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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005) - Season 9

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005) - Season 9

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is not a movie, but a highly acclaimed and long-running television show. Season 9 of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia first aired in 2013, continuing the hilarious and outrageous adventures of the gang that frequents Paddy's Pub.

The show is known for its dark humor, irreverence, and unconventional storytelling. It revolves around a group of self-centered, morally bankrupt friends who run a dive bar in Philadelphia. The main characters include:

1. Charlie Kelly (Charlie Day) - He is the resident wild card of the group, often indulging in bizarre and nonsensical schemes.

2. Mac (Rob McElhenney) - Mac is the self-proclaimed "tough guy" of the gang. He is constantly striving to impress others, particularly women, and is known for his obsession with fitness.

3. Dennis Reynolds (Glenn Howerton) - Dennis sees himself as a ladies' man and often manipulates situations to his advantage. He is narcissistic and has a dark side lurking beneath his charming façade.

4. Dee Reynolds (Kaitlin Olson) - Dee, often referred to as "Sweet Dee," is Dennis's twin sister. She harbors dreams of becoming a famous actress but often finds herself as the target of ridicule by the gang.

5. Frank Reynolds (Danny DeVito) - Frank is the oldest member of the group and the father of Dee and Dennis. He is rich, morally corrupt, and known for his eccentric behavior.

Season 9 of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia sees the gang embark on a variety of absurd and outrageous adventures. From creating a bar in their apartment to becoming male strippers, they never fail to push the boundaries of decency.

One memorable episode in this season is "The Gang Tries Desperately to Win an Award." When the gang realizes they have gone unnoticed by the award committee for years, they resort to desperate measures to win an award, including staging a questionable musical.

Another standout episode is "Mac Day," where Mac demonstrates his unusual thought process by inventing his own holiday. The gang reluctantly indulges him, leading to hilariously disastrous consequences.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia tackles controversial subjects with wit and satire, often highlighting the absurdity of societal norms. The show has garnered a loyal fan base for its unapologetic approach to dark comedy.

If you're a fan of the show, you can enjoy and relive the sounds and music from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 9. Whether you want to listen to the catchy theme song or download the hilarious one-liners from the gang, you can find them all here.

So, buckle up and get ready for a wild ride as you join Charlie, Mac, Dennis, Dee, and Frank on their never-ending quest for self-gratification and hilarity in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 9.

Remember, you can play and download all the sounds and music associated with the show right here. Relive the unforgettable moments, laugh at the outrageous dialogue, and immerse yourself in the twisted world of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

A All of this, and it was you guys. You owe me a car.
A bird with no tits and no ass?
A business opportunity as rare as the albani berries themselves.
A chance, Dee. Okay, I get it.
A crammy handle bit. A crammy handle bit aye.
A fan club could really help further my career.
A few days ago, three thugs tried to mug me.
A fisherman always spots another fisherman from afar.
A giant cleanse.
A handsome man, but a very, very average if not
A HungerGames type scenario in there.
A little buoyancy in the harmonies.
A little little bump. He's fine. He's good, he's good, he's good, he's good
A million times. Guys, guys, how many times do
A pill that could make you seven times smarter.
A positive attitude. Now, with a lot of hard
A reading from the Holy Bible.
A sass mouth, huh? That's a red flag.
A scalding hot pizza is beyond me.
A show that takes place in... (jaunty music plays)
A simple pill..
A walnut. Now a normal size woman would
A week at a hotel runs you 20 grand.
A week? To kill a rat? Wh wh what kind of a genius rat
A woman said "vagina
Aah! Shit!
About that like ten minutes ago
About the ratio. We get too many black guys,
About time you guys got here.
About to see the results of a bold experiment in human
Absolutely. All right, man, great.
Actually, we won't.
Actually, we've got a surprise for you, Mac.
Afternoon I've already eaten
Again, this is complete gibberish.
Against an actual black belt.
Ah, ah, ah! Who slayed Achilles?
Ah, calm down.
Ah, I don't know, man. He looks weird.
Ah, I see. Do you? 'Cause I don't.
Ah, it appears they've left. Well, not to worry.
Ah, it'd be so nice. Would've meant a lot.
Ah, yes! ♪ 'Cause I just can't wait
Ah. Mmm.
Ah... What is happening?
Albert Covington's the name
All day. Because it's insanity.
All I'm saying is that Stephen Hawking is much more of a Lady
All in gangs or something! There's a lot of score settling
All of these people are actors.
All right,
All right, all right, all right, relax, relax.
All right, all right.
All right, basically a house of cards where the dickheads
All right, blokes, let's hit the showers, huh?
All right, but hold on a second, hold on a second.
All right, but this is about as masculine as it gets.
All right, calm down, calm down.
All right, can I go to
All right, come on. We gotta go get Charlie.
All right, Country Mac, let's do... Keep it going. Keep it going.
All right, dude, first things first. Let's get some beer, man.
All right, everyone, we have a new addition
All right, fine, let's play the game.
All right, Frank, where we at, my man?
All right, guys, load 'em in. Very nice.
All right, guys, this is really coming together. It's looking good.
All right, guys, will you stop, okay?
All right, have a nice day.
All right, Hwang, what if Frank gives you, like, half the rent now,
All right, I'll give you the money. But we do the movie my way.
All right, I'll tell you what we got to do
All right, I'm taking this guy out
All right, it looks like the hostages are
All right, it's us. Screw them, you know why?
All right, let's blast off. Engage thrusters, Captain.
All right, let's blast off. Engage thrusters, Captain.
All right, let's do it. That's good.
All right, let's get out of here.
All right, let's go grab a drink
All right, listen, listen to me.
All right, listen, listen, listen.
All right, listen, so, Ben...
All right, listen. I got an idea.
All right, look, just pay the man already.
All right, man.
All right, now, between Da'Maniac stealing our berries and these night vision goggles,
All right, on the sixth day,
All right, Pee Country Mac.
All right, people are starting to arrive.
All right, so we got Dee back, and I think we may have
All right, so you're gonna enjoy this part.
All right, that's a deal. That's a squashed beef. Frank, you.
All right, this... Yeah, it's not really the best
All right, well, I'm not gonna be the only one not
All right, well, somebody say something.
All right, well, that's it for me tonight.
All right, well, we'll we'll try to be a little bit more sensitive to that. I...
All right, what you got to do is round up a couple of suckers and get 'em hooked.
All right, you got got!
All right, you know what, I am out of here
All right, you know what, we'll play the game,
All right, you know what? Can you guys actually drop me
All right, you know, you can't drink beer and be
All right, you want to go back to my place, get some blankets, bundle up?
All right, you've been duped, suckers.
All right!
All right! Yeah!
All right? Is everybody amenable to that? Sound good?
All right? So I need you to stop all this right now.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. How are we gonna get this eye?
All right. Let's go, Charlie.
All right. Oh, my God!
All right. There you go. All right, now, I'm not really
All sales are final. Come on!
All these years I've been feeling like I hate karate.
All this time, I've been searching for the perfect guy to
All we've been doing is sitting here and drinking.
Alpacas can survive entire winters on this shit.
Already did
Always comes back covered in fecal matter, urine, and... racial slurs. Oh.
Always fall into?
Always will.
Am I excited?
An absolute disaster! These kids are all too violent.
An attack. Mm hmm.
An emerging market? Video stores are a dying market.
An extra day is added to Mac Day.
An extra treat for you. Mr. Covington, have you seen
An eye?
An orgasm. Not that he's ever had one.
And a little more time on you. Aw... Thanks. You're so sweet. Hmm.
And an uncontested black belt point is the most badass...
And and a sword? You just... you need to stay off
And and really, my my..
And as you can tell by our huge mansion, we're insanely loaded.
And be honest. Well, what do you think it
And beholdeth... the image of God.
And bring whatever guests you want, regardless of age or
And by the end of it, you're gonna feel a little bit closer to me,
And four extra seconds dedicated solely to the dong shot.
And Frank got that bad intel, so they went to his apartment,
And get in fights and do all those things.
And God made the firmament and divided the waters which were
And he said it's nothing but a bunch of people yelling over
And he shot out of here.
And here we are, Dee, at a gun show, huh?
And Hwang won't fix it until this guy pays the rent.
And I don't want you to find me a man.
And I guarantee we won't get sneezed on.
And I have been watching Tabatha Takes Over a lot, because it's
And I I don't fight in the ring anymore, but
And I just caught your last set.
And I quote once again from Genesis.
And I think they threw in a bunch of protein...
And I think you should, too. Don't be a victim.
And I want to be very clear about something.
And I want to propose something totally different: I would like
And I wasn't quite sure what you were going for.
And I'm a garbage man.
And I'm getting hot about it, too.
And I've had seven. So don't be a rat, okay?
And if anyone is caught complaining?
And if the Indians knew how to sign shit,
And if we did get an eye, how would we attach it to you?
And if you are gonna be a rat, get it right.
And ignore everything that this clown is saying.
And in the interest of safety, I'm gonna go ahead and
And it all starts with the berries.
And it turns out, he was totally queer.
And it was a good thing that I did, too, because I'll tell you what.
And it was so."
And it wasn't about apologizing to each other.
And it's about, you know,
And it's unrated. They were not able to rate it.
And let it divide the waters from the waters.'
And look at us now.
And Mac. Dee and I don't want to be together. No.
And not enough on the showmanship. You know, maybe we should work out a couple of
And not talk about dressing like army carnies?
And now that you don't care anymore, you're not gonna
And now we have to kill that shaman woman
And people like my client won't take it anymore.
And said that my kids wanted to see me?
And says, "Uh uh."
And she'll fight back and be happy again.
And since we've been feeding Armitage a cerebral enhancement
And stuff, you know?
And take the first steps toward obtaining financial freedom.
And that he has plenty of...
And that you guys wanted to be one big happy family again.
And that, coupled with his radical religious beliefs,
And that'll give me some time to continue my education in peace
And that's a great pun, dude. You used the pun right!
And that's... that's not necessarily...
And the combination with my readings is really leading me
And the earth was without form and void, and darkness was
And the fact that you can't understand that leads me to
And the sound effects out of absolutely nowhere, no setup.
And then I'm gonna bait this glue trap with some Brie cheese.
And then we brought you back from the dead.
And then we discovered the Invig...
And then you know what happens?
And then you're free and clear.
And then your brain goes.