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The Lost Daughter

The Lost Daughter

"The Lost Daughter" is a captivating drama film directed by Maggie Gyllenhaal. Released in 2021, the movie explores the story of Leda, a college professor portrayed by Olivia Colman, who becomes obsessed with a young mother named Nina (Dakota Johnson) during her vacation in Greece. As the narrative unfolds, Leda's personal past intertwines with the complexities of motherhood, unveiling deep emotions and psychological tension.

The film features a talented cast, including Jessie Buckley, Ed Harris, and Peter Sarsgaard, who bring their characters to life with remarkable performances. With its intriguing plot, stellar acting, and superb direction, "The Lost Daughter" received critical acclaim and was praised for its exploration of identity and motherhood.

To fully immerse yourself in this captivating tale, you can play and download the sounds of "The Lost Daughter" here, easily capturing the essence of the movie and transporting yourself into its gripping world.

A sea snake. Yeah.
Actually 51.
Actually, I'm gonna take the jacket too. Thank you.
Ah! [chuckling]
Ah. Mmm.
All right?
All right.
All right. Come to Auntie, baby. Come on. Come to Auntie.
All the fucking shit… that I came from.
Am I an arsehole?
An inside joke.
An object…
And Bianca has big breasts, and Martha has almost none, like a boy.
And Bianca's school and Martha's daycare.
And Cole looked like
And comparative literature.
And fancy dresses.
And feed them to you like peanuts.
And find Neni tomorrow when it's not raining, right, honey?
And he'll get you a couple of sodas. Thank you very much.
And he's fucking crazy about me.
And her.
And I just work here for the summers, but, uh…
And I labeled which is for which days…
And I promise I'm gonna bring this back to Auden,
And if I move…
And it seems to me that she has anticipated
And it was just… I mean, it was… [sputters]
And leave the… Oh, no.
And send 'em out to Philly for their birthdays.
And she can't get rid of her cold, so…
And she doesn't realize how beautiful she is.
And she thinks I've given the best of myself to Bianca.
And she wears a padded bra and it sort of humiliates her.
And she would never let herself feel deprived.
And then as soon as I gave birth, big breasts.
And then they all rent one of these huge villas by the cliffs.
And then today we're gonna get a doll for a big girl.
And we should put him in a cage and decorate the cage.
And with Nina. She can get spacey.
And you know those uni shells?
And you were saying that, um, your kids are my age?
And, oh, also the pediatrician's…
And, um I mean, I'll call every night at dinner, so… Thank you, thank you! Ah!
And, um, I do understand. And, like…
And, um, when I was about Martha's age, I felt like she hadn't shared it.
And, well, maybe your girls. Being away from your girls, you know?
Are from Leeds. Well, Shipley, really.
Are they okay?
Are you all right, Mama?
Are you angry?
Are you home now, Mummy?
Are you ignoring me?
Are you married?
Are you not hard? [clears throat]
Are you okay?
Are you…
As Simone Weil says,
At all. She won't sleep unless I'm in the bed with her.
Aw! Okay, babies. I can't wait to see you too. I love you.
Baby, we will. I promise you.
Baby… Babe…
Barely 100. She's… She's okay.
Because she is always in the water.
Because then you'll have nice nails.
Because they're bad people.
Because you're beautiful.
Because, God, he comes from the heart.
Bia… I can't…
Bianca, can you turn the phone around? I can't… I can't hear Martha.
Bianca, no!
Bianca? Do you want me to help you do your buttons up in the back?
Bianca's like her father.
Blue Lives Matter! Blue Lives Matter! Blue Lives Matter!
Bourdieu's mistake is that he often forgot the first part of his own name.
Brava, brava! [laughing]
Bright and white.
But Bianca and Martha, it's funny.
But Bianca is completely different,
But I brought you presents. Hmm?
But I don't understand.
But I'm happy.
But it looks like you're married, so…
But it passes.
But unthought.
But we have family in this town for, like, 300 years.
But what I really want to consider,
But, um, they come from nowhere, so what are they worth?
Cade lungo il mio corpo."
Call the police, bitch. Call the police.
Cambridge, near Boston.
Camus posits that the ontological emptiness
Can I ask you something?
Can I?
Can it curl itself up?
Can you see what my eye color is?
Can you wash my hair after dinner?
Chafes against the intrinsically human desire
Children are a crushing responsibility.
Come on, what do you fucking need? Do need me on my knees?
Come on.
Come on. Elena, let Mama put you down. Come on.
Come to the sea, Mommy.
Congratulations, baby, you're an expert. Huh?
Could I order up some wine, please?
Daddy's away, and you're taking it out on me.
Damn, you're lucky.
Daughters. 25 and 23.
Did Daddy give you a DVD?
Did you bring a snack?
Did you find that remote? You know, for the fan?
Did you think that the doll that the doll wasn't good for us?
Did you use the ointment I gave you?
Didn't even know that about myself.
Dinner is in 20 minutes in the dining room.
Do they go and dry up?
Do you have grandkids already?
Do you know what I'm talking about?
Do you mind if I finish my dinner now, Lyle?
Do you need me to cut my balls off? What do you need? Tell me.
Do you think I'm a fucking idiot? Huh?
Do you think that I'm ever gonna get my doll?
Do you wanna have dinner with me?
Does your dad know someone?
Doesn't have much to do with me.
Don't bother buying her another doll. It won't make any difference.
Don't let anything break.
Don't let it break.
Don't let it break. Peel it like a snake.
Don't say that.
Downloaded from YTS.MX
Driving me fucking crazy.
E il loro vero padre era Zeus.
Enough. Stop. Enough! Stop acting like this. Let me…
Even in crisis.
Everybody ran into the cafe, and then it got too crowded.
Except the littlest.
Excuse me, do you need some help?
Excuse me, please, we're trying to watch this film.
Excuse us.
Felt like I'd been trying not to explode and then I exploded.
For her…
For metaphysical meaning.
Forty five?
Forty four?
Forty seven?
Forty three?
Forty two?
From "The Crisis." Hmm?
From childhood, even.
From Martha's Vineyard to Nantucket on the backs of whales.
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
Fuck! This is fucked!
Fuck. I have to go.
Fucking brilliant. You're so fucking brilliant.
Further that way, okay?
Get up!
Get up!
Get up!
Get up.
Get up.
Get up. Get up.
Get… Mmm.
Give her to me.
Gosh, I should really lean into that second syllable,
Guys, there's a fucking person here.
Happy birthday.
Have a seat.
Have you been waiting a long time?
Have you ever read "Leda and the Swan"?
Have you got his cock in your mouth, you can't answer me?
He goes round.
He has investments in Kalamata.
He is a serious scholar, but
He says my breasts are exactly the size of his hand.
He turned around in slow motion. He was absolutely raging.
He was saying that I had anticipated Ricœur's work on translation and…
He was saying that, um…
He was… No, he was talking about the Auden publication.
He's not supposed to be here until tomorrow.
Hello, little hug monkeys.
Hello. Sorry, I think this is my car.
Her doll.
Her husband doesn't leave till Sunday, so before that, it's impossible.
Here you go.
Here you go. That about does it.
Here, you can leave your bag here.
Here. Why don't you play with Mini Mama?
Hey, little one. Are you feeling better?
Hey, what's the big deal?
Hey! If you can't control yourselves, we're gonna have to call the usher.
Hey. Hey, sweetie, did you ever find your doll?
Hi, sweetheart.
Hi. There's a group of boys being extremely disruptive in theater two.