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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
All right, we'll need full inventory
And make sure you tell the crew they'll need to call ahead
And potato chips.
And, uh, tickets to Miami coming up.
Are you pushing yourself too hard?
As long as you leave and never come near my brother again.
Attempted manslaughter. Yeah, I'd say so.
But Fitz doesn't want to
But still, kidnapping a Koenig?
Come on, May.
Come on.
Digital personal assistant, as a voice on the computer.
Do you know where I can find him?
Elena, how did you...
Full disclosure at this time is the best course of action.
Get away!
Get back!
Get this crap off of me.
Getting bigger every day
Go, man, go!
Has expressed his deep regret for causing pain
He doesn't know where it is. He gave it to me.
He is always there..
Hello. I'm glad to final
Hey ...
His mistake was he tapped out.
Hope they don't hit L.A.
How long has it been?
I can't imagine a use for it.
I deserve it.
I don't think any Koenig is safe right now
I don't understand.
I have been told it's powerful enough
I just want to know how comfortable you are with it.
I saw it. I watched him do it!
I thought that if I settled the score,
I've got to hand it to Radcliffe. You certainly act like it
I've had a few.
If I know what he looks like.
If not, you will be removed..
If Radcliffe has aligned himself with Nadeer,
If there is one
If you count Berlin. We were only there three hours.
Inhuman asset will be waiting on the tarmac.
It was expanding my brain and my reality ..
It's a blackout. How cool is that, huh?
It's good... to have a moment, just us.
It's vengeance, chica
Just because we can't work together
Leave them be, Nathanson.
Looks like these guys tore each other apart.
Must have overcranked it. I'll reboot.
No roots
No, my little brother rides the metro.
Oh, shut up. Just... shut up
Oh, we must've got hit with another EMP pulse
Or Daisy does something worse.
Owner's a bit of a hothead.
Previously on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D....
S.H.I.E.L.D. are on their way.
Search these guys.
Shoot it! Shoot it now!
So me and my crew can get back to work.
So we're gonna have our hands full if it hap..
Spine pulled out of his .
Stop or she's dead!
That ... That ... That won't be necessary
That came with your pardon?
The police also have another victim in custody.
There shouldn't be any secrets between us.
These guys might kill somebody besides each other.
They acted on their own.
They say why?
This has been a lifelong dream of mine, Fitz.
Throw him in!
Two dead in the street.
Uh, so, I see you went to Colombia for a week.
Uh, the yard's closing.
Want a beer?
We can't even find them half the time
We get on comms and call the Zephyr for backup,
We got to get this truck out of here.
We know you've been communicating with her, Yo Yo.
We need a little help here.
We need to do something about your arm.
What are you doing'?
What you got there?
What, you never seen the biggest plane ever built before?!
Who was it?
Why call us in?
Wonder what that's about.
Yeah, I knew Skye, but you're ... you're Quake
Yeah, Special Advisor to the Director in Science and Technology.
Yeah, yeah. Hey. Send me a picture of this guy
You actually trust this guy?
You don't tell me, you'll have to tell him.
You got to stop calling me that.
You know I'm not gonna talk.
You need to sacrifice everything if you want to survive.
You never wanted one?
You okay?
You shouldn't have gotten involved.
Z One, we got a situation.
10 degrees east. Okay, here it comes again.
30 degrees east. 10 degrees west.
and Russian spies all united because ... Because they hate Inhumans.
Fitz never mentioned him before. He was not a good man
What's it called? The Spectrum of Security.
'Cause soon you won't even need the eyewear or the earwear,