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Man with a Plan (2016) - Season 1

Man with a Plan (2016) - Season 1

"Man with a Plan" is a television sitcom that debuted in 2016. The show follows the life of Adam Burns, a happily married father of three who is suddenly thrust into the role of a stay-at-home dad when his wife, Andi, decides to return to work. As Adam navigates the challenges of being a full-time parent, he soon learns that taking care of the kids is anything but a walk in the park.

The lead role of Adam Burns is played by the talented Matt LeBlanc, who gained fame as Joey Tribbiani in the hit sitcom "Friends." LeBlanc brings his comedic timing and charisma to the character, making Adam a lovable and relatable protagonist. His performance is complemented by the versatile Liza Snyder, who portrays Adam's strong-willed and career-driven wife, Andi. Together, they depict a realistic portrayal of a modern-day couple juggling work and family dynamics.

The three Burns children are portrayed by Grace Kaufman, Matthew McCann, and Hala Finley. Kapufman plays the eldest daughter, Kate, who is often seen wrestling with the challenges of teenage life. McCann takes on the role of the middle child, Teddy, who often finds himself in amusing predicaments. Finally, Finley portrays Emme, the youngest of the Burns children, who is constantly in search of attention and adventure.

"Man with a Plan" is known for its hilarious and heartwarming moments as Adam tries to find his footing as a stay-at-home dad. The show skillfully balances family dynamics with witty dialogue, creating a relatable and enjoyable viewing experience. It explores the struggles and triumphs of parenthood, often highlighting the universal theme of the unconditional love parents have for their children.

Fans of "Man with a Plan" can watch the show online or may even have the option to download episodes for later viewing. The delightful soundtrack of the series captures the essence of its comedic moments, adding an extra layer of entertainment. With the ability to play and download these sounds, viewers can immerse themselves fully in the world of the show and enjoy its laughter-inducing moments at their convenience.

"Man with a Plan" premiered in 2016 and has since gained a dedicated following. Its success can be attributed to the talented ensemble cast, sharp writing, and relatable storylines. Whether you are a parent yourself or simply enjoy a good family-oriented sitcom, "Man with a Plan" is bound to keep you entertained with its comedic situations and heartfelt moments.

So, if you're in the mood for a lighthearted and humorous show that explores the ups and downs of parenting, "Man with a Plan" is definitely worth a watch. Get ready to laugh and fall in love with the Burns family's endearing antics. Play and download these sounds and immerse yourself in the heartwarming world of "Man with a Plan."

A '61 Triumph, just like the kind Steve McQueen had.
A And I also hope that this little misunderstanding
A And no trying anything for the first time.
A And not to walk on, just to look at.
A And the new information?
A And what about the baggage?
A and you don't have baggage with Andi.
A bar? That's worse than a ditch!
A boop
A boy flirted with Kate for the first time,
A brother waits a lifetime for something like this.
A bucket of water for the key chain would help.
A cheerleader from the other school
A couple beers, game on TV.
A couple carpools, couple play dates.
A couple more minutes.
A couple of times to scare the spiders.
A dirt bike.
A doll house!
A fake steering wheel in the backseat
A foot massage under false pretenses.
A full bag of hot dog buns
A Get Out of Jail Free card.
A giant container of wine corks. (gasps)
A gift basket? They're doing some amazing stuff
A golden egg.
A good, smokin' hot mother.
A gourd and pretends it...
A gut feeling that this kid is no good. I just need proof.
A Hawaiian night. Ooh
A holiday roll, man.
A librarian fall in love with me..
A little bit late this morning. No mustard on mine.
A little bit of that,
A little boring, yes, but at least you could be trusted.
A little free advice:
A little thank you for taking me to the game.
A little too empty.
A little too on the wall.
A little too quiet.
A little.
A lot happened tonight while you were gone.
A lot longer than you can.
A lot of housewives get like that.
A lot of really cool tools,
A nice apartment. Yeah.
A person can only buy so many nightgowns
A picture's not a bad idea.
A plan "B."
A pressing family situation I need to handle,
A punch in the nose
A puppet theater.
A seagull attacked me once
A slight exaggeration
A small table. Yeah.
A special lunch to celebrate.
A studio apartment is just one room.
A Supreme Court justice, or a...
A swimsuit model forever.
A teenager's phone is like their diary, right?
A tracking app, so we can turn it on
A turtle. Yay!
A very high stakes arm wrestle to my wife.
A Web site for these guys? Me.
A wife, a mother, a tender lover.
A wood chipper.
A, uh... you're a..
Aah! Okay. I knew you were gonna do that!
About a kale salad for dinner?
About Andi and that guy at work?
About Andi's friend, Bob?
About every little thing I ask him to do.
About everything
About feet. I got the title.
About how things work in my house, okay?
About how what you do affects me.
About real stuff, if you don't mind.
About something else. (laughs)
About the boys getting out of Lord of the Dance.
About their two week vacation to Hawaii.
About this blue pill?
About this game has been the truth?
About transferring her because you have to work too hard,
About Victor.
About where babies come from.
About you taking Andi to the Steelers game.
Above the waist and I can't believe I have to say this
Accidentally hooked her.
Accidentally shocked me...
Accidents happen.
According to my mother, that's how the wood knows he cares
Actually, I'm from Philadelphia.
Actually, it made me think.
Actually, it wasn't him, it was me.
Actually, uh, I didn't weave it,
ADAM and ANDI: Oh, ho, ho, ho.
Adam and I are gonna be talking about how wonderful this is
Adam Burns
Adam is trying to say is...
Adam made a people sized house all by himself
Adam sailed through high school.
Adam thinks he donated your wedding dress
Adam was just walking me to the door
Adam, he has to be stopped. I know
Adam, I don't know if you know this,
Adam, I don't like what happened between you and your father
Adam, I got this from my grandmother.
Adam, I threw out your singing fish.
Adam, it wasn't just one day.
Adam, let me talk to you for a minute in the kitchen
Adam, listen to me,
Adam, look, a baby
Adam, she's not answering.
Adam, she's not picking up.
Adam, this is not funny.
Adam, what did you do?
Adam, what happened to all the cookies
Adam, what's up?
Adam, why haven't you been going to the doctor?
Adam, you are being a moron for ignoring your health
Adam, you know I love Andi.
Adam, you're grasping at straws now.
ADAM: Exactly.
ADAM: Hey, Ma
ADAM: Hey, there's my Christmas elves.
ADAM: Hey.
ADAM: Hi. Hey.
ADAM: Katie!
ADAM: Lowell,
ADAM: Mm hmm
ADAM: Mm hmm
ADAM: No, no,
ADAM: Oh, I had
ADAM: Oh, uh, my parents, Bev and Joe.
ADAM: Oh. I love him
ADAM: Oh..
ADAM: Okay,
ADAM: Okay, Emme.
ADAM: Okay, I got my keys,
ADAM: Okay, so
ADAM: Okay.
ADAM: Okay.
ADAM: Yeah and when that little girl
ADAM: Yeah.
ADAM: Yeah. Yeah, and then by the time
ADAM: You didn't hang up, I can still hear you
Adam! Adam!
Adam! Adam!
Adam! Ah. Oh, here, here, here, here.
Adam. What are you doing here?
Adam's gonna kill me, but okay.
After all, I am the captain.
After Donny paved the way,
After that truck thing, I'll follow you anywhere.
After this three hour journey
After we punish her, I'm gonna make her show me how to do that,
After we talked this morning!
After you guys left,
After you hear what he has to say about his kid,
Ah, come on. Spill it.
Ah, guys like that never listen to me. Yeah.
Ah, I just need a signature on these release papers.
Ah, look at your wife.
Ah, she's had her time.
Ah, so you got my e mail.
Ah, Valentine's surprise number one.
Ah, well, when you live with them,
Ah, what's this?
Ah, you got it, Pops
Ah, you think so, huh?
Ah, you're a traditionalist.
Ah! The bat's out here!
Ah. Because secretly, I want a dirt bike.
Ah. My kid's in Teddy's class
Ah. Or...
Ah. They make sense now.
Ah... Slow down. Slow.
Aha! For real, this time.
Aliens probing your butt,
All access passes to the car show this weekend.
All aphrodisiacs
All he wants is to feel needed
All I got was this old notebook.
All I had to do was promise that neither of us
All I know is,
All I need is the other stuff.
All in favor?
All in the same sweater.
All kinds of crazy gifts.
All opposed?
All our Christmas Eve traditions down there, right?
All our other work for this job
All our real decorations are in the garage,
All right
All right, all right
All right, all right, all right, Lowell, let's speak freely.
All right, all right, so let me get this straight
All right, all right, that's it,