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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A bit of exercise for you, a Hopkins.
A drunk. I'm not surprised.
All right, Hopkins, that's enough.
All right, you escaped your beating.
An excellent reason to lay some beats on someone.
Anger management is overrated when you can beat people.
Are you carrying a weapon?
Are you disrespecting my authority?
Are you looking for a beat?
Are you looking for a trashing?
Are you looking to get punish?
Be quiet.
Beat the evil doer.
But but I'm a prefect.
Careful now.
Carry on.
Classes are starting get going.
Clever boy, Hopkins.
Did he really get away?
Did I hear someone around?
Did I hear the sounds of an evil doer?
Did you do that on purpose?
Do not be an evil doer.
Do not go the wrong way.
Don't be insane.
Don't be stupid.
Don't beat me, Hopkins.
Don't disrespect the prefect.
Don't trifle with me.
Don't you be sneaking away over there.
Duty calls.
Evil diller.
Evil door.
Explosions won't help you.
Gary said you turn up, there's no way you're getting.
Get back here right now.
Go go classes are starting.
Go to class now.
Good, do my work for me.
Goodbye, Hopkins.
He's getting away.
Here's your brush. Get to work you pee on.
Hey, come here with.
Hey, new kid, go to the principal's office.
Hey, you break it.
Hmm, where can you have gotten?
Hopkins don't mess us up or I'll have to beat you.
Hopkins that is a wrong way.
Hopkins this way.
Hopkins, I need your.
Hopkins, I really love trashing you.
Hopkins, just take off the damn shoes.
Hopkins, you better help me.
Hopkins, you're?
How disgusting. Someone should be trashed for this.
How do you do that?
Humph. Well done.
Hurry up, classes are starting.
I am going to beat you now.
I am over here.
I am so gonna trash you for that.
I can't wait for someone to break a rule so I could beat.
I don't ever want to graduate and give up being a prefect.
I don't know what to do.
I don't like it at all and wanna beat someone to feel better about myself.
I got you, you alcoholic miscreant.
I have a very special traffic in mind for that jerk.
I have to beat some evil tours.
I have to find him before I could beat him.
I hope that.
I hope that's not what I think it is.
I hope you enjoy that as much as I do.
I really need to beat someone soon.
I really should discipline you.
I saw that.
I should beat you for being up so late.
I should beat you for defacing that wall.
I should beat you.
I should fix you up good.
I suppose that's OK.
I think I just might beat you.
I wanna find out whoever is responsible for this and beat them.
I was hoping for someone to be.
I will beat the perpetual.
I will beat you for the.
I'll beat you later, Hopkins.
I'll let it slide this time.
I'll teach you a lesson.
I'm a prefect and you're a victim.
I'm a prefix.
I'm busy.
I'm getting angry just looking at this.
I'm glad you told me this.
I'm gonna break you.
I'm gonna enjoy putting the herd on you.
I'm gonna make you hurt, punk.
I'm laying beats on you.
I'm not sure what to think about that.
I've been wanting to do that for a long time.
I've got more important things to worry about.
Is that an illegal weapon?
Is that shirt some sort of a joke, Hopkins.
Is your nose clean, Hopkins?
It's gotta be someone to beat.
It's making me so angry. I wanna beat someone.
It's time to pay back the faculty for all their kindness.
Just don't make any trouble.
Just keep your nose clean.
Just take it and shut.
Keep doing that and I'll beat you.
Keep talking, Hopkins. Keep talking.
Keep your nose clean.
Listen closely, Hopkins. I don't want you to mess.
Looking for a late night beat?
Looking to get trash?
Make it you're gonna mow the lawn at bull.
Maybe I should abuse my authority and pick on someone innocent
Maybe it was nothing.
No need for complex reasons where a simple beating will do.
No one to beat, what a let down.
Now where did that little evil dewer go?
Oh, look who's decided to join us today.
Ohh I'm fair, ohh.
Ohh it stinks.
Ohh, I should have won.
Ohh, that should not have happened.
Ohh, that was not how it was supposed to turn out.
Pain 1
Pain 2
Pain 3
Pain 4
Pain 5
Pain 6
Pain 7
Pain 8
Pain 9
Riding in the walls is against the rules.
Setting off fireworks is a beating offense.
Shouldn't we be patrolling or some?
Show some respect.
Shut up, Hopkins.
Shut your mouth, Hopkins.
Shut your mouth.
Someone needs to be punished for this.
Someone should be beaten for that.
Stay vigil.
Stop sneaking around. Get up.
Stop so I could beat you.
Stop that, or I'll beat you.
Stop that.
Students are not allowed here.
That does it. I'm laying the smack down.
That hurt you much more than it hurt me.
That is illegal.
That is unacceptable.
That was added.
That'll be all, Hopkins. You may go.
That's against the rules.
That's prefect material right there.
That's reckless.
The weapons are for prefects.
This is my favorite part of the job.
This morning I woke up and said I'm going to pummel Hopkins today.
This really stinks.
Those clothes say please beat me.
Time to clean up the.
Uh, the others will avenge me. Uh.
Uh, you'll get yours soon enough.
Underage drinking? Uh, you're in big trouble now.
Very good, Hopkins.
Watch your mouth, boy.
Well, well, well. If it isn't Hopkins.
What are you doing here?
What are you trying to do, Hopkins?
What do you think you're doing here?
What is that in your hand?
What was that?
Who did that?
Who is disrespecting my authority?
Who wants some of this?
Why are you not in bed?
Why are you not in class?
Why are you trying to beat me, Hopkins?
Why are you wearing those pants?
Why don't I just trash you instead?
Why must you have the hair of a reject?
Yeah, that's likely. You just want to relax for a bit, but OK.
Yo go change into your uniform.
Yo, what is that in your hand?
Yo, why are you not in class?
You are useless.
You are you cutting class?
You better come this way if you know what's good for you.
You better go to bed right now.
You better not be skipping.
You better run along and make yourself useful.
You brought it on yourself, Buster.
You can run, but I'll still beat you.
You come over here and take your beats.
You could do a little public service. It'll do you good. Go mow the.
You get to class.
You had that coming, moron.
You have crossed that line.
You have it coming.
You just became number one on my list.
You looking for a beating?
You should be in class now.
You should be keeping a low profile Hopkins.
You should not be out.
You should not have done that.
You should not have done.
You should not have done.
You suck so much, you should get beat.
You ugly kid, you're in serious trouble now.
You wanna beat it?
You wanna escape your beating evil dealer?
You want me to beat you?
You will pay for your disrespect.
You won't get away with that.
You'll get what's coming to you.
You're a man.
You're beginning to make me angry.
You're calling a bear.
You're coming with me.
You're lucky I have someone more important to.
You're not very smart, are you, Hopkins?
You're stupid hat makes me wanna beat you.