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Archer (2009) - Season 5

Archer (2009) - Season 5

Archer (2009) is not a movie or a song, but a critically acclaimed animated television show created by Adam Reed. The show first premiered on September 17, 2009, and has since become a fan favorite. Known for its sharp wit, clever writing, and unique characters, Archer has garnered a dedicated following over the years.

Set in the world of international espionage, the show follows the hilarious and often dysfunctional lives of the employees at the International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS). The series takes a comedic approach to the spy genre, blending action, satire, and outrageous humor into each episode.

The main character of Archer is Sterling Archer, a self-absorbed and immature spy who is often far from the perfect secret agent. Voiced by the talented actor H. Jon Benjamin, Archer's character brings a unique charm to the show, combining arrogant swagger with a constant stream of sarcasm.

Joining Archer on his espionage adventures are a colorful cast of characters. Lana Kane, voiced by Aisha Tyler, is Archer's ex-girlfriend and fellow spy who often finds herself caught up in his antics. Malory Archer, Sterling's mother and the head of ISIS, is voiced by the legendary Jessica Walter. The cast also includes Chris Parnell as Cyril Figgis, Amber Nash as Pam Poovey, and Judy Greer as Cheryl Tunt, among others. Each character brings their own quirks and idiosyncrasies, adding to the overall humor and charm of the show.

While the show's first four seasons follow the agents' exploits at ISIS, Season 5 takes an unexpected twist. Titled "Archer: Vice," this season sees the main characters embarking on a new adventure operating an illegal drug cartel. The creators took a bold departure from the traditional spy genre, injecting fresh energy into the show.

The fifth season of Archer retains the show's signature humor, clever wordplay, and pop culture references while exploring an entirely different setting and storyline. This shift in narrative allows the characters to delve into new dynamics, as they navigate the world of drug trafficking with their usual incompetence and antics.

With its unique blend of irreverent humor and fast-paced storytelling, Archer has amassed a dedicated fan base over the years. The show has received critical acclaim for its exceptional writing, distinct animation style, and memorable characters. It has won several awards, including four Primetime Emmy Awards.

If you're a fan of Archer and want to immerse yourself in the show's ambiance, you can play and download its sounds here. From classic catchphrases like Archer's famous "Danger Zone!" to the show's iconic theme song, you can now enjoy the audial essence of Archer wherever you go.

Archer (2009) - Season 5, or "Archer: Vice," offers a thrilling departure from the show's traditional spy genre while retaining its trademark humor and charm. With its talented voice cast and captivating storytelling, this season continues to solidify Archer as one of the most beloved animated television shows of all time.

A baby shower. KENNY LOGGINS: Oh.
A baby shower. MALORY: Wh...?
A bar, then! Whatever!
A beanbagging arms dealer, so that now, almost inexplicably,
A bid?
A brain chip. It was just the sticker off the backpack of a little Lego
A buyer for twenty kilos of our cocaine.
A country. MALORY: And it's in the
A criminal. And I hate to say it, but it's
A district attorney to blackmail,
A drug dealer, I stand by you. Oh oh oh! And you don't seem to
A finder's fee? Five thousand a kilo.
A freshly squeezed juice, a cocktail, a sandwich of your own choosing?
A goddamn baby knows, in craps, you never bet on the hard ways! Ow!
A gut shot husband and an idiot son who just
A guy. Taxi!
A half ton of cold blooded fury,
A hem! And I am Cherlene?
A hundred bucks? Depends who you ask, Lana.
A jillion million! Jesus! Be more gross
A landline and played the message from my phone, then put
A little closer to nineteen and a half?
A little compressed, but whatever.
A Long Island Iced Tea?
A lot better than I would've imagined.
A mirror, a needle and thread, and a straight razor.
A party. With an enormous cake!
A penis in my vagina.
A Poppin' Fresh costume, and taintsweaty,
A question?
A real thing...
A slippery slope! It's the world's most addictive drug.
A spa day!
A tiger. And C "guapo" means
A tiger. Where did you think you are,
A toast! CHERLENE: I just don't see how it's possible.
A ton of cocaine?
A witness to coerce, a judge to bribe...
A, "Chinese y" is not an insult.
A: not the Internet, B: only works in...
About 15 steps ahead
About 90 goddamn times
About her contact, no picture,
About it in my art journal! CALDERÓN: She is going to bring us some tanks, so that we
About it. Just let it go.
About it. PAM: Because it kind of seems
About money
About that rim jo... Ow! Seriously, please stop hitting
About that thing where you said you're cleaning up your act
About two grand a month on the Gilfcam.
Absolutely not. CHERLENE: ♪ Revvin' up your
Accept your surrender! Dibs! I'm in charge! Cyril, get out of the...
Access the computer terminal at reception, so just follow my
Accounting firm after this job.
Actually follow my lead or... PAM: Hang on, let me grab a
After Fidel's hitmen try to kill me
After the flashbangs, but before Other Fat Mike gets shot.
Again, seriously asking.
Again, you'll never make it back to Myrtle Beach.
Against your... That is a federal offense!
Agent Holly is the prime target, but...
Ah ah!
Ah, Ah, it's your loss!
Ah, Madame First Lady. So good of you to join me.
Ah... Or a lot of the other shit I do.
Aha! But this way, my way, Archer thinks
Aha! See, that's what I resent.
Aha! Yes. And what is on my finger, you
Aha! You're forgetting a key
Ahem. Miss what?
Air strike on the palace is a go, and I suggest we take Calderón's jet.
AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER: Beechcraft, please identify. RAY: Guys?
Airplane air is so dry, plus you're breathing in God knows
All I ask, is one small favor...
All I wanted.
All kidding aside, I maybe should go to a hospital.
All right! Turn it off! Turn it off!
All right. Where are we?
All those jobs are awesome.
All tied up like a sexy little Christmas ham.
ALL: Eh... LANA: Oh, my God. CHERLENE: Oh, get over
ALL: Happy baby shower! (cork pops)
ALL: Wait, what?! ARCHER: Yeah, seriously, what?
All... well, almost all the pills Pam ate a bunch, and I'm
Alligators or your mother! ARCHER: What's the
Alligators! And do not even think about it,
Alligators! ARCHER: No. No, no, no. No
Almost... there.
Alright, Sterling, calm down.
Alright, uno rampageeo! Okay, Lana,
Also called a shivaree? You know, it's that thing where
Alternative is a belly landing in a swamp filled with
Although I have no reason to think that.
Although, I guess I could always go back to being a defense attorney.
Always answers his phone in the field, so I'm...
Always get stuck together. But I kind of don't mind it. CYRIL: Hmm, actually I don't
Am I a clone of you? Did you all grow up together... in an actual house with an
Am I right, fellas? ARCHER: Are you?
Am I right, fellas? Fellas, am I right?
Amazing! A toast. CHERLENE: No, like literally
An actual acorn?
An office in Miami, and that office is gonna need
An unwed mother?!
ANCHORMAN: from San Marcos tonight, as the Communist rebel
And Hey, how is your mother?
And "gaping hole" are kind of begging for it.
And a corpse.
And also agree to permanently cease and desist any and all ISIS operations."
And also country music.
And also the rebels!
And also too spilly. Now, what's with all the yelling?
And also, what the hell happened to you?
And apparently I'm not good at it.
And apparently, they've got your house completely
And B, ISIS owned that penthouse, so
And B: If they weren't sitting on a
And banging the old lady with a strap on...
And being dragged off to God knows what terrible fate...
And both of whom bring up extremely uncomfortable
And by "it," I meant the moment. Not his penis.
And by awesome you mean delusional.
And by that I mean his... you know...
And can I just go on record as saying I think this is an extremely
And Chinese y!
And did you ever think maybe your fleet of
And do you have to do that
And don't call a fraternity a frat!
And don't worry about La Culebra, gringos, you are not going there.
And fear is their bacon bits.
And fifty times twenty I think we're probably
And for what it's worth, I'm pretty sure I just invaded Laos
And for what it's worth, we all kind of liked you the way you were.
And get our money And cocaine and cocaine
And have to have her baby in prison?
And honestly, not your best trait.
And how is that tone necessary?
And I believe there was some mention of throwing a bone into me?
And I didn't even get to meet her tiger.
And I hate to say this but our filthy peasants, so as to brighten their lives with your music.
And I know it sounds crazy, but I like them as much as cocaine.
And I mean from everything
And I think we should move on, they're not gonna let you kill a guy.
And I want to make that little gal famous. Are you her manager, Mrs...?
And I'd love nothing more than to shoot back, Pam,
And I'll take the fondue set. Because you were a total
And I'm excellent in the field, so...
And I'm not a doctor, but...
And I'm pretty sure I smelled a skeleton.
And if there's one thing I love more than triumph,
And if you want Archer so damn bad, you can go get him your...
And ISIS did do a lot of bad stuff.
And it can only be paid with Pam's blood.
And it definitely isn't your semester abroad.
And it sounds like the solution is more cocaine, so turn left up
And it's not that we don't appreciate criticism.
And it's not the only thing. Why can't you keep it in your pants?
And kudos.
And let me handle this. Because the problem, Gustavo... CALDERÓN: Ooh.
And let you walk alone ♪
And like 50 times I lied.
And look how tiny. I don't even need a drill I
And Mac Davis can totally suck it.
And maybe we can barter with them for a ride, or...
And no one's doing anything to find him!
And no, Kenny Loggins, there's no way to make up for almost
And not that I care what any of you think, about anything, but I lost everything
And now we're surrounded,
And one extremely flat tire, so...
And order because the cops can't or won't...
And remember, I got dibs on the tiger.
And say nothing!
And seriously, Lana, sorry for what I said.
And since I can't write a genre defining country song
And since the coke's in the shape of
And so, by the power
And so, I wanted to distribute your records among
And so, if I could direct your attention to these
And some ammo! You were really gonna shoot me in the
And spend the rest of our lives together, Lana.
And start asking around for the woman who runs the entire Cali cartel?
And stomach acid so strong it can dissolve bones and hoof.
And swim down!
And talk about who's probably waiting at this airstrip.
And thank you, George Bore well, for that clunky analogy in
And that being said,
And that plane's probably loaded with coke.
And the bourbon's kicking in, so, uh, you can pretty much name
And the only thing that was left, you idiots either lost,
And the sooner we can move out of this enormous,
And the sooner we sell this cocaine,
And the sweets. We're gonna round that down
And the whole time he was screwing the asses off all the
And then back up a sec. You're endangering your life for beauty?
And then bought a ton of goddamn cocaine.
And then go get a cake. Okay, Ray...
And then got a hand transplant from an actual bear.
And then got dropped in some different dirt and then Pig Pen came along and
And then he moves the rock and comes out of his cave stronger
And then it's like wave after wave crashing over you, into you, and...
And then tell me what happened to the hundred pounds of...
And then use them to play, in its entirety and on your
And then we whang 'em with our shovels, right?
And then you didn't die, and then a few years went by and I
And then you're going on the Grand Old Opera, and I don't
And then, by some other, even bigger miracle,
And there were two of each color and you know this
And they had the money! Why go to the trouble
And they're gross. It basically tastes like a fart
And this other five spoiler alert she ate!
And this regular tie means nothing, I don't like bow ties
And this whole other thing with the Yakuza.