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Actually I have chesterfield missouri on the other line
Are you there in a few more
Because I don't make a habit of just calling people to harass him
Because this is the first time I talk to you
Didn't county sheriff's office
From the newton county sheriff
Hang on just a minute while I sleep
I am not
I did not call you
I i'd advise you to stop calling these people or you'll have charges pressed against you
I promise
I swear
I'm not afraid to give my name
I've set in on about five other phone calls now where their phone rang and she answered it
It raining it ring into my nine one one phone
It's not me
Look lady you've called here to my place of business an are yelling at me
Miss kim you're still there
My name is miranda
Nine one one
No and I have mrs gilmore on the other line
No i'm talking to you mister gilmore
No ma'am I did not
So you're gonna tell me your name
This is the first time I talk to you
This is the newton county sheriff's department
Well these people have not been calling you I promise I have set in on their phone calls and their phone has the one been ringing
Well they didn't call you either
Where are you
Where are you
Who are you
Why are you why are you calling me people
Yes the newton county sheriff's office