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Workaholics (2011) - Season 6

Workaholics (2011) - Season 6

Workaholics is a hilarious American television sitcom that premiered in 2011. With its sixth season, the show continued to captivate audiences with its quirky humor and relatable characters. Created by Blake Anderson, Adam DeVine, Anders Holm, and Kyle Newacheck, Workaholics presents the lives of three friends who work together at a telemarketing company called TelAmeriCorp.

The sixth season of Workaholics, which aired in 2016, further delved into the lives of the main characters – Blake Henderson (played by Blake Anderson), Adam DeMamp (played by Adam DeVine), and Anders Holmvik (played by Anders Holm). These three lovable workaholics navigate through their mundane office life filled with pranks and absurd situations while trying to find any excuse to avoid doing actual work.

One of the highlights of Workaholics is the exceptional chemistry among the cast members. Anderson, DeVine, and Holm portray their characters with such authenticity that viewers can't help but be drawn into their entertaining antics. Their comedic timing and brilliant improvisation skills make each episode a joy to watch. The dynamic between the three friends is the backbone of the show, as they support each other through their never-ending endeavors to avoid adulthood.

Supporting the main trio, the cast of Workaholics also includes Jillian Belk (played by Jillian Bell), a hilariously eccentric co-worker who never fails to surprise with her unconventional behavior. Maribeth Monroe portrays Alice Murphy, the office manager, who is constantly frustrated with the trio's antics but secretly acknowledges their dedication to friendship. Additionally, Erik Griffin plays Montez Walker, a co-worker and friend who often gets caught up in the absurd shenanigans.

The sixth season of Workaholics continues to explore the characters' personal lives outside of their office space, giving more depth to their personalities. From crazy parties to failed romantic endeavors, the show (much like life) skillfully balances the ups and downs that arise as the characters try to figure out their place in the world.

With its sharp wit and relatable scenarios, Workaholics speaks to a generation of individuals navigating the uncertainties and challenges of adulthood while clinging to their carefree spirit. Its blend of humor and heart makes the show a favorite among audiences of all ages. Workaholics is a refreshing escape that resonates with youngsters who are trying to find their way in the professional world while maintaining their own sense of identity.

If you want to immerse yourself in the world of Workaholics, you can easily find and download or stream episodes online. The show’s unique sounds and catchy theme song help create a vibrant atmosphere that further enhances the viewing experience. Whether you're binge-watching the entire series or revisiting specific episodes, the sounds will transport you into the hilarious and chaotic world of TelAmeriCorp.

So, grab some snacks, gather your friends, and prepare for a laughter-filled evening as you indulge in the unpredictable yet relatable lives of Blake, Adam, and Anders in Workaholics (2011) - Season 6.

A bad, bad bitch, you bitch.
A better looking Carrot Top, I've been told.
A can't miss business investment.
A chance, you'd like 'em.
A cool thing you might be into.
A hero waits.
A Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage. Nope.
A little Amy Schumer looking.
A little stronger than this coffee
A lot of lesbians have medical issues because
A puppet show for the sick kids.
A take off on "Macbeth"?
A ton of little [bleep] in her story.
A warm, steaming travel mug
Aah! [laughs]
Abandon her on the first night of being her daddy?
About how awesome our 4/20 party was last year,
About the package getting home.
About to come out the oven!
About your chest bombs, ma'am,
Acting like a total bitch.
Actually hurt my tooth a little bit.
Actually, don't you ever tell me, all right?
Actually, I don't even know if it's a dude
Actually, I'm very nervous.
Actually, it's a TV/VCR and the tape.
Actually, look at this.
Adam okay, man.
Adam "the Animal Lover" DeMamp.
Adam "The Money Boy" DeMamp, is a sales shark.
Adam, go ahead and kick me in the dads.
Adam, this is your boss.
Adam: Ders Day isn't over yet?
Adam: Oh, God.
Adam: Oh, my God.
Adam: That's smart. Way alpha.
Adam: They're biting me!
Adam? Okay. Please.
After a Kevin Bacon movie about a pedophile.
After you heard the shocking and scandalous tale
Ah, a griffin!
Ah, but, yeah, dude, you got to go, I guess.
Ah, it's nice in here.
Ah, yep. How are you?
Alice, seems like this is getting a little out of control?
Alice, spectacular presentation, as usual.
Alice! Alice!
All my money got to go to my children.
All of you!
All right, boys, alpha Ders is gonna step up, hit the table,
All right, let's get out of here.
All right, this is working out great so far.
All right? I am not cool.
All right.
All right. You ready? Cool.
All right. Mmm.
All the pages are stuck together.
All the stepmoms with the pasties on speedboats
All we have to do is apologize, do some grand gesture,
All you want is some cooked eggs,
All: @The3BestFrandz. Okay.
All: * Baby back ribs
All: Delete your apps! All right. All right, fine.
All: Delete your apps! Yeah!
All: Delete your apps! You know what?
All: Delete your apps! Delete your apps!
All: Dough Jo. Dough Jo. Dough Jo.
All: Ooh.
All: Three! Four! Five! Aah!
All: Unbutton your buttons!
All: Yes.
All: Yes.
Alph Alphonso.
Alpha dogs, sound off!
Already got two likes. That's cool.
Also for closers.
Also, I slam 40s and listen to Ty Dolla $ign, though.
Also, never forget how old you really are.
Although they've been fairly useless recently.
Am I getting right under little kitty's chin?
Am I the guy that took Rancho Cuca Pizza's
An entire international cartel!
And and get sexualized.
And and grab on to your tampon string.
And fingers crossed 69. Good angle, Ders.
And @YungChillunerr and @AdamnBilzarian.
And acid and, you know, ecstasy, Molly...
And also a fixation on little boys.
And as far as I'm concerned, that's one too many.
And back to Magic Blake.
And be harassed and controlled by you...
And be honest. You're on speakerphone.
And be lookouts while he gets to heist.
And break your goddamn necks.
And by the way, these aren't tears coming out of my eyes.
And cheese biscuit coupon?
And Denny's flew into the windshield.
And Diamond Bar branches from TAC.
And dropped me off at a taping of VH1's "Storytellers."
And eaten our cat's corpse.
And essential oils that JP recommends.
And find enough ditch weed to roll up 42 blunts
And find my phone before someone else does.
And following home strange men to pound Mangria.
And for taking the world's dumbest bet.
And free your ass.
And funny, it looks like you two and Adam all scored a 69.
And get our tape back so I can evacuate.
And get really hot, you know?
And get the Vo fixed, okay?
And getting the attention of a lifetime.
And girl to girl and has no responsibilities
And gnar gnarest, most epic sports and mixed them together.
And go get me a coffee.
And go skydiving and not hang out with me on a hike
And hash that'll make you feel like you're on mushrooms.
And have a 42 blunt salute
And have a little fun.
And have fun again.
And have your stupid awesome party.
And he convinced you into a transfer.
And he just he messed up, and he tattooed the whole photo.
And he shall be playing the role of McBreath, our hero.
And he's circling those sales.
And he's gonna inspire us to be great men
And I "diddler" on the bus, is what I did.
And I accidentally yelled the F word
And I cannot wait to see the look on my ex wife's face
And I checked Brazzers,
And I checked the safety course scores,
And I didn't think it was that
And I didn't turn out to be a any, uh, degenerate.
And I don't know. Maybe I really got a winner.
And I got all those things.
And I got goose pimples up and down my arms.
And I have here $18,000.
And I just ruined another Ders Day,
And I know for a fact, now we're better friends.
And I know how to take care of her.
And I left my kids alone in the car.
And I liked it more than this. Yeah.
And I made us a little mix tape.
And I really don't want to talk about it,
And I sawed its horn off.
And I shouldn't have to worry about protecting you, okay?
And I stay getting faves.
And I think the name McBreath is cool.
And I think you should start using your noodle,
And I think you're just jealous
And I thought of it 'cause I'm the leader.
And I took it from there.
And I took the photo in to show the tattoo artist,
And I tried PornTube, Fapdu, Youjizz, Jizzpros.
And I want to congratulate you
And I want you boys to be fully aware
And I wish you all the best.
And I wrote "valuable electronics:
And I...
And I'll be ready to hang my thang.
And I'll FaceTime Pauly.
And I'll give you another crack at the shrimp buffet
And I'll give you another shot at that shrimp buffet
And I'm actually flattered you guys think I'm a cop.
And I'm calling to talk to you about your blobs. I
And I'm currently the highest bidder.
And I'm gonna call myself "Cypress Chill."
And I'm gonna get you your moola, huh?
And I'm gonna go to the other other side of the stage
And I'm gonna howl at the moon,
And I'm just squeezing through you.
And I'm like, "Bitch, you don't even know.
And I'm like, "Did I rescue her,
And I'm like, "Sunglasses inside
And I'm not talking about Dustin Diamond.
And I'm not talking about my phone number.
And I'm Randy for Andy. That's not his real name.
And I'm ready to care about my friends, all right?
And I'm sorry to talk about this in front of you.
And I'm starving.
And if anybody got a problem with it,
And if you win
And in the middle of the night,
And increase sales using the power of viral marketing.
And instead of sending it to her,
And is fully on the road to recovery,
And isn't tied down.
And it is not happening, okay?
And it is our job to make sure that every man,
And it landed on Jen D'Angelo.
And it looks like a black guy in a hoodie.
And it looks like we're almost out of old media paradigms.
And it means when women control things.
And it was then that I knew.
And it wasn't on xHamster, 8th St. Latinas,
And it's a free for all with that box there.
And it's been three days, so I think I need first dibs, okay?
And it's cash only, so I'm out, actually.
And it's gonna be fun. Deer.
And it's not a good look on you.
And it's pretty cool for you to step up for the office, so...
And it's time that we accept that.
And just gave it to your girlfriend?
And just like this girl who seems like
And launch a full on recon
And let the other call the shots?
And let you think about that.
And let's go on inside and talk to real people, okay?
And me.
And no offense Package is at the house.
And not even in a mean way.
And not want to talk to you, no offense.
And now I can't leave the fricking house?
And now I just want to see my kids again.