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Adventure Time with Finn and Jake (2010) - Season 4

Adventure Time with Finn and Jake (2010) - Season 4

Adventure Time with Finn and Jake is an animated television show that aired in 2010, created by Pendleton Ward. This incredibly popular series has captured the hearts of viewers of all ages with its unique blend of humor, adventure, and heartwarming storytelling. Season 4 continues the whimsical journey of Finn the Human and Jake the Dog through the magical Land of Ooo, bringing even more excitement and laughter to the screen.

The main cast of Adventure Time with Finn and Jake includes Jeremy Shada as Finn the Human, a brave and enthusiastic boy filled with a sense of justice and a never-ending thirst for adventure. John DiMaggio voices Jake the Dog, Finn's loyal best friend who has the ability to stretch and shape-shift into various forms. These two characters form the heart and soul of the show, their friendship and bond serving as a driving force behind many of the episodes.

Additionally, the show features a wide array of vibrant and lovable characters that add depth and complexity to the storytelling. Hynden Walch voices Princess Bubblegum, the benevolent ruler of the Candy Kingdom, and Olivia Olson lends her voice to Marceline the Vampire Queen, a complex and musical character who becomes a close friend to Finn and Jake. Tom Kenny voices the mischievous Ice King, who often serves as a comical antagonist, while Niki Yang portrays BMO, a sentient video game console with a quirky personality.

Throughout Season 4, viewers are taken on a series of thrilling, fun-filled adventures that explore the vast and enchanted world of Ooo. From battling evil creatures and exploring hidden dungeons to facing personal challenges and navigating complex relationships, Finn and Jake's journey is always packed with excitement and life lessons.

Notable episodes from Season 4 include "Goliad," where the ethics of ruling and the dangers of absolute power are explored when Princess Bubblegum creates an heir to her throne. "I Remember You" delves into Marceline's past and her complicated relationship with the Ice King, offering a poignant and emotional storyline intertwined with catchy songs. "Princess Cookie" introduces a cookie who takes control of the Candy Kingdom, causing chaos and hilarity.

One of the standout episodes from this season is "The Lich," which masterfully combines suspense, fantasy, and deep character development. The episode follows Finn and Jake as they face off against the Lich, an ancient and powerful evil being. In this gripping installment, the duo must confront their fears and make difficult choices, ultimately revealing the strength of their bond and the power of hope.

Adventure Time with Finn and Jake is known for its clever writing, imaginative world-building, and its ability to tackle complex themes while maintaining a lighthearted and humorous tone. The show delves into topics such as friendship, acceptance, and the importance of personal growth, making it a relatable and engaging experience for viewers of all ages.

If you're an Adventure Time fan or simply curious about the incredible sounds that accompany the show, you can play and download these sounds here. Immerse yourself in the whimsical melodies and enchanting tunes that bring the Land of Ooo to life. From the catchy opening theme song to the atmospheric background music, Adventure Time's soundtrack is a delightful addition to the show's overall charm.

Adventure Time with Finn and Jake (2010) - Season 4 is a true gem in the world of animated television. With its stellar cast, compelling storytelling, and imaginative world-building, it continues to captivate audiences and inspire a sense of wonder. So join Finn and Jake on their epic escapades, and get ready for a journey that will make you laugh, cry, and believe in the power of friendship.

A falling star.
A Martian transporter.
Aaand this stuff.
Acting like a jerk for 200 years.
Actually, my Ancient Scholar's been studying
Ah, it's gross!
Ain't nobody gonna pardon these crimes on my head
All right, Jake. Prepare for my ultimo attack!
ALL: Arise.
ALL: Hey, what? Where did they go?
ALL: Ready.
All... right.
And activate my legion of ear lings
And Ancient Scholar defeat your Husker Knights?
And get the game over with!
And help Finn find his precious sock!
And I also move my pig to the Cave of Solitude
And I knew just the lady who could lead me to him.
And I still have my battle phase.
And I think it would mess him up if I wasn't around.
And I'm the cool guy.
And Lorraine skedaddled with the loot.
And once he's dead,
And once he's dead,
And pick up a new one first.
And since I'm not actually attacking,
And snatched the treasure. [ meows ]
And that someone would miss you?
And the five winds waft the smell of victory
And the winner is a cool guy?
And then it won't be empty!
And then you'll hate the game. And then you'll hate me!
And then, and then
And think stuff about people.
And we all got so thirsty, we drank it?
And what about that one time
And when we drank it, we went bald?
And why would Lorraine finger Bebe?
And why would Lorraine finger Bebe?
And your soul will meet with death.
And, I'm casting Cerebral Blood Storm.
Are you all right?
Are you guys talking to me?
As we gathered to hold hands and sing our community song,
Aw, man!
Bang, bang! Pyoo! Pyoo! Pyoo!
Bebe doesn't know anything about Finn's sock.
Bebe owned Bebe is, a dance club downtown.
Bebe stole the sock! Okay?
Bebe's dead?
Beemo chop!
Beemo! Beemo!
Beemo! Jake's acting boonoonoonoos!
Before that night you spent on Olympus Mons with Margles.
Black mold...
BMO: It' looked like a tough case to crack,
BMO: Let me out, you!
But also, you could put something in the box.
But BMO solved the case!
But Grod's pretty good at drawing, so...
But I had no other leads.
But I just couldn't shake the feeling that, somehow,
But I still totally want to play it.
But I'm a Card Wars super Amadeus.
But if you don't know the rules,
But it's broken. Hasn't worked in 200 years.
But Lorraine Chicken set him up to kill Bebe.
But maybe it would have been more fun with two socks.
But my new prison is shame.
But now my sensors indicate
But the flatfoots busted Ronnie,
But, well... oh, it's kinda stupid.
But... I hate to see good friends fight.
But... it has to work.
By which I judge my peers.
Calm down, big guy.
Can't you just forget about it?
Check the pantry.
Citizens of Mars,
Coffee grounds, beetle butter,
Come on, Bebe. Let's get you cleaned up.
Come on, Bebe. Let's get you cleaned up.
Cornfields are awesome!
Cornfields give the immortal maize walker triple damage.
Dark off, please.
Did it work? Is he gone?
Does that make you feel better?
Does this mean you still remember... us?
Doesn't matter. Let's just play.
Don't be afraid.
Don't count on it, Lorraine.
Don't play dumb with me.
Don't play dumb, Bebe.
Don't worry, buddy. You're off the hook.
Dream on, honey.
Eat my skids!
Everybody stop what you're doing
Everyone is welcome to share this magic kingdom
Ewww! Ew!!
Except ohh I would really miss my best friend.
Except I don't!
Except me, you, and Ronnie.
Face it, man. I'm the cool guy.
Finn, you must take a dive.
FINN: Jake?
FINN: Magic Man!
FINN: Why don't you just help me find my sock?
FINN: Yeah, what's the deal? This place is wrecked.
Finn! Finn! I know where your sock is.
First of all, you don't floop a creature to make it fight.
First, I'll play Reclaim Landscape.
Flowing through me like moonlight
Fly me there and help me save him!
For Jake.
For the glory of Jakoria!
For the gloryyyy!
For us on Mars.
Forget the sock, BMO. The case is closed.
Forgetting ain't in my job description.
Geez. What?
Get back here with that treasure, Lorraine!
Glob, can you see Magic Man on the sensor?
Go! Get out of here, tiny manticore!
Good. 'Cause I would be so jealous.
G**** jelly, kimchi,
Ha ha ha! The pig is mine!
Ha ha ha. Take that, Master Chen.
Ha ha. Same old Lorraine.
Ha! Then the seas have aligned
Ha! You think it was Ronnie?
Have you seen any down here?
He had to whack Bebe to keep him from squealing.
He is here somewhere, my brothers.
He said, "my new prison is shame."
He yells at ladies.
He's eating all my cornfields!
Heh. You got me.
Hello, Ronnie.
Hey, BMO. Wake up, buddy.
Hey, friend.
Hey, it's not that bad! I like it!
Hey, Jake. What's wrong?
Hey, were you asleep?
Hey! I'm alive!
Hey! You're ruining that pop with weird taste!
Hide our loss behind groovy headgear.
Hiding from sincere expressions
Hiding in the useless swamp, the Immortal Maize Walker!
His name is Finn.
Hmm. Ah.
Hmm. No!
Hmm. Then I floop the pig..
Hmm. What about the sock?
Hmm. What will you give me for him?
Hmph! Maybe on! '
Holy crepes.
Hominy hominy hominy!
How about the loser...
How come you never talked about it before?
How do I do it?
How do you know it was Finn's sock?
How is Lorraine?
How long have you had this house?
How? You don't have any creatures that can touch him.
Huh duh?!
Huh. Oh, yeah. Cool.
I activate my ancient scholar to begin studying.
I activate the pig
I always beat her.
I am the true coward.
I can probably barely float.
I cannot lose my brother, as well.
I cast "Field of Nightmares"
I didn't do nothing. Leave me alone!
I didn't listen to that cop.
I do not play such games...
I don't care none for that mess!
I don't know nothin' 'bout socks!
I don't know what you're talking about, BMO.
I don't know, man.
I don't know, man. I don't know.
I don't know! Have you seen my trash palace?
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't really get it.
I feel like I got hit with a Dracula by King Kong.
I fell right into his trap.
I floop the Pig
I floop the Silo of Truth!
I floop the volcano.
I got to take what's coming to me.
I heard it on the TV news.