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Man with a Plan (2016) - Season 4

Man with a Plan (2016) - Season 4

"Man with a Plan" is a television show that premiered in 2016 and is currently in its fourth season. Created by Jackie Filgo and Jeff Filgo, this sitcom follows the life of Adam Burns, a father who must navigate the challenges of being a stay-at-home dad while his wife, Andi, returns to work. With its relatable humor and endearing characters, "Man with a Plan" has gained a loyal fanbase and continues to entertain audiences.

The main character, Adam Burns, is portrayed by the talented and well-known actor Matt LeBlanc. LeBlanc, known for his iconic role as Joey Tribbiani in the hit show "Friends," delivers a fantastic performance as the lovable and sometimes clueless dad. Adam is a contractor who trades in his hard hat for a diaper bag when his wife goes back to work full-time.

Liza Snyder portrays Adam's wife, Andi Burns, in "Man with a Plan." Snyder skillfully brings Andi to life as a strong and independent working woman who struggles to balance her career and family life. Andi's return to work creates a shift in the dynamic of the household and provides the show with many comedic moments.

Adam and Andi have three children, and their hilarious interactions with them make up a significant portion of the show's humor. Emme (Hala Finley) is the eldest daughter, Teddy (Matthew McCann) is the middle child, and the youngest is Kate (Grace Kaufman). Each child brings their own unique personality to the show, allowing for a wide range of comedic situations.

Adam's brother, Don Burns, is portrayed by Kevin Nealon. Nealon's deadpan comedic style shines through in his portrayal of Don, who often offers Adam advice, albeit questionable at times. Don's presence adds an additional layer of humor to the series, as his own parenting style clashes with Adam's.

Furthermore, starring in "Man with a Plan" is Stacy Keach as Joe Burns, Adam and Don's father. Keach brings a stern, yet charming, presence to the show as he occasionally dispenses wisdom to his sons. Although Joe's screen time may be limited, his character adds a sentimental touch to the family dynamics.

As the episodes progress, viewers witness the daily challenges and triumphs of the Burns family. From dealing with teenage rebellion to navigating toddler tantrums, "Man with a Plan" explores the ups and downs of parenting with comedic flair. The show cleverly tackles relatable topics, such as sibling rivalries and managing work-life balance, ensuring that audiences of all ages can find something to enjoy.

In addition to its talented cast, "Man with a Plan" captivates viewers with its excellent writing and comedic timing. The series expertly weaves together witty dialogue and physical comedy to keep audiences entertained. The cleverly crafted scripts allow the actors to shine, creating a seamless blend of comedy and heartwarming moments.

For fans of "Man with a Plan" or anyone curious about the show, the sounds and soundtrack of the series can be played and downloaded here. The delightful theme music, composed by John Kimbrough, sets the tone for each episode. The playful and catchy tune perfectly captures the essence of the show, inviting viewers to join the Burns family on their hilarious adventures.

"Man with a Plan" continues to be a beloved sitcom with its fourth season, captivating audiences with its relatable humor and engaging characters. The stellar cast, led by Matt LeBlanc, brings the Burns family to life, providing endless laughs and heartwarming moments. Whether you're a parent or simply enjoy a good comedy, "Man with a Plan" is sure to entertain you with its delightful portrayal of family life.

A And we promise that we will never get involved
A bottle of wine in the other!
A can of shrimp?
A cougar needs to hunt.
A dad's got to do what a dad's got to do. Sometimes you have to be the bad guy.
A different lifestyle?
A dog that could see into other dimensions.
A drink?
A Happy Burger wrapper!
A job comes along that is truly horrific, like five hours of dress shopping.
A lady so boring she was named after a tree.
A little bit, yeah.
A little. Nothing dangerous. I just need time to run a few errands.
A man's life expectancy would be 30
A nice bottle of wine and a couple of dead mice?
A sibling relationship has a lot in common with a spousal relationship,
A tale of two hats.
A volcano's bad enough, but a supervolcano will take your head right off.
A waitress came to our table and she said,
A woman so boring she was named after a tree.
A woman so perfect, her only mistake was having a second son.
About my birthday.
About the waitress you love so much?
About you giving yourself strep throat when Teddy was sick.
Absolutely not.
According to that, you have one son with three arms.
Act like a family, for God sakes.
Actually, if you want to get closer to a woman,
Actually, this time I talked.
Actually, yes, there is something we can do.
Adam and I always wanted to meet nudists. We have so many questions,
Adam Burns, parent/legal guardian.
Adam got strep throat, and part of me thought he enjoyed it.
Adam is talking about the dish best served cold.
Adam lied to me?
Adam puts too much pressure on himself,
Adam told me that he and Joe
Adam, 20 years ago, you made a promise to me
Adam, a boat doesn't have feelings. It's a boat.
Adam, Andi, I'm Dr. Felicia. Come on back to my office.
Adam, I think we need to do some real soul searching here, you know?
Adam, it sounds like some of this is resonating for you.
Adam, we were supposed to be teaching him a lesson,
Adam, what's happening?
Adam, what's important
Adam, where's your father?
Adam, you risked your most important relationship for this,
Adam, you seem stressed.
Adam, you're so funny.
Adam? Adam, I just got off the phone with my doctor
Adam? It's Lowell. I did a bad thing.
Adventurous, but safe.
After dinner, I'll go to bed, and you can talk to her.
After I asked the school nurse to the eighth grade formal.
After my divorce, I was alone so much,
After we didn't ditch them.
After what Adam said this morning.
After you took all the pressure off me,
Agreed. That is a bad time for a commercial break.
Ah, always remember two words, "Just kidding."
Ah, I I can't.
Ah, it'll be okay. We'll just get her drunk. [chuckles]
Ah, look who's here.
Ah, that would require Teddy taking one thought,
Ah, there she is.
Ah, this is such a surprise. [chuckles] You're here.
Ah, you're gonna have to be more specific.
Ah. Good morning.
Ahoy, Captain.
Alice, let's dance.
All he wanted to do was sit in his teacher's lap.
All I know is Joe lied about where he was the other night, and Adam's helping him.
All right, boy. Look like a guy who really needs a boat.
All right, fine.
All right, girls, I'll take you.
All right, here's one for you, too.
All right, I got something.
All right, I want to go with him.
All right, I'll be right back. Don't move.
All right, I'll do it.
All right, I'll touch her. I don't want to be rude. [chuckles]
All right, let's get going, Bev. I feel like fish sticks for dinner.
All right, let's get to work. You have Jen's e mail password.
All right, let's think about this.
All right, Lowell, I need your help. You are my most trustworthy friend.
All right, no need to hurt people's feelings here.
All right, no one's home. I'm gonna check if my dad's hat is here.
All right, nobody likes that guy.
All right, now you just need to shift the conversation
All right, smart guy, military school's off.
All right, so all I have to do is get Andi to suggest a boat.
All right, so everybody get out, and we'll start over again.
All right, so we'll tell Lowell the news, and then you will make him feel better
All right, so...
All right, that's it. [sighs]
All right, we're here because someone took my boat out,
All right, you can pay me back with some elbow grease.
All right, you go there.
All right! All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. Don and I will go down to the Bainbridge
All right. I'll ask your brother.
All right. I'm taking off.
All right. It's report card day.
All right. Keep an eye on him.
All right. Using underhanded means to get what I want. Now, this feels like me.
All right. Wait a minute. Let's not go bananas.
All the teen moms in Pittsburgh get their start right here.
All you did was fill it with these pillows.
Along with other roadside attractions,
Already took two. Kids are at school.
Also, Marcy didn't really hurt her ankle.
Also, there was no O'Bannon job.
Although I don't know why I would. She never tells me anything.
Although these do help.
And all your yelling is just convincing me even more that I'm right.
And also because I put a tracking app on her phone.
And away we go.
And by the way, I shouldn't even know you haven't been fooling around,
And can I just say that you look beautiful,
And certain numbers you have to do outside.
And damn it, we love you!
And Don and I are taking you out to dinner to celebrate.
And Don doesn't know how to do the work, but Dad can tell him.
And drove us to our next campsite.
And ever since then, it's been one long striptease
And every winter, Marcy hoses down her front walk so people slip on the ice.
And find out if there is something she has secretly always wanted to do.
And from now on, I will try to be more sensitive to your feelings.
And get this, she's a year older than him.
And I am not letting this go until I get one.
And I believe this is the moment you referred to as "go time."
And I bought us some fake candles so that we don't start another sex fire.
And I can't say it until you say your thing.
And I can't stand it!
And I didn't tell her everything. I didn't say a word
And I don't appreciate her making you tell me things.
And I figured, why not be the best Jessica?
And I found just the right person to make sure you do.
And I had to sit in the library with Mrs. Branch,
And I have this candle in one hand and...
And I have to take it because of one promise I made in a church 20 years ago.
And I just want to remind you that you made a promise.
And I know where she keeps her diary.
And I know you got matching blue hats to wear when you did it.
And I know you put a lot of pressure on yourself about these things.
And I like your new hairdo, Andi.
And I love when you show your sensitive side.
And I saw a documentary on a marching band that got sucked up by a twister.
And I thought about what you said.
And I thought it was you because I found your hat.
And I was in trouble a lot. I had a full mustache in fifth grade.
And I was like, and I wrote this down so I'd remember it,
And I will get my "after."
And I will love you until the end of time.
And I won't have anybody to celebrate with.
And I would make the argument that of the two,
And I, for one, am a very satisfied customer.
And I'll bring Andi with me.
And I'll just say this: Everything is on the table.
And I'll put a hint to it in my nightstand.
And I'm not gonna take it anymore, because I am a door.
And I'm the one who told him
And I've already made some very special plans.
And I've had a lot of dates end with a friendly handshake.
And if a guy calls you after 10:00, he only wants one thing.
And if a guy calls you before 10:00, he's just trying to beat the other guy.
And if he agrees with you, I will drop this boat idea forever.
And if I see you around here again, I'll give you a smoky eye
And if I was a stripper, you'd be paying full price.
And if it'll save time, I will put my own nuts in that box.
And if you do cheat, she's not gonna like that either.
And if you don't, that's the state of Pennsylvania talking. Not me.
And if you get there before dark, they let you slide down it.
And if you had fallen for one of those, we wouldn't even be here.
And if you like Teddy,
And if you want to get anywhere, you gotta come through us.
And in sexier news, Adam and I were mistaken for strippers.
And instead of telling her mom she makes her crazy, Andi puts me in the middle.
And it has a gummy jalapeño in it.
And it just made me think that maybe we're not setting the best example.
And it stops now. [snaps fingers]
And it was so smart of you to save money by not buying flowers.
And it was the greatest feeling in the world.
And it won't stop Kate from helping him.
And it worked. Ha!
And it's a little delicate.
And it's all thanks to you.
And it's really uncomfortable.
And it's worse because I'm dressed like one.
And last night, I had to stay at the hospital for some pre op tests.
And last Thursday Frank sneezed too loud, and I just had it.
And magic can't be faked.
And make her think I kept it.
And me freaking out just made Kate dig her heels in even more.
And my shampoo.
And next week, at Jeremy's roller skating party,
And no longer feel comfortable naked.
And no sitting on the bed.
And nobody was getting any sleep, I brushed my teeth with his toothbrush.
And none of those will ever come anywhere near my favorite friend.
And now Adam is working the same scam to get a boat.
And now is when you apologize for always excluding me.
And now it's here.