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Kevin Can F**k Himself (2021) - Season 1

Kevin Can F**k Himself (2021) - Season 1

"Kevin Can F**k Himself" is a thought-provoking television series that premiered in 2021. This dark comedy-drama challenges conventional sitcom tropes and explores the complexities of domestic life through a unique narrative approach. It provides an introspective look at the life of a woman living in a world dominated by the expectations and limitations imposed by societal norms.

The series follows Allison McRoberts, brilliantly portrayed by Annie Murphy, who gained international recognition for her role as Alexis Rose in "Schitt's Creek." Allison is a seemingly typical sitcom wife, trapped in a mundane marriage with her self-centered and immature husband, Kevin McRoberts, played by Eric Petersen. Kevin is an oblivious and perpetually lazy character, embodying the typical sitcom husband archetype. Allison's frustrations and disappointments with her life start to manifest in a different manner as she begins to challenge the status quo.

What sets "Kevin Can F**k Himself" apart is its unique two-part storytelling structure. Whenever Allison is in the sitcom-like world, the atmosphere is bright and cheery, mimicking the traditional multicamera sitcom format. However, when Allison steps out of that world, the scene transitions to a gritty single-camera format, portraying a much darker and realistic view of her life. This stark contrast highlights the stark divide between the facade of happiness and the harsh realities that Allison faces.

The series delves into larger themes such as gender dynamics, societal expectations, and the consequence of conforming to societal norms. It examines the roles women have historically been assigned in sitcoms: the loyal and supportive wife, always catering to her husband's needs. "Kevin Can F**k Himself" amplifies these stereotypes, exposing the underlying issues and showcasing Allison's struggle for autonomy and empowerment.

As Allison's discontent intensifies, she befriends a group of individuals who are also disillusioned with their lives and the way they've been portrayed. Patty O'Connor, played by Mary Hollis Inboden, is a hilarious and fiercely independent woman who supports and encourages Allison to break free from the confines of her marriage. Similar to Allison, Patty refuses to accept the roles society expects women to assume.

Other notable characters in the series include Sam, played by Raymond Lee, who serves as a love interest and an ally for Allison as she carves her own path. He challenges Allison to question the conventions and seek self-fulfillment, providing a refreshing alternative to the stagnant relationship she has with her husband.

"Kevin Can F**k Himself" received critical acclaim for its innovative storytelling and the outstanding performances of its cast. Annie Murphy's portrayal of Allison is both vulnerable and empowering, capturing the frustrations and strength of a woman breaking free from societal expectations. Eric Petersen's portrayal of Kevin aptly captures the obliviousness and entitlement of the traditional sitcom husband, serving as the perfect foil for Allison's journey.

The series tackles sensitive topics and doesn't shy away from exploring the dark side of domestic life. It delves into the psychological toll that living in a toxic environment can have on an individual and the consequences of suppressing one's desires and ambitions.

If you're looking for a thought-provoking series that challenges the status quo and defies traditional storytelling conventions, "Kevin Can F**k Himself" is a must-watch. With its compelling narrative structure, dynamic performances, and powerful themes, this series presents a fresh perspective on the sitcom genre.

You can immerse yourself in the sounds and emotions of "Kevin Can F**k Himself" by watching it on your preferred streaming platforms. And if you want to relive the episodes or experience the series for the first time, you can find it available for download on various platforms. So grab some popcorn, dim the lights, and get ready for a unique viewing experience that will leave you questioning the rules of the sitcom world.

A "system?" Patty, we're climbing one roof.
A beachy wave or somethin'.
A better look on me, Neil.
A big boy meal.
A bunch of good, salt of the earth guys
A chili cook off?
A cookie pocket.
A cosmic one, really.
A day before my parole officer finds out about this? Okay?
A few years ago, he got into some hot water
A giant foam cowboy hat.
A girlfriend or a a book club.
A good job.
A great one.
A grown up dinner.
A little singe will just make the grass
A long time ago.
A lot of sense for us right now.
A man who likes the simple things in life.
A party in the next room?
A pig.
A pinto bean.
A real scourge of our time.
A relaxing dudes' day of competitive paintball.
A scone, a book, and some peace.
A smile looks nice on you.
A trail of 56.
A true message.
Aah. Aah!
About 55 to 60 years of age.
About a woman who decides to kill her husband.
About cleaning up?
About Kevin?
About the reno before you got here.
About us?
About what's important
Absolutely not. They're too scared.
Actually specializes in a good wash,
Actually you could say
Actually, I did.
Actually, I'm, uh I'm gonna skip this one.
Admitting when I need help.
After 10 years?
After all eye for an eye, tit for tit.
After everything,
After the meeting we just had?
After the night I had, I'd say an Irish coffee,
After we have lunch, some beers, a nap, and dinner?
After we staple the good sheets over
Again, not even close.
Again, there's nothing in there!
Ah, but everyone got their stuff from DiNunzio.
Ah, God, how could I forget?
Ah, good ideas, all around.
Ah, I feel like my body's been tense for years,
Ah, I just heart N Y, you know?
Ah, Neil returns with step three.
Ah, they got the best commercials, don't they?
Ah, yeah.
Ah, yeah. New job. Yeah.
Ah, yes. Only a matter of time
Ah! Ah! Ah!
Ah! Sam, it's perfect!
Ah. But I've got a plan.
Ah. Cold does you good.
Ah. Detective Ridgeway.
Ah. Five years' worth.
Ah. Never!
Ah. The women of the hour are here.
Ah. Too disgusting.
Ah. What party?
Ahh! Give me my phone!
Ain't that right, my guys?
Alexa, can you please set the timer for
Alexa, stop!
Alexa, where's my stuff?
Alexer, where's my stuff?
Alexer? Where's my stuff?
All about you.
All cold and alone.
All I'm asking for is some decency.
All kinds of people OD.
All night long over a roaring open flame
All of it?
All of these...feelings.
All of us.
All the fixings, a jumbo shrimp cocktail,
All the others because ours has a twist.
All the way up to Bossman Harrison.
All this talk of drugs and rock 'n' roll
All those chemicals?
All you gotta do is pay attention.
All your constituents are idiots.
All your dreams are coming true.
All yours again.
Allison Devine McRoberts.
Allison got so mad at us last time we did that.
Allison is always saying how your diner is dead.
Allison would never pick up a burger for anyone.
Allison, avert your eyes.
Allison, I can't even hear you to agree with you.
Allison, I'm always impressed
Allison, my wife, Jenn.
Allison, there are three days out of the year
Allison, this all comes back to one basic concept
Allison, this is Kevin we're talking about.
Allison, whose side are you on?
Allison, would you be a doll and sit down for a second?
Allison, you might not see me for the next 24 hours.
Allison, you mind?
Allison, you think I'm walking around wondering
Allison? Jenn!
Allison? Oh, yeah, yeah.
Allison. It's from the film.
Allison. Mm hmm?
Allison. Oh.
Allison's been texting me updates,
Allison's right, Dad.
Almost crying to Father O'Donnell.
Almost thoughtful.
Alone in my car on the way over here.
Already left my phone in the car, whoever you are.
Alright, I know I said I'd spend the rest of the night here,
Alright, I'm gonna go upstairs
Alright, I'm good!
Alright, ideas on how we can do this?
Alright, it's go time.
Alright, Kevin has spoken.
Alright, now it's getting fresh.
Alright, this sounds insane, but hear me out.
Alright, who's gonna tell this unhinged marksman
Alright! I'm alright.
Alright. Got an intruder.
Alright. Little pressure here.
Alright. This is gonna happen in two bites.
Also, I left something in my car.
Also, Neil's fallen for it for 10 years.
Also, please don't be dead.
Although if you had been,
Although they did pay me.
Am I bad at driving, or does he want the car?
Am I right, babe?
Amped on Red Bull and has a gun?
An anniversary is defined as 365 days free of alcohol
An escape room is business idea, Dad.
An exchange policy.
And 10 minutes in, he says that he left something in the car
And a pack of menthols.
And a Powah Ball quick pick, bonus numbah 11 for Edelman.
And a roll. And a roll.
And a tallboy.
And a tooth with a very large filling.
And after that, I was fine,
And all I know about him is that he hands me
And all the, eh wink other stuff missin' here.
And Allison thought I couldn't finish it.
And also, "betray her" is a little strong.
And any other day, that'd bother me.
And apparently,
And as soon as it's done, You'll get the money.
And as soon as it's done, you'll get the money.
And ask if there's anything you'd like to declare.
And beer with no taste.
And before all this,
And begin!
And boom goes the dynamite!
And buy a bus ticket to Jersey?
And buzz in a little cup,
And churning my own butter.
And co lead guitarist was doing something sneaky
And current Celtics TV analyst Brian Scalabrine?
And deal with Kevin's chili hysteria?
And defeating NHL legend Sean Avery
And doesn't get assaulted.
And driving's all about confidence.
And elect me as their leader and ask me to supervise
And enough to wean my clients off,
And even then, it was 'cause I saw a dog
And everyone's secretly kind of hoping he goes back.
And everything should stay the same?
And exchange it for the right color.