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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Actually i'm on duty where I stick out tonight
Alright i'm going down to ludwigs up for sulfite out if you're telling the truth
And I think that we should say goodbye now
Are you a dog trainer
Are you in some way connected with the institute
But flying experience if you had
But what about those two new guys hedges in o'malley
Can you fly this plane and landed
Do you have spartacus
Do you know what doctor mine hunger is going to say at the press club dinner tomorrow
Explain to me why you gave the color the money
Fuhrer slappy
Go ahead threaten me like you had the american people for so long
Had a nightmare was crime all around me I couldn't stop it
He was shot six times fortunately the bullets missed every vital organ
I am serious
I don't have time to say this gently so be very direct
I I fell on a rake
I know
I promise you whatever scum did this at one man in his force will rest for one minute valley behind bars
I promised nordberg we bake a razor nut bread tonight
I should have guessed that you did it
I want answers cherry cakes
I will ask you some questions
I wish I had a quarter pounder with cheese every time I heard that
I wish there was some way I could repay you how about dinner I know this little out of the way place that serves great viking food
I'm a cup
I'm a tenant frank drebin police squad
I'm investigating the attempted murder of one of your daughters
I'm not wearing any underwear
I'm the good guy I can't let the bad guys when our children can't be raised in fear courtesy if we can't stop them they're going to blow that place sky high it'll be a tragedy
I've been wrongfully accused
I've taken up too much of your time already i'd like to look at your employment records now and speak to someone in personnel live you don't mind of course
Just call manika slasher mcguirk
Lady in the tramp
Like having sex is a painstaking arduous task it seems to go on and on forever and just when you think things are going your way nothing happens
Needlessly cut down an ambush by some cowardly hoodlum
Nice to meet you
No no I swear
Oh do you have dances with wolves
Oh yes I love to see a doctor please
Perhaps some other time
Porter and i'm sure that we can handle this situation maturely just like the responsible adult that we are isn't that right mister poopy pants
Protecting the safety of the queen is attached at gladly accepted by police squad
Put out water shutter she did a
River police squad
Stocking smoking she lied about being the witness stand she sent me up to come here the night of the murder
Target scammer onion right now
Tell a captain I must speak to him
Thank you
Thank you for your help
Thank you i'm very honored
That's right
The truth hurts doesn't it
Unless I get all those people to a hospital quickly I can't even be sure of saving their lives
We have reason to believe that vincent ludwig is involved in a plot to assassinate the queen
We will need a statement from your down at the station
We're looking for a hector civilized now where is he
We're running out of time
Well that's great i've been dating too nice girl and author she wrote the book on male sexual dysfunction you probably right
When you face him unpleasant facts
Who won
With me frank
Yes well when I see five weirdos dressed in togas stabbing a guy in the middle of the park in full view of a hundred people I shoot the bastard that's my policy
You might end up dead is my middle name
You're hired a hitman you wanted hibbing dead I saw the two of you arguing
You're not just saying it because we exchanged bodily fluids
You're not telling me the truth
You've been very cooperative i'll make a note about my report
Your life I like bananas they coming big yellow bunches