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Richard Pryor Soundboard

Richard Pryor Soundboard

Pryor's body of work includes the concert films and recordings Richard Pryor Live & Smokin' (1971), That Nigger's Crazy (1974),...
See also: Rain Pryor, Richard Pryor (album), Richard Pryor: Live in Concert, The Richard Pryor Show, Richard Pryor: Here and Now, and Eddie Murphy.

Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
And she wouldn't eat in a restaurant. We go to rest. She look at the prices. She said, man, 54 steak, you can get a call for 9:50.
And the brother was hauling it, you know what I mean? And the dog got right up to him and the brother turned around, said.
Burnt toast and garlic and stuff. You know, like if you come to our house, you don't want you. She'll spit after you leave. You never come back no more.
Grandmother came out here. I took him to Vegas and stuff for the first time, and I gave my grandmother $100 chip to go gamble. She cashed it in.
Hey man, it was beautiful. Fraser shaved his head and it would have scared the average man, George said. That looks nice.
I didn't know I was cool, too. We had the Carver Center and everybody used to do act, you know, like on Saturdays to keep you from killing people.
Jim Brown was supposed to go with us. I called up Jim about 6:00 in the morning, said, hey, Jim can't talk now.
Nobody showed up, man. I called everybody. Didn't nobody show up.
Say whatever you want to do. Why? So you're just go see Miss Rudolph die now near the grocery store over there by Peace BBQ because I'm the first one seeing her doing.
Straight up in the land, the referee becomes 78910.
There was this dude, he was stealing and the police was all standing on the corner, right? And the police couldn't come by and let the dog out the car and say dinner and the dog took off.
Went fishing, caught a shark 8 foot long.