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After him, barricade. Don't let him escape.
After that, Autobot smash him into scrap.
After them barricade.
After them.
All shall fall before the might of Starscream.
Are you giving me an order frenzy because it sounded suspiciously like 1.
At last blackout we have the data. We are one step closer to finding Megatron and the Allspark.
Attention all vehicles disturbance reported at Tranquility High School. Suspicious vehicles patrolling the area. Said to have no drivers. Go check it out. Most likely some punk kids having fun.
Attention all vehicles. Unmanned vehicles reported driving around near the baseball field.
Attention all vehicles. Unmanned vehicles reported driving around near the housing estate.
Autobot drones turn them into scrap metal.
Barricade proceed to the beacon for your mission objective.
Barricade. It seems we are not the only Transformers here. Go investigate.
Blackout advanced to the beacon to begin your mission objective.
Blow them out of the sky.
Come out, prime. If you hand over the Allspark, I might spare these creatures.
Crush that autobot. I want his mainframe in shreds.
Crushed the spark out of that scrap heap.
Crushed their defenses.
D1 ch1 obj5
Decepticons, this is your master Megatron. An Autobot is trying to escape with the Allspark. Catch him and crush him.
Delegate. Get to the beacon now.
Destroy that autobot.
Destroy those autobots.
Dispose of the Autobot trader.
Don't let any of the drones escape.
Don't let him escape.
Don't let them escape. If they reach their transmission point, it will be your spark parasite.
Eliminate the energy on drones.
Fall before me insects.
Faster, you fool.
Find something explosive to launch at these buildings.
Get over here and lend me some support.
Get these worthless flush bags out of my waist are square.
Get to the beacon and retrieve the old spark.
Give me the old spot tracker.
Guess I made their base and its defenses before they can call in reinforcements. Eliminate any who oppose you.
Hate me, Decepticon. Advance to your objective before I destroy you.
He must be in one of these buildings. Tear them to the ground.
He's heading for the junkyard now. Finish him off.
He's heading for the police station after him.
Head for that signal's point of origin.
Head for the beacon of light before I lose my patience.
Head for the police station and gather information as to the whereabouts of this Sam Witwicky.
Head to the beacon. That is where you should start your search.
Head to the power station and see if you can find frenzy.
Heroic words, Optimus. Fitting they should be your last.
I am going to start scanning for Megatron. You need to find the power stations and take them offline before we can free him.
I have detected communication arrays near your location, advanced to the beacon and deploy scorponok to take care of it.
I I'm. I don't know. It's rather like.
I need some support.
I will crush you and then lay waste to this insignificant world.
I will crush you like the bug you are.
If that auto body escapes, you're spark is forfeit.
Impressive technology. For a human.
Investigate the signal if an auto body is there and now with the privilege of dying by your hand.
Is this all the resistance that these feeble creatures can offer? Nothing so weak was meant to live.
Is this the best the Autobots have to offer? Then the war is already won.
It is time that the Autobots brought this battle and the all spark to us. Level the city. Destroy everything in your path. The Autobots will have no choice but to confront you.
It's good for your sake that you're as talented and certain. Destroy minion.
It's that auto trash. Bumblebee destroy him.
It's time to present yourself to the humans military base blackout. Show them a proper Decepticon. Welcome.
Keep searching only four terminals left.
Keep searching only one terminal left.
Keep searching only three terminals left.
Keep searching only two terminals left.
Leave no structure standing blackout.
Let me handle the Autobot, my Lord, continued your search for the Allspark.
Make for the rendezvous point. The sooner we can get Megatron and the Allspark the better.
Meet me at the following coordinates. I have an idea on how to draw out the Autobots.
None can resist the awesome power of Megatron.
None shall stand in my way.
Now that their defenses have been crushed, you can start the search for the data we desire. I've marked your objective location with a beacon. Advanced to it now.
Obliterate that junk pile.
Once I destroyed the humans and acquire the all spark, you'll witness the true meaning of terror.
Pick up the terminals and collect their data.
Quickly, you must reach the artifact before that junk bot does.
Retrieve Scorponok and prepare to leave the area.
Ridiculous fleshbags. What can you do against the might of Starscream?
Rip him to pieces. Claim the Allspark for your Lord Megatron.
Scorponok has reached the all spark. But he is encountering heavy Autobot resistance. Get to his location immediately.
Search the communication centers. We must acquire the rest of that data.
Show them what it means to cross the Decepticons.
Since this situation is clearly beyond your meager abilities, I'm on my way.
Starscream, get over here. I need back.
Start screaming. I've been pinned down.
Stop the Autobot, secure the Allspark.
Take out all the enemy air support to ensure we make a smooth retreat.
Take out those defenses.
Tear this place apart until you find that Decepticon.
That met Autobot.
The Allspark is emitting massive waves of energy on. Get to the beacon and the source of these waves.
The defences are down. Lord Megatron, it seems the time for your revenge against the humans is at hand. Decimate the dam.
The glory of destroying the traitor Prime will be mine.
The humans are trying to transmit a distress signal using mobile communication vehicles, hunt them down, hunt them down and destroy them all.
The information that frenzy holds is vital. Rip apart those buildings and find him.
The old spark is mine, Ironhide.
The old spark shall belong to the Decepticons.
The reinforcements have arrived. Destroy them so you can make your escape.
The terminals are in these buildings. Black out, smash them open and take what we came for.
The traitor Prime will pay with his spark.
Then you'd better hope you don't catch a stray missile from me, rust bucket.
There's no more hope for you on this world, traitor. It ends now.
There's too much firepower over here. I need air support.
They never knew what hit them.
This city, this entire world, will burn beneath my feet.
This human race is destined for extinction.
This planet is already mine.
This whole dam must burn.
Those humans cannot be allowed to send the transmission. Eliminate them, scorpinox.
Victory is mine. Death is yours.
We need to find a way, and there seems to be a structural weakness at the location. I've marked with a beacon, but keep your optics energized. We've picked up traces of Autobot in the area.
We'll need to deal with that junk pile later. Barricade Frenzy has certain information regarding the location of the Allspark, but he has been captured by a human force called Sector 7. Obtaining t...
What you need is half the width to avoid such a weak position.
Where are the Autobots to protect you now, fleshbags?
You barely stop me on Cybertron and you shall not stop me here.
You can't run forever, autobot.
You fool. It's an ambush. You're on your own Decepticon.
You fool. You must have triggered a stress signal from the complex. Human reinforcements are in route. Get to the beacon now.
You go look for the flesh rat. The pleasure of destroying Prime will be mine.
You will need to use heavy firepower to take down this walking trash dam. Search the area for something explosive.
You will never defeat us or robot. You are doomed to destruction.
Your pathetic love for this planet will be your undoing time.