs.
Give me a chance, I'm bored.
Give me an S!
Great attitude, great desire, and the fastest son of a bitch I've ever seen.
Green 11!
Green 22!
Halftime score: Washington 3, Detroit 14.
Have you lost weight?
He's checking off the run. I told him to pass!
Hey, easy!
Hey, man.
Hey, Wilson!
Hold the play clock.
Huddle up!
Huddle up!
I can live with that.
I didn't know it was yours. I'll move it.
I gotta admit, I was looking forward...
I have a date.
I look like I just jacked off an elephant!
I need a receiver!
I played one game in the pros, I blew out my knee and that was it.
I read blitz.
I think the whole town heard about that
I think...
I watched films of your games since the Sugar Bowl.
I wish he was here to see you guys play.
I'm sad that the players' demands, which center around...
I'm sorry.
I'm talking to you!
I'm telling you, that's him.
I'm the quarterback. I'm the only one who talks in the huddle.
I'm too old to screw around. Let me give it to you straight.
I'm trying to figure out how the Chinaman over here...
If they can win against Dallas...
In practice, we don't hit the fellows with the red shirts on.
It's a win.
It's all I've got.
It's been fun.
It's good for you.
It's more of a homecoming for you.
It's nasty out there.
It's over.
Jesus Christ!
Jesus Christ!
Jump on his back!
Kick ass on one. Ready?
Kick off!
Ladies and gentlemen...
Ladies and gentlemen...
Let's go!
Let's go.
Let's hook up. DC Left, Wide Motion, 88 War.
Let's play football! What do you say?
Look at it this way, he'll never be called offsides on an audible.
Maybe we should put it in.
Nice meeting you.
Nice watch.
Nineteen, I think.
No, Pussycats.
Now that's football!
Now we're rolling!
Number 16 on the offense! Five yards!
Odd bullets, blitz coverage!
Oh, hey.
Okay, all right.
Okay, Jimmy.
On three, get ready!
On three...
Pain heals
Pass intended to Brian Murphy, incomplete.
Piss off!
Piss off!
Players aren't supposed to be fraternizing with cheerleaders.
Praise his glory, Nigel! You praise his glory!
Ready? Blue 42!
Red 21!
Right on, Shane.
See him coming in motion?
Shane Falco!
Shane's got something to tell you.
So, Annabelle, what do you, like, think of our friends?
Sorry about this.
Take care of my guys.
Ten yard penalty. Repeat first down.
Thanks for believing.
That's bullshit! The one girl slapped the other girl on the ass, Jimmy.
That's Eddie Martel!
That's not what he had in mind.
That's Wilson Carr!
The 65 yard field goal attempt is good by Nigel Gruff.
The football is like a one man cold to Clifford Franklin
The truth is, you guys have been given something...
There can only be one leader out there, all right? You be it.
There is no tomorrow for you.
There's at least five, six flags out there. Hats, everything!
This doesn't change anything.
This is to Shane Falco.
This is what you call an old fashioned melee.
This strike ain't about guys like me. It's about them superstars...
This Thursday you'll be with the best quarterback in the league.
Together, these guys were the best tandem team of guards in the game.
Touchdown, Dallas.
Touchdown, Dallas.
Touchdown, Falco!
Touchdown, Smith! That one gets the Sentinels back into the game.
Vito! Look who's on TV!
Washington goes to the playoffs!
Washington is going with a bunch of unknowns.
Washington wins!
Watch the wheel!
We ain't losing this game.
We are all God's children here!
We have a deal. No interference with my coaching.
We might end up in that situation with Dallas.
We're beginning to scratch the surface of the talents of Clifford Franklin
What a lucky break for Shane Falco, who threw a bad pass...
What a terrible call!
What will Washington need to get back into this game?
What? What are you talking about?
What's going on?
What's that smell?
What's up, Shane?
What's up?
While you guys are getting pounded by Dallas...
Wild yam.
Will you put it on? You can barely move. This will be a little bit...
Yeah, today was a good day for Clifford Franklin.
Yes, sir.
You can do this.
You do.
You gotta be kidding.
You had enough?
You heard about that?
You look like a swordfish I caught once.
You looked good.
You try to fight back, but the harder you fight, the deeper you sink.
You won't see that every day.
You're gonna pay for this!
You're the first player I can remember...
Boom! Boom! Nigel Gruff kicks and scores!
Bring it on. It's coming.
Cheers. Cheers.
Do you want a lift? Yeah.
Eggs! That's ripe!
Feel like running the ball? Better give it to Wilkinson.
Football? Football.
Here we go. Don't throw it!
Hold that. Here comes the field goal team.
How are you? Good.
I'll whup a cop's ass! Believe it! I'm a cop.
Iay off. Iighten up
It did look cautious. I could have scored on that!
It's yours, Nigel. ...a 32 yard field goal...
Like you took care of me. Now, Jimmy...
My tight end is deaf. Yeah, I know.
Number 56 recovers the ball. Falco!
Pork rice! I'm Japanese, not Chinese!
Red 38! Hey, man.
Shane Falco. I know.
Thanks. No, really.
That was great, thank you. Thank you.
That's illegal. Think you'll go to football jail?
The mick's right. I'm not a mick! I'm bloody Welsh!
Was it out of bounds? Yes, on 23.
Way to go. You guys kick ass! Thanks.
What's up? Take a ride with me.
Wow. Ow. What?
Yeah. Get on up.
You know how I know that? How?
You're the man! Oh, bollocks!
...and Santa's coming down the chimney!
...apart from that vomiting thing, which was on Sports Center. 4 p.m. Eastern time.