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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A way to get your head together?
And get us some, huh?
And he won't love you unconditionally that much longer
And if she finds out I'm a nanny then I'm screwed game.
And Louis Vuitton shoes..
And Tom Waylan was there.
And trade her in for a brand new persona...
Annie: Child rearing around the world
Annie's voice: Already, one had to wonder...
Annie's voice: Befriending Grayer
Annie's voice: It seemed that fate now offered me a wonderful alternative...
Annie's voice: Who is Annie Braddock?
Anti... antidisestablishmentarianism.
Are getting a divorce.
Arriving on track two.
As for you, Mr. X,
As you can see,
At the Parents' Society.
Based on my observations,
Both: * You got to give what you take. *
But for the tribe of the Upper East Side,
But I do think you should probably let me kiss you right about now.
But then again, Margaret Mead didn't run home every time
Can I come with you?
Can you tell me where Chambers Street is, please?
Cheerios are sugar free.
Come on, have a drink with him already.
Come on!
Do... do you know what you're having?
Doll: Hola
Don't work out, okay?
Don't you dare.
Even so, you should bring him to the doctor in the morning
Fine... okay, let me...
Forgive me.
From the Upper East Side clan.
Get off of me, you pervert.
God, everything is just perfect.
Grayer! Grayer!
Harvard Hottie?
Have the most prosperous, yet idiosyncratic
He said that...
He's probably gonna need a prescription
Herbivores means vegetarian.
Hey, smile, Grove. We're gonna go to a party
Hey, you know, we can do lots of fun things.
Hey, you want to finish our fun meal?
Hey, you're gonna get me a ticket.
Honey, I'm not kidding
Honors in urban planning, minor in sociology.
How are you, honey?
I am so sorry
I desperately needed someone to show me that
I didn't throw them away, okay? My lunatic employer did.
I don't understand
I don't want anything to wrinkle
I have absolutely no idea
I have an idea
I hope you last longer than the last one.
I know you've noticed my ass,
I know. I know, I'm very very late.
I read that critics of anthropology believe
I understand.
I want to know all about you.
I want to know why you threw my flowers away.
I want you to be happy
I'll have to take you riding there one day.
I'm Jefferson's mama Tanya.
I'm looking for a new nanny too.
I'm looking for Mr. X. Have you seen him?
I'm not exactly an objective observer.
I'm sorry. Did you get my message?
I've so been meaning to call.
In a variety of sex role specific activities.
In my life..
Is all I've really thought about since that day
Is antibiotic free. But the chef here is from Brittany,
Is bring in the nannies.
It might be time to let her go
It was essential that I avoided all intimacies,
It's like she dumps all of her problems with her husband onto me
It's okay.
It's really for your own good
It's so festively presented too
Let's go.
Like the Pissarro show at the Guggenheim.
Man on P. A: New Jersey PATH train to Manhattan
Mind if I take a crack at him for you?
Mistresses are de rigueur
Mm hm.
Mommy, Daddy, you and my puppy
Mon Dieu.
Mr. X: ...virtually impossible
Mrs. X's voice: Dear Nanny, I know it's Sunday
Mwah! I'll see you soon, I'm sure.
Nanny, call La Grande Nuit
Nanny! Good, you're up
No man is gonna squash your dreams.
No no no, Mr. X, you can't do this. Look, she...
No question. Although when I started I had no idea.
No, I understand that, Dan, because the bastard's selling low.
No, I'm out of my league, okay?
No, what if I'm better suited at something..
Not... not for me, but for Grayer.
Oh my God! How did this come on so fast? 104?
Oh shit! The stroller!
Oh, all right. The teddy bear has been compromised
Oh, Maria? Are you gonna tell Mrs. X that I've arrived?
Oh, no need to apologize.
Oh, that's okay. I got it.
Oh, that's very nice,
Oh, very nice to meet you, Julie
Oh! It's a problem
Okay, I got a great idea.
Okay, well, why don't you close your eyes
Peanut butter and jelly directly from the jar
Please keep Grayer from rubbing up against them.
Please remember that today is the 4th of July family party
Really, Nanny, I don't know why you didn't leave all this
Really? You must have had it really rough then.
Rule number three:
She's the only one who has this number.
She's your friend?
So I thought you might appreciate a civilized lunch at Bergdorf's
So sorry
So they'll be getting out anytime now?
So you and the kids must remain
Something you should probably do more of.
Sorry I could not be there to meet you
Sorry, we're having a little bit of a situation here
Thank you. Thanks
Thanks to a little man named Grayer,
That's my nanny over there.
That's okay, I'll take care of it, miss.
The fridge is well stocked.
The nanny
There's no time now.
There's three types of nanny gigs. Okay, type A,
Therefore we have decided to hire a consultant
These include body mutilation,
This must be the wrong tape. I've never seen this one before
Three little words made leaving this job 1,000 times harder.
To get to the bottom of this.
Torturously early.
Turns out all our assets are actually in Tucker's company's name.
Type B, you provide
Wait a minute. I want to make a plan to visit
We have over 8,000 applicants for 10 positions.
Well, they did. That one looks just like you.
What is it?
When you're raising a child
Where I had no voice
Which one's the nanny?
Who get more turned on by the Bloomberg Wire than they do by any hot nannies.
Why don't we race to the front door?
Why? I enjoy exploring my city.
Will be closing in 15 minutes.
Woman: Ahh hoo hoo!
Wow. What does that mean?
Yeah, I know that you're really busy with your hair appointments
Yeah, okay, let's go.
Yeah, well, not only did I lose the reservation,
Yes, hi. It's me
Yes, I called his mother. She's at some friggin' spa
You know I..
You know what? NYU should give you your diploma right now.
You know, the truth is, I don't wish either of you harm.
You move to the city and overnight your life becomes "Will & Grace."
You remember? What's wrong with you?
You take her to the doctor too?
(elevator dings) Annie: Here we are
(elevator dings) ...until you open the door!
(horn honking) Man: Asshole!
(laughing) Cut it out, sit down
(laughs) A little bit.
(slapping) (mime groans)
* Freedom * * So please don't give me up
and I'm sorry." Mrs. X: "And I'm sorry
Annie: Hello, Manolo. We believe it's important
Annie: Mmm. You should have them by tomorrow.
Busy bee. Relentlessly.
Doh! Girl: Oh my God!
Hey. Guys, this is Annie.
I'm sorry... The Mark, the Four Seasons
I'm taking him. Oh no, I can take him.
Is that one like Mommy too? Hmm.
Isn't that on the West Side? Yeah, so?
Nanny? (gasps)
No no no... Make sure to tell her I'm sorry.
No, I'm not. No wonder.
Really? Mm hm.
Really? You look very pretty, Mommy.
Right. Anyway...
She left us to go get married. All right.
What are you doing? The note said
Yay, Daddy. Daddy's home. I hear him, I hear him.
Yeah, this is... (bed squeaks)
You my little superstar? Yeah.
You're crazy. * Freedom *
You're so good with children. Oh, I'm not.
You've met her. What happened to Louisa?
...even fasting rituals.
"Financial Times"? "Granta"?
(Annie moans)
(answering machine beeps)
(door opens)
(door unlocks)
(elevator dings)
(elevator dings)
(feet clomping)
(horn honking)
(line goes dead)
(machine beeps)
(woman giggling)
* All you have to do is cry
* And don't let your life *
* And don't let your life *
* Compromise *
* Freedom *
* Go to waste *
* Go to waste *
* Got to make up your mind *
* Got to make up your mind *
* Got to make up your mind *
* Have some faith in the sound *
* Hey, you ask yourself *