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Oddballs (2022) - Season 1

Oddballs (2022) - Season 1

Oddballs is an upcoming television series set for release in 2022, capturing the essence of eccentricity and comedy. This delightful show promises to be a comedic masterpiece, offering audiences a much-needed escape into a world where unconventional characters run wild. With a stellar cast and intriguing premise, Oddballs is shaping up to be a must-watch for comedy enthusiasts everywhere.

The show follows the lives of a mismatched group of individuals who find themselves thrown together in the most hilarious and unexpected ways. Each character brings their own eccentricities, quirks, and offbeat humor to the table, making for a delightful ensemble. From the brilliant mind behind the critically acclaimed series "Whimsical Wonders," Oddballs shares a similar whimsy and genuine comedic charm.

The cast is a star-studded group of talented performers, led by the incomparable comedic genius, Jason Bridges. His portrayal of Walter, a lovable and slightly bumbling inventor, is sure to steal the hearts of viewers. Bridges has proven his comedic prowess in various films and TV shows throughout his career, and Oddballs is yet another platform for him to showcase his unmatched talent.

Playing opposite Bridges is the incredibly versatile comedic actress, Emma Thompson, who takes on the role of Daphne, a perpetually clumsy but well-meaning librarian. Thompson's comedic timing and ability to fully immerse herself in any character will undoubtedly bring Daphne to life in a way that only she can.

The ensemble cast also includes some rising stars in the comedy world. Grant Jefferson, known for his stand-up comedy performances and appearances on popular talk shows, takes on the role of Charlie, a street magician who never quite seems to get his tricks right. His infectious energy and knack for physical comedy are a perfect fit for the zany world of Oddballs.

Another standout performer in the cast is Zoe Patterson, a rising star in the world of improv comedy. Patterson portrays Lucy, a free-spirited artist with an uncanny ability to find herself in peculiar situations. Her impeccable improvisational skills and natural wit bring a refreshing spontaneity to the show.

Rounding out the cast is the delightful Carl Johnson, known for his scene-stealing performances in various comedy films. Johnson's character, Oscar, is a lovable goofball with an infectious laugh and a knack for getting into hilarious predicaments. With Johnson's comedic timing and physicality, Oscar is bound to become a fan favorite.

Oddballs is all about embracing the oddities and quirks that make each of us unique. The characters' comedic journeys allow viewers to find humor in the everyday eccentricities of life. The series explores themes of friendship, self-acceptance, and the beauty of embracing one's individuality. Through laughter and hilarity, Oddballs reminds us that it's the oddballs who bring the most joy and light to the world.

Fans of Oddballs can indulge in the delightful soundtrack accompanying the show. From catchy tunes to whimsical melodies, the music amplifies the comedic moments, creating an immersive experience. The official soundtrack of Oddballs is available for streaming and download, allowing fans to enjoy the show's charming vibe even when they're not watching.

In conclusion, Oddballs is a highly anticipated comedy series set to premiere in 2022. With its exceptional cast, led by Jason Bridges and Emma Thompson, and its premise centered around embracing the oddities of life, this show promises to be a comedic masterpiece. Audiences can look forward to a delightful blend of humor, heart, and lightheartedness as the characters navigate their peculiar yet endearing lives. So mark your calendars and get ready to dive into the whimsical world of Oddballs. You can play and download the sounds of Oddballs here to get a taste of the show's vibrant energy and uproarious laughter.

A bleak future where you have to cook every meal from scratch.
A boy and his printer grandma.
A competitor? Uh, don't you mean, bully?
A D?! Oh, you gave me a D, Mr. McFly?
A giant fiery asteroid, which killed them.
A ha!
A ha! Now I know you're lying.
A kid life crisis?
A one stop gift fulfillment service capable of learning
A pokey goose feather pillow.
A reading from a sacred text.
A real scientist would test their theories in the field.
A signal that it's time for my taste buds
A toaster.
A trophy is so much more.
A true talent.
A way to work out the packed in, piled up everything
A.K.A. Stuart, with a reading.
About the most amazing home security system money can buy.
About the wrong naming of their chess pieces.
Actually, it was 1996, the hundred year anniversary.
Actually, it would take 20 years for solar panels to pay for themselves.
Actually, you know what, James?
Admission: One Hug."
After all that, you miss? Ah!
After you exposed me as a cheater,
Agh! Agh! It's your mom!
Ah ha!
Ah, brekkie anytime I want.
Ah, cram it!
Ah, getting out of squat frogs and getting old people discounts
Ah, my first day off. Oh, I'm so nervous.
Ah, sounds like you've been having... Too. Much. Fun.
Ah, very nice.
Ah, what's the deal with anti pasta?
Ah, yeah!
Ah! [gasps]
Ah! Ah!
Ah! Croco help me!
Ah! Fly!
Ah! He threw me! And I'm in a cage!
Ah! James, you can't!
Ah. It was just a dream.
Aha! You just admitted I'm a kid!
Ahh! Ahh haah ah!
All Grandma ever sends me is the same hoop and stick.
All I hear is that school bell ringing, ringing, ringing
All it would take to get to know me is a visit every once a while,
All right, class, big news!
All right, everybody.
All right, fine. I'll change it.
All right, James, time to fill Stuart's heart hole.
All right, let's get back to it. The next number is
All right, my intel says Max is being held
All right, Sellers, you win.
All right, tasty dino nugget clones coming right up!
All right, well, take it sleazy. I don't honor warranties.
All right, well, you better find a way to squash it
All right, your phone funeral.
All the great things we have not yet accomplished as a species
All the other cloning programs are copycats.
All you youngins, get out!
Allow me.
Alright. Alright, calm down, kids. Let's play some bingo.
Also, I don't want you here.
Also, wanna win a free fly fishing trip?
Am I right?
An age limit on food makes no sense!
An object in motion will stay in motion until an opposing force stops it.
And a life without a thing [sniffles]…
And ask to try a miniature slice of everything.
And calling for help in an extreme emergency situation.
And convincing children that their grandparents actually exist.
And decides they're going to change the soundtrack?
And doing elaborate and suspicious handshakes.
And don't give me any context.
And either eating some ribs or getting eaten by aliens.
And everyone will stare at me like I'm some tardy monster.
And extract him without bloodshed.
And factoring in the decay of the ozone layer
And fancy credit card bills.
And Foodball Joe,
And great, I'm young again.
And he's wearing crocodile boots.
And here's a neck pillow and a glass of warm water,
And his dumb rules ever again!
And how many fights would break out
And I bet they'd never use theirs as a hot beverage thermometer.
And I don't ask that because I'm scared.
And I don't like that,
And I don't take sass.
And I don't want to waste any more energy on such a loser.
And I found a new stage to shine on,
And I still didn't get to do any of it!
And I won't tell anyone.
And I'll have you know that you didn't beat me, Stuart.
And I'll never have to deal with Foodball Joe
And I'm about to dip them in some sweet and sour sauce.
And I'm not lying.
And I'm not making you food until you change that review
And I'm pretty sure the planet and humanity will be toast by then.
And if I'm not there, she'll know something's up.
And if our parents find out about it, they'll take that away too.
And if you can figure out what will fill it, they'll move on.
And if you don't, you just remember
And if you win, you can toss us out from the whole event.
And in the right, we have, uh, Max.
And it turns out I'm not so smart.
And it turns out we all love it equally.
And just in time for class.
And let myself off the hook!
And make it not meaning it sucks.
And make it vegan.
And my grandma's this horse!
And no one can tell me what to do.
And not do them?
And now I'm thinking of fun ways to hurt you.
And now it's payback time.
And now that I reached my locker,
And now you're going to jail for life!
And now, the last class of the day...
And now, the world's greatest indoor horseshoe thrower steps to the line.
And other unnecessary classes life right here.
And overcome a competitor is some pretty advanced stuff.
And pardon the interruption, but you're getting out.
And proud new owner of a smartphone, am I right?
And push ups are in!
And remember no talking.
And she just didn't want to invite me.
And she loves playing rock, paper, scissors.
And sip philosophical tea from our little cups,
And stop leaning on my car!
And take our rightful place.
And technologically insufficient books.
And that means there's no smartphone for me and no dumb phone for you!
And that's why I'm the nicest person. [slurping loudly]
And the first to fill their bucket with tears wins.
And the first to make their opponent tap out wins.
And the result? He's raging out!
And the topic: "Honesty in Sports."
And then eat it, 'cause that's what flies do.
And then I got a cookie.
And there he is… Smooth Jason.
And this all started because of a stupid one.
And this app takes your picture and shows you what you'd look like as a baby.
And to think, I thought Stuart being inside you was a bad idea.
And very messy.
And wants to be treated respectfully for the day?
And we'll know if you're responsible enough for a real smartphone.
And where have you been, Maximillian?
And you need to fix what you started before it's too late!
And, conversely, when I go into nature,
And... garbage.
And... here.
Anyone who does it should be ousted, shunned, banned!
Anyway, I read that today's the day to try the best ribs in history.
Apparently, baby pictures that induce vomiting
Are not yet accomplished because just as someone was about to figure them out,
Are you going to live here now?
Are you kids okay?
Are you okay?
Aren't they just like adult nuggets, but in a different shape?
Aren't those their pillows?
Aren't you gonna clean that up?
As anthropomorphic crocodiles and bubble boys do.
As long as nothing else happens to me, I think I'll make it.
As long as you use this
As well as a roving security patrol,
At bingo, we play for obscure candies only known by the elderly.
At least nobody interrupts me when I'm trying to do my homework.
Aw, I paid good money for this bench.
Aw, I wanna be a letter!
Aw, I wanna be a letter!
Aw, I wanna be a letter.
Aw, well, thank you, GRANDMA.
Aw. I wanna be a ladder.
Aw. I wanna be a ladder.
Aw. I wanna be a letter.
Aw. I wanna be a letter.
Aw. I wanna be a letter.
Aw. I wanna be a letter.
Aw. I wanna be a letter.
Aw. Thanks for telling me.
Awesome! Rock on then.
Aww, heck yeah! I'm back! Yeah!
Aww! So cute.
Aww. Hey, James, you still upset I beat you out for the Chess Club?
Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba bah!
Baby otters and...
Back it up. Back it [screams]
Bagel Bunker's senior discounts aren't going to discount themselves.
Basically, we're gonna drive Stuart nuts.
Because I booked Stuart against Acorn and it's already sold out
Because I'm about to do this!
Because I'm always home when she gets back from work,
Because I'm from the future.
Because I'm home alone and no one can hear how weird I sound.
Because I'm playing four dimensional chess.