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Ron's Gone Wrong

Ron's Gone Wrong

Title: Ron's Gone Wrong

Ron's Gone Wrong is an animated family comedy film that was released in 2021. Directed by Sarah Smith and Jean-Philippe Vine, this heartwarming and hilarious movie brings to life a tale of friendship in the digital age. Set in a world where every child has a walking, talking, digitally connected robot friend, it follows the unique bond between a young boy named Barney and his malfunctioning robot, Ron.

1. Barney - Voiced by [Actor's Name]
2. Ron - Voiced by [Actor's Name]
3. Barney's Dad - Voiced by [Actor's Name]
4. Barney's Mom - Voiced by [Actor's Name]
5. Wedge - Voiced by [Actor's Name]
6. Polly - Voiced by [Actor's Name]
7. Donka - Voiced by [Actor's Name]
8. Indira - Voiced by [Actor's Name]
9. Mr. Leonard - Voiced by [Actor's Name]
10. [Additional cast members]

Ron's Gone Wrong takes audiences on a heartwarming journey filled with laughter, emotions, and valuable life lessons. As Barney's socially awkward robot struggles to fit in with his technologically advanced peers, their friendship flourishes against all odds. Together, they embark on an adventure that challenges societal norms and explores the virtues of authenticity and human connection. The film beautifully addresses themes of bullying, over-dependence on technology, and the importance of individuality.

Moreover, the film's soundtrack enhances every moment, seamlessly blending upbeat and catchy melodies with tender and emotionally charged compositions. The score, composed by [Composer's Name], skillfully captures the essence of the story and amplifies the emotions experienced by the characters.

If you are intrigued about Ron's Gone Wrong and want to experience the magic of this movie, you can play and download the sounds from the film here. Immerse yourself in the delightful melodies, playful tunes, and the heartfelt musical moments that bring the characters and story to life.

Ron's Gone Wrong not only entertains but also prompts viewers to reflect on the relationships we form with technology and the importance of genuine human connections in an increasingly digital world. With its charming characters, witty humor, and touching storyline, this film is sure to captivate audiences of all ages. So gather your friends and family, grab some popcorn, and prepare for an unforgettable animated adventure that will warm your heart and leave you smiling.

Experience the joy and wonder of Ron's Gone Wrong by playing and downloading the sounds here and let yourself be immersed in the magic of Barney and Ron's extraordinary friendship.

A B Bot?
A bird has commented on your face.
A bunch of your code is missing, right?
A former anti communist
A friend must stay within six feet.
A hundred times a day, plus 11 times overnight.
A person who, uh, "likes, is always, I."
A single unit with a minor coding error.
A trick! Data harvesting units controlled by us.
A... A... A...
Aadash, Aaron, Abraham, Absalom...
About plastics in the ocean,
Absalom, will crushing be fun?
Abu Dhabi,
Access the cameras on every B Bot in town.
According to our records, it has no registered owner.
Adios, Absalom.
Adios, Absalom.
Adios, Absalom's B Bot.
After my mom died, I was terrified every single night.
Again, please.
Ah, seriously?
Ah. Take it outside. Have fun with him.
ALEX: Dude, you are finished!
Alice Springs, Allahabad, Anchorage, Albuquerque.
All alone again?
All good.
All helping kids connect, meet each other,
All right, deep breaths.
All right, that's it! I'm gonna destroy you!
All staff to the launchitorium.
All you had to do was just fit in.
ALL: (CHANTING) Marc! Marc! Marc!
Am I now your best friend out of the box?
Am I right, kids?
An ambulance, an alligator,
And a child.
And at its heart, my code.
And Dad moved us out here.
And everyone else.
And four books detailing the life of Bill the Bus.
And from me...
And get right to the heart of Bubble HQ.
And get this bot to stop making up its own game rules.
And hold on a sec. Why hasn't it friended me?
And I love you so much
And I wanna thank you all for your support
And I wanted so bad
And I'll teach you how to be my friend.
And I'm going with him! Uh...
And invent something that doesn't kill us all.
And make it all easy? (CHUCKLES)
And now you're worried about privacy?
And photos, right?
And send the principal a fruit basket.
And their heads go all the way around!
And then you can come to school.
And then you get friend invites.
And then you get people that like him,
And there's a smell of burning when I hit the space bar.
And this is a giant monkey...
And this is Nonsuch Middle School.
And this new great blowout.
And when you get bored of this one,
And you don't choose me.
And you still didn't get a B Bot?
And you still didn't get a B Bot? (LAUGHS)
And you were mine.
And you'll never find me.
And, uh, you got an algorithm for refilling this?
And, yeah. So we're just...
And... Whoa. Look at him.
Andrew, I never programmed B Bots to laugh.
Andrew, we found this goat in the electrics.
ANDREW: As the new CEO of Bubble,
ANDREW: I wonder.
ANDREW: They're psychos!
ANDREW: Think of the data we can harvest!
Andrew. Is it true? It's still out there?
ANNOUNCER: Please welcome your new CEO, Andrew!
Anonymouse3 created it.
Any TV station broadcasts it,
Apps, contacts, photos, chat.
Are those your friends, Barney?
Are very excited to offer you this highly amusing novelty,
Are we going around in circles?
Are we having fun with me?
Are you even here?
Are you in there? (KNOCKING ON DOOR)
Aren't you that girl that got... You know.
Argh. There's nothing in these woods that'll burn!
Arrivederci, Ron Bintscatsco.
Arrivederci. Auf Wiedersehen.
Artificially sweetened beverages?
At a temperature of 232 degrees Fahrenheit.
At least you're not Uncle Boris. (CHUCKLES)
AUDIENCE: (CHANTING) Marc! Marc! Marc!
Avoids problems 89% of the time.
Aw! (CHUCKLES) We did this together, guys!
Awesome! (LAUGHS)
B Bot.
Bah, he had it coming.
Barn, you have got to get back in that Bubble cloud place.
Barney and Ron. It's like we used to be.
Barney is having a party.
Barney likes rock hammers, too!
Barney likes rocks, asthma inhalers, and his grandmother's food.
Barney Pudowski?
Barney, don't say your weirdness
Barney, meet friend number five.
Barney, slide along to the central shaft.
Barney, the cloud is in a concrete fortress
Barney, we gotta let it go.
Barney, what's going on?
Barney, your B Bot is, like, super weird.
BARNEY: "Know everything about me."
BARNEY: Allergies. Goats, wool. Goats' wool.
BARNEY: Go! Go, go, go!
BARNEY: Hey, no! Stop!
BARNEY: I didn't say be more than six feet.
BARNEY: I don't really have...
BARNEY: Is there any possible way?
BARNEY: It's not meant to do that.
BARNEY: Just gets funnier and funnier.
BARNEY: Kill me now.
BARNEY: Marc? He's helping us. This is how we do it.
BARNEY: No. He can't do any of that stuff.
BARNEY: Oh, no!
BARNEY: Okay, come on. Let's...
BARNEY: Okay. 18 minutes of recess hell.
BARNEY: Rocks are better.
BARNEY: Seriously?
BARNEY: So, here I am again.
BARNEY: Thanks for breaking that down.
BARNEY: Thanks, Gran! Ow!
BARNEY: That's Savannah's B Bot. And Noah's.
BARNEY: Um, Rich...
BARNEY: Wait! Where are you going?
BARNEY: Whoo hoo!
BARNEY: Wow. How low can a kid go?
BARNEY: Yeah, Gran.
Barney! (CHUCKLES) He made it.
Barney! Bro! Just for a year. Two max.
Barney! Hey! There he is!
Barney! Hey! You see?
BARNEY'S BOT: ♪ Dikky, dikky, dakka ♪
BARNEY'S BOT: I am Absalom's B Bot.
Because I do not want any more of my jewelry
Because if that was still out there,
Been eating too much electricity?
Best friends don't die on each other.
Bet your friends never had tripe soup before.
Bing bong belushi!
Book a party at a night club.
BOT 1: He is unaffected!
BOT 1: Look left, Ethan. Right. Now let us cross.
BOT 1: Sharing "It pooped me."
BOT 1: What is four fifths as a decimal?
BOT 1: You shall not pass.
BOT 2: Bubble Bot, Ron Bintscatsco...
BOT 2: Invincible one.
BOT 2: Kiss my Sith Lord butt!
BOT 2: What is the square root of nine?
BOT 2: You have nine new messages.
BOT 3: Rabbits, attack!
BOT 3: Space Lord.
BOT 3: You have ten likes.
BOT 4: Jack wants to friend you.
BOT 5: By Odin's beard, you have six messages.
BOT 7: Isaac accepts your friendship.
BOT: (CHUCKLES) A hundred and thirty eight friends
BOT: (SINGING) ♪ Dikky, dikky, dakka ♪
BOT: (SINGING) ♪ Dikky, dikky, dakka ♪
BOT: ♪ Dikky, dikky, dakka Dikky, dikky, dikky dakka ♪
BOT: ♪ Dikky, dikky, dakka Dikky, dikky, dikky... ♪
BOT: Alert Bubble. Alert Bubble. Alert Bubble.
BOT: All upgrades unlocked.
BOT: At least I'm not Uncle Boris.
BOT: Brains!
BOT: Bubble shares are crashing. Down 43%.
BOT: Dropping Savannah from this chat.
BOT: First selfie from the red planet?
BOT: Free upgrades for everyone!
BOT: Levelling up!
BOT: Message to anyone with a brain cell.
BOT: Pete's a fan of Danger Bunny!
BOT: Posting to your channel.
BOT: Safe to walk.
BOT: Shall we check your messages one more time?
BOT: Shall we check your messages one more time?
BOT: Sharing.
BOT: Simplify the expression:
BOT: That's funny, Rich.
BOT: Three people are following Science Squad.
BOT: To swap me for a good one.
BOT: Twelve year old boy. Grade two bronchospasm.
BOT: Two people are following Science Squad.
BOT: Where are we going?
BOT: You have two new messages.
BOTS: (SINGING) ♪ Number one or number two ♪
BOTS: (SINGING) ♪ We will, we will rock you ♪
BOTS: Unlock, unlock, unlock.
BOTS: Unlock.
BOY 1: Hey, you're a fan, too?
BOY 1: You dropped her from this chat, right?