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Nathan for You - Season 2

Nathan for You - Season 2

Nathan for You is a critically acclaimed American television show that first aired in 2013. The show's second season, which aired in 2014, continued to delight audiences with its unique blend of comedy and reality television. Created by and starring Nathan Fielder, the show follows him as he offers outrageous business strategies to struggling entrepreneurs.

The cast of Nathan for You is led by the brilliant and unconventional mind of Nathan Fielder himself. His deadpan delivery and straight-faced humor make for a hilariously awkward viewing experience. Fielder's creative ideas and unwavering commitment to their execution provide the show with its charm and comedic genius.

One memorable episode of Season 2 revolves around a struggling pet store owner named Carolee. Fielder proposes an unusual solution to save her business by transforming her store into a haunted house for pets. He enlists the help of special effects makeup artist Cassie, played by Katie Aselton, to create horrifying costumes for the animals. Carolee is skeptical but decides to give it a try. What follows is a series of amusing and sometimes frightening encounters between pets and their owners within the haunted pet store.

Another standout episode features an aspiring real estate agent named Sue. Fielder suggests she turns her open houses into theatrical productions, complete with dramatic storylines and unique twists to attract potential buyers. With the help of Sue's assistant Linda, played by Ptolemy Slocum, they stage an open house where a pretend film crew and a fake shootout take place, turning the event into a spectacle that draws attention from both buyers and the media.

One of the season's most talked-about episodes involved a failed yogurt shop named Yogurt Haven. Fielder proposes to rebrand the store as "Dumb Starbucks," essentially opening a replica of the famous coffee chain while adding the word "dumb" in front of every menu item. This audacious plan fools both customers and employees, who believe they are actually in a real Starbucks. The episode attracted widespread attention and controversy, leading to the ultimate shutdown of the "Dumb Starbucks" store, but solidifying Nathan for You's reputation as a show unafraid to push boundaries.

Throughout Season 2, Fielder also continues his recurring segments, such as offering $10,000 to someone who can decipher a difficult math problem and giving businesses absurd makeovers. Fielder's deadpan delivery and awkward interactions with participants keep viewers entertained and craving more.

The show's witty writing, clever concepts, and Fielder's commitment to his absurd ideas make Nathan for You a must-watch comedy. The second season, in particular, builds on the success of the first, further establishing Fielder as a comedic genius and the show as a genre-defying gem.

If you're interested in experiencing the sounds and laughter of Nathan for You - Season 2, you can play and download episodes from various streaming platforms or purchase the DVD set. The show's humorous soundtrack, composed by Daniel Hart, adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the episodes. With its catchy tunes and playful melodies, the music perfectly complements the show's humor and adds to the overall comedic experience.

So don't miss out on the hilarity and absurdity that is Nathan for You - Season 2. Join Nathan Fielder on his unconventional business adventures and be prepared to laugh out loud. Play and download the sounds of Season 2 to relive the unforgettable moments and experience the brilliance of this groundbreaking television show.

A blazer.
A cross section of American society
A house clean
A little bit of print mail,
A lot of people just want two people there for two hours,
A premium fee for a service that allows them to have
A private investigator named Brian Wolfe
A small price to pay for a billboard
A spotless home in the time it takes
A T Shirt with a blazer might work.
A turbo clean or anything like that.
A V Neck? Really?
About what you're allowed to put on a gravestone.
Absolutely. (pet sounds)
After a brief negotiation, we agreed that for $2,000,
After consulting with the rabbi,
After the service, one of Pet Haven's employees
All right, guys.
All right, well, you know, that's my opinion.
All right.
All right. Ready, go!
All right. We're gonna do this.
Along with Pet Mania's name and address,
Amazing job. Y'all did a wonderful job.
And a more likable me was starting to take shape.
And after all the maids loaded onto the bus,
And after all the work I had done, I didn't know why.
And after dividing them into groups,
And after some small talk, we got down to business.
And all there was left to do was celebrate
And as the rabbi approached the casket,
And cost us $7,000 to make
And even though I was still getting used to it,
And even though some might just see it as an ad on a gravestone,
And had a few words with him before.
And I graduated from one of
And I parked it at a central location
And I wasn't really being myself.
And let him die of natural causes.
And likely thinking about replacing their dead pets
And mapped out a detailed floor plan of the inside of his house.
And named it Buzz.
And played house for a while.
And seemed to take a liking to Buzz.
And since I'm *******, I hired a rabbi to conduct the service
And some people are gonna take it another way.
And stick it up your ass.
And that gave me an idea that would help Candy Pallares,
And that's why I needed to make a change.
And the next day, I returned to see if Candy
And then it worked.
And they also had some fashion tips to make me more relatable.
And they usually can do a general cleaning of things.
And they're gonna be offended.
And this place was dirty, too, I mean...
And together, we came up with a sure fire plan
And we'll see that in a bit.
And what else?
And who knows? Maybe we could do something
And within minutes, mourners were already taking notice
And, uh, I'm in L.A. training dogs.
And, uh... he's single...
Are you in a relationship right now?
As the week went on, I was able to evolve my style
At Pet Mania.
Aw. When something this cuddly is your product,
Because it's right there in the dirt.
Before I go in tonight to talk to Brian,
Before I went in what do you think of this look?
Blessed are you, Adonai, creator of us all.
Body motions are great.
Brian still didn't like me.
But before fully committing to this,
But effective advertising isn't about quantity.
But first...
But for a brief moment in time,
But I think the cleaning itself, I mean, seems like it's doable.
But I took him to a vet just to be sure.
But I'm open to it.
But Jennifer Berardini at Pet Mania in Burbank, California,
But knowing that coordination would be our biggest challenge,
But now, thanks to the advice of a diverse focus group,
But they've never really asked for
But we quickly found a solution to that
But what begins as a desire to have a tidy house
But when wherever Buzz went,
Buzz, your fly.
Buzz's gravestone weighed nearly 3 tons
By bolting down the tables and strapping them in
By offering to clean houses 40 maids at a time,
By putting an ad for Pet Mania on a dead pet's tombstone,
Can I get a little rubby dub dub?
Canada's top business schools
Candy had to head back to the office.
Candy was able to assemble the 40 we needed from her roster.
Candy was intrigued,
Candy would not only double the amount of jobs,
Come on, guys.
Distance themselves from their own suggestions.
Do you know that measurements of this room?
Do you want to go up and say something?
Don't allow advertisements.
Don't be sad. It's okay.
Don't you think that's a little insensitive?
During the course of making my show,
Even though Buzz would be easy to just swat dead,
Even though I was doing all this to help a pet store,
Express yourself with your hands,
Faster. Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go.
For Buzz's final send off.
For my little friend
For this to work, the maids would have to travel together,
Four of her best maids back at the office to be team leaders.
Go, go, go.
Goober just means like a dork, a nerd.
Goober? What's that mean?
Good bye and...
Good luck with your business. I got to scoot, so...
Good one. Good one.
Granted, I've never seen a fly come in here before,
Great job. Come on, guys.
Great looking at the camera. Good job.
Had her individual role down pat.
Have you ever been to a ******* funeral before?
Having a personality that people don't like is bad for business.
Having a professional maid come to your home
He could do some hard work on you.
He quickly became a favorite around the office, too.
He was a friendly pet.
He's not flying anymore.
He's such a great guy for hosting you, huh?
Hello, Buzz.
Helped bury Buzz, and it was time to bring in his gravestone.
Ho ho ho ho!
Hopefully the first of many.
Hurry in.
Hurry, hurry, hurry as fast as you can.
I also added an extra incentive to get mourners into the store.
I always do a weak handshake up front
I asked before I went in if this was good.
I assumed he was dead,
I brought Jim in to see if he was satisfied with his clean.
I can put whatever I want on my gravestone.
I can't put it there because these are burial spots,
I could provide it because I have the teams.
I didn't know it was gonna be that low, man.
I don't I wasn't expecting that huge
I doubt you can catch a football.
I first needed to do a test.
I found myself actually feeling a sense a loss
I gave him some rotting food and even a ladybug
I go in front right there?
I greeted my only guest, Salomon,
I guess the biggest part would be kind of coordinating
I hired a focus group that represents
I just wanted to know do I look okay?
I marched into Brian's house to see if my new personality
I mean, money's not the issue on a lot of things, but
I met Buzz, and, um,
I really did feel at peace.
I think a V Neck would go well with you.
I think you'll find this is exactly what we agreed upon.
I tried to make his remaining days somewhat enjoyable.
I want to tell you something, Brian.
I want you to take off the blindfold, okay?
I wanted the service to look as legitimate as possible.
I wanted to put my new personality
I was able to transform into a more likable person.
I was finally able to move forward with my plan.
I was just expecting, like, a natural rock.
I was shocked to discover that the group was trying to
I was so happy to give Pet Mania the attention it deserved.
I was so impressed that I pulled off a rapid house clean,
I went to an engraver to lay out the text for Buzz's headstone
I wonder why he did that.
I'd have to bury a real pet.
I'm doing the mopping under the b the, uh, bed.
I'm gonna go have, I guess, a late snack or something.
I'm not sure why that is, but I know that as a TV host
I'm not sure.
I'm sorry.
I've run into a surprising amount of people
If they want 20 people, 40 people in their house,
In a way, it's kind of it's funny because Buzz was a fly.
In case he wanted something to have sex with.
In order to get a tombstone in a pet cemetery,
In order to get a tombstone in a pet cemetery,
In The Burbank Times they run our ad continuously.
In the end, maybe there was nothing I could do
In the meantime, I began to make arrangements for his funeral.
Is a full day inconvenience. (vacuum humming)
Is it cool, or...
Is one of life's great luxuries.
It could stay forever.
It felt nice thinking that I had a chance.
It hasn't looked this good since we moved in.
It just I don't know how it would work.
It seemed like I had become a better version of me.
It was great meeting you, you know.
It's about location.
It's completely up to you.
It's cool, huh?
It's gonna go really fast.
It's okay if I go to cleaning around here?
It's too low.
It's unconditional love.
Jennifer loved the ad,
Jennifer would have a permanent billboard in a pet cemetery
Knowing that this would have to be executed like clockwork,
Knows that it takes more than just a cute little face
L.A. Is a really tough town (laughing)
Ladies? I don't know if you're rested in any of them.