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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Agent Powers wants statements from each and every one of you
All right, Colitis, Cojones...
And now, back from an awesomely successful tour...
And you just happened to wander into the joint? Ain't life grand?
Anybody got a credit card? They won't make collect calls
Ask me and I'll tell the truth He hey
At ease, men
Baby Your brother says he's being nice
Bad mistake, coming in here like this
Besides, they've got you
Cease fire!
Cojones, give us a cadence.
Come Sunday morning I needed rest
Couldn't find Gunny Highway, though.
Cover my ass
Delta Company said they'd give us surfboards and let us go down to the beach.
Did we communicate in a meaningful way in our relationship?
Did you wake up with a piss pot on your head?
Don't do that, man He's just a jarhead fool
Either way, it doesn't matter. You're out of here immediately.
Fighting in a public establishment.
Fixed bayonet, hand to hand
For chrissakes, Highway, relax.
Full military dress.
Get on that cat with him
Get that 60 going around the corner.
Girl, you know I'll turn you out
Gunny Highway won the C.M.H
Gunny Highway.
Gunny, my weapon's jammed.
Have you talked this over with Major Powers?
He adapted. He overcame
He ain't heavy and he ain't my brother.
He's gonna do time for being AWOL
Heh. Always. Only you were never there to hear it.
Hold up. I'll follow you home.
I called his wife
I don't need his free advice
I guess there's a lot of things that work harder on a woman than being shot at
I know we can make it
I want this battalion to be the class of the division.
I want your platoon to recon toward the university
I'd buy one from you, but I don't have my plastic. Usually my lackeys
I'll sleep better at night knowing that.
I'm gonna run you out of the Corps, Highway
I'm just chillin' No need to make a killin'
I'm not gonna lose the next one because my men aren't ready
I'm taking into account your excellent military record...
It's late, I'm tired, my feet hurt. What are you doing here?
Jesus Christ
Kiss me And you make my day
Let's go, gunny!
Let's move out.
Mama, Mama, can't you see
Mellow, man. It's gonna be a nice day
Negative, Johanson. You're gonna become a Marine right now.
No, gunny, I have a doctor's appointment at 1100.
Nothing wrong with that rifle. Keep it tight.
Now I'm marching every day
Now, where the hell's your backup?
Oh, I just happened to be in the neighborhood.
Oh, yeah.
Over there!
Say again?
Sergeant Highway.
Sergeant Major Choozoo gave me re up papers
Sir, that wouldn't be fair.
Sir. It'd be an honor if you'd accompany my platoon.
So forget all about it Baby, we can do without it
So good for you Good for them
So if you don't mind, keep down the chatter while I get my beauty sleep
Spread the fuck out. Let's go
Stay low
Still a mean and nasty bastard.
Stitch Jones!
Stoney Jackson.
Thank you for your testimony, Officer Reese.
That's not up to me
The alert is canceled
The girls were checked out daily.
Then I guess we'll have to cut through all the red tape B.S
There's nothing on the schedule. You want me to join you?
They don't make them like you anymore, sweetheart.
This is a Marine amphibious unit
This man has no social graces
Until some suckhead writes home to Mama...
Very good. I want some pictures before we wrap this mission
We forgot the hot dogs. I'll go back to New York and get the hamburgers
We salute and do an about face...
We're 0 1 1
Well, he kicked a lot of ass
Well, let's have a show of hands.
What are all those medals?
What are we gonna do, sir?
What happens when these men go into combat, and they're not prepared?
When it was over..
Whoa, whoa.
Yo, yo, yo! Tell you what.
You need to call up Dr. Ruth
You the maid?
You'll be a civilian soon. You can let your hair long, sleep late..
You'll follow my program, no questions asked.
You're right. But hold me back
Your attention, please.
Your girlfriend's gonna weep when I bite that finger off.
Your outfit could use some cleaning up, gunny
Anything else, general? No, I'm fine.
Christ. Goddamn.
I got him! I got him! I got him! Pull!
I hate social functions. You're gonna love it
I have got a future here, damn it! Cocktailing?
I should've thought of that. It's not part of your T.O. & E
I'll dot the I's and cross the T's. Sloppiness breeds inefficiency
It was a minor altercation, sir. You make a habit of doing that.
Maybe next time, sir. Gather your gear
No. Boo
Profile. Yours?
Quinones. Yours?
Sleep well? Man, this is a nightmare!
That's the name, loving's the game. Thanks for volunteering
Ugh. Thank you, staff sergeant
We're responsible for these. That's right, you are.
What are you talking about? That's what your persuasion is.
You got that right, bro! Right on!
You set? Let's do it. Let's go
...and become an asshole rock 'n' roll star
...and I fully intend for that to continue.
...and says he dipped his wick in the Republic of
...and your commitment to the security of this great nation.
...but I was commanding officer of my ROTC detachment in college.
...filling out request forms for equipment they should already have. the headlights of the ambulance you're on.
...just over a little thing like tearing each other's guts out
...not to mention downright rewarding.
...these laser sensitive vests emit a beeping noise.
...who was just marking the days, well, queer bait...
...with unauthorized weapons on the training exercise.