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Doctor Who - Season 9

Doctor Who - Season 9

Doctor Who - Season 9 is a thrilling and action-packed British sci-fi television series that premiered in 2015. This season features Peter Capaldi as the twelfth incarnation of the Doctor, alongside his companion Clara Oswald, played by Jenna Coleman. This dynamic duo embarks on exhilarating adventures through time and space, facing formidable foes and solving mind-boggling mysteries. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Doctor Who - Season 9, where danger lurks around every corner. Play and download these sensational sounds here!

A 50% chance.
A BETTER life form.
A bit mad,
A bit murder y, sure, but even so!
A bit of shame never hurt anyone.
A box with everything I need.
A box.
A case could be made that this is an asset,
A child...
A choice?
A commander came. She turned me back!
A confession dial is a ritual act of purification.
A conversation needs to be had about who owns this spaceship.
A danger to all of us.
A daughter might've seen who killed her mother.
A death is required. It is only way the amulet works.
A direct order of your President!
A doozy!
A few minutes go by. And then...
A friendship older than your civilisation,
A galaxy, a life.
A game everybody else has lost.
A golden age of peace, harmony and industry...
A good death is the best anyone can hope for...
A good death? Is that the best they can hope for?
A good doctor.
A guilty man destined to die?
A hologram.
A hybrid, if you like.
A junior school?
A large percentage of the population of the UK.
A lion man!
A little bit of regeneration energy.
A little work and it could be done.
A long time ago, there was a student at the Academy.
A lot of screaming and running and bleeding.
A lure and a trap.
A man should belong, Doctor.
A man should have a race.
A man who hasn't slept for five years...
A medieval queen? How exciting.
A musical instrument is not an axe.
A mutant in a tank that would never, ever stop.
A neural block.
A new ghost, oh, no, no, no, no...
A new life form!
A people. An allegiance.
A political awakening?
A pulse, yeah?
A saying?
A shopping centre, south London.
A smelly old uncle / family pet / genius scientist
A song you can't stop humming, even after you die.
A sonic trowel... You realise how ridiculous that sounds?
A splinter of time in the skin.
A story to save a town,
A Time Lady, to show you how it works.
A Time Lord confession dial, I believe.
A very old one, going by the mix of technology.
A very, very dangerous secret and it needs to be kept!
A very, very long time.
A very... nasty idea.
A war that wouldn't end a thousand years of fighting,
A what?
A whole bunch of new cruel people
Abandoned by the one man who should know what eternity feels like.
About half a mile that way?
Above it, on the other hand...
According to my journals... hell.
According to the Doctor, you can tell us something about
According to the stories, there's a secret way out.
According to the stories.
According to them,
According to this data, we're the only ones left alive on this station.
According to you, this is where the Doctor is.
Across both sectors.
Act as if you know their plan,
Actually, that would be me. I represent Vector Petroleum.
Admit Davros! Admit the creator.
Admit it. You've all had this exact nightmare.
Adrenaline. Testosterone...
Advantage me!
Afraid of what? Of whom?
After all this time, after everything I've done,
After all you've done.
After the Great Catastrophe, there was a tectonic realignment.
After the murders, they started banding together.
Ah ah! What are you doing?!
Ah ha!
Ah, listen to your little hearts beat!
Ah, London! Perpetual city, cradle of culture, here we come!
Ah, no, he didn't tell anyone anything.
Ah, see? Not just pirates. SPACE pirates!
Ah, that's what we need!
Ah, there is nowhere new under the sun!
Ah, well, 439 nuclear power stations currently active.
Ah, well, I'm inconsistent.
Ah, well, I've had a good innings.
Ah, well, that was a lie put about by the Shabogans.
Ah, yes, your body print.
Ah, yes. Of course.
Ah! OK.
Ah! What, what, what?
Ah. You.
Aim at the Doctor.
Albar Prentis, Funeral Director.
Albar Prentis, Funeral Director.
Alert! Alert! The infirmary is breached.
Alert. I cannot control.
All beamed from the sonic glasses.
All blind and squelchy and out of their tiny minds
All computers do that in the end. You wait until the internet starts.
All coppery smelling round the edges, a tiny bit sexy.
All exclusively programmed to kill him.
All I have to find is some energy.
All I want is to bring the Knightmare to justice.
All my life, I've known that.
All non military personnel, please, step away from the Doctor.
All of that knocking, but it's never for you.
All of the future, all of history,
All of you, stay back from them!
All of you, stop it, right now.
All of you!
All of you!
All praise Davros,
All praise Davros! All praise Davros!
All praise Davros.
All right, all right,
All right, calm down!
All right. Sorry.
All that matters is that Osgood lives.
All the elevators I can find.
All the other names I chose died with whoever knew me.
All these people here, they're like smoke,
All those death defying sc****s,
All those sad songs. All those lullabies.
All those skulls!
All traitors will die.
All you have to do is add energy.
All you're doing is giving her hope.
ALL: Dude!
ALL: Dude!
ALL: Dude!
ALL: Dude!
ALL: Dudes!
All... Matrix prophecies concur
Almost 30 pounds.
Almost got drowned as a witch for my troubles
Also unfortunate he's being stalked by, oh,
Altering the time settings so they can go about uninhibited,
Alternatively, you could step away from that box,
Although one isn't actually a star but the Orion Nebula,
Although you are currently conscious and aware,
Although, at the risk of starting a bidding war, you could enslave me.
Always closer.
Always EXACTLY then!
Always mercy.
Always right.
Always so hungry.
Always the teacher. What's the right question, then?
Always then.
Always walk briskly.
Always... then.
Am I a good man?
Am I lying to you?
Am I lying to you?
Am I right?
Am I right?
Am I spoiling the magic? I work at this stuff, you know?
Amazing writer, brilliant comic observer,
Amnesia drug. Your pre frontal cortex is marinating in it.
Among several billion trigger happy mini tanks for centuries.
An ancient amulet from foreign parts.
An ancient Greek talisman which wards off evil
An army like yours, it lives or dies on its reputation its story.
An electronic signal that affects the sleep centres of the brain.
An electronic signal that's contained in this recording.
An hour.
Ancient. Inoperable.
And a cowardly alien,
And a death in battle is a death with honour.
And a few prerecorded phrases thrown in.
And a mounting sense of futility.
And a mummy on the Orient Express.
And a puppet from a nightmare.
And a selection of items you can oppress me with.
And a world to keep safe.
And a young woman so very similar to him.
And above all, don't tell her WHAT it is.
And accompany us to the capital.
And all Daleks shall drink the blood of Gallifrey.
And all manner of visitors drop in.
And all of the universe?
And all those skulls in the water...
And all you need for energy...
And another!
And another... and another...
And are now living amongst us.
And at least I can say I lived mine to the full.
And at the exact moment
And back to Triton. And then, they'll spread.
And became the most warlike race in the galaxy.
And because sometimes, on a good day...
AND because whatever song I heard first thing in the morning,
And become one of the new generation of Wide Awakes!
And cannot be altered.
And certainly of shame.
And chaos across the universe like ripples on a pond.
And contemplate friendship.