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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A and a big fan of black judges,
A distraction, because I wanted to get into this hill
A double black diamond? I wish it was a triple black.
A gift?
A goddamn laxative, Charlie! You just pooped your pants!
A huge part of my life moving forward!
A little hair of the dog that bit you?
A member from each team
A roommate? N n n... no, no.
Actually, four with me, so, four way
After I had already invented this.
Against the ship sinking?
Ah, Dennis, I know what's happening.
Ah, he used to be big. No. Yeah, no
Ah, thanks, Charlie.
All I need are the facts to this case.
All right, here, sit down for a second. Okay.
All right, let's pull him.
All right, now go limber up, and I'll I'll meet you at the chair.
All right, now, listen up, guys.
All right, so how about this?
All right, well, what do we do with this piece of shit?
All right, you know, Right, yeah
All right. Okay. Yeah, yeah
All we ask is that you try to keep an open mind.
All we have to do is exist here for the next couple weeks,
Also you're going bald. I'm going bald?!
And animals.
And different enough legally
And don't break 'em, bitch. What is this,
And he's just gonna write it to us.
And how many times do I have to ask you guys
And how was your day?
And I had him in the trunk of the car, on account of I didn't want to sit with him
And it will last for as long or as short as I please
And my research shows
And right down here below deck
And the cat food was there, I'd eat it. And if you were sleepy...
And then he lured them into a cave somewhere,
And then, you know, you guys drag me to this,
And they all just took their tits out. Yeah, I'm gonna keep mine in,
And this is trash? I mean, who's to say, really?
And this time, hey, no guilt.
And three:
And threw your big fake hand at me.
And we're on our way to be judged
And when I got back,
And you were upset at the wedding
And you're gonna play some games now?
And you're gonna torture him
Ango Gablogian, the art collector.
Another way to get some money
Are a little worked up about never having won the game. Ever.
Are the plaintiffs present?
Are we animals?
Are we gonna get in trouble because of this accident?
Are you all right, man?
Are you kidding me? That was my whole idea
Are you okay?!
Are you ready, Charles?
Are you ready? Yeah.
As long as everybody remains calm
Attention, everybody
Aw, shit. I need a ride.
Awesome! Yes! Oh, badass!
Awesome. Yeah.
Back... back up. Sorry.
Because they were all still drugged
Before I kick your ass and throw you in that trunk
Before tomorrow's big race. On a side note,
Between van Gogh and Van Damme,
Bill Ponderosa,
Bird theory, it's gonna blow the court away. I I...
Birds don't drink milk.
Black broad from the precinct
Boy, it sure is a hot one, huh?
Braised with lardons and mushrooms.
Buddy, you don't have a case, okay?
But hey, you know what? Here's an idea
But I can't escape you!
But I I don't get it, you know what I mean?
But I think I got everything I need
But it turns out it's actually really complicated,
But it's fake, it's not..
But now with these gay Christians,
But only one thing's for sure:
But that that got us a little too riled up.
But then it seemed like you like it.
But we're dead, and we're in hell.
But you didn't actually see him do it, did you?
But you would have I'm certain of it
But, hey, if it makes you feel any better,
But, remember, I want you to have fun.
Bye, bye, birdie.
Charlie, Charlie, let me have the gun
Charlie's gonna be the first mate
Come on in
Come on, Charlie!
Come on, man
Come on, man, everybody's got a thing. Don't leave me out.
Come on, man.
Con: Charlie's right, the ship is probably not moving
Cop? No, I'm an insurance adjustor.
D Dee, what was that?
D Did you overcook this?
Daddy. Yeah
Dee, can we watch something else?
Dennis, Dennis, Dennis, Dennis, Dennis...
Dennis, I always thought you'd be the one to move out in front.
DENNIS: Keep the line clear, you idiot. Over
Didn't the bailiff ask everyone to remove their hats?
Didn't think any of us would be standing
Dis is shit. Dis is not good
Do we? Yeah, yeah,
Do you have an onion in your pocket right now? No
Do you have any more alcohol on you?
Do you not eat the cat food?
Do you want to jump in with me in the hot tub now?
Don't answer that. Because I already know.
Don't fight, come on.
Don't get how spying on naked, unaware women
Don't let him drink our torpedo juice!
Don't say it's Romo. Of course it's Romo!
Don't touch me! Oh, shit, dude, I'm sorry.
Don't worry about it
Dude, get my car before the guard comes back!
Dude, he's talking about that gay bar
Dude, that's, like, a whole other thing. That's two things
Eat some snow, and just...
Eggs, you know? Like, uh... from a chicken.
Eh, eh. Eh
Eh, it's nothing just a little scratch.
Everybody get your tits out!
Everybody's gotta stay informed
Everyone keeps saying, "We're on the mountain,"
Everything's gonna be all right
Everything's gonna be okay. Everything's going to be okay.
Excuse me.
Factually accurate
Family man.
For me to understand the game
For some reason, the rules are just different on the mountain.
For the Haiti disaster
For the love of God
For various sins that we committed
Frank brought strippers back to my place,
Frank, what? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
FRANK: Come on, think of something cool to say.
FRANK: Oh, where am I? Oh
FRANK: Think of something.
Frank? (choking) (laughing)
Franklin, thank you for coming.
Frightening experience, and you're scaring them
From being gay
From Guys and Dolls.
From our usual bullshit?
Gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah, gah...
Gather round, please
Gentlemen... suck my dick
Gets caught cheating. Yeah, yeah, we have to be able
Give me that gun! You got too much to live for!
Given the implications of being on a boat.
Go ahead, Dee
Go Birds!
Go! Go! Hey, get out of here!
God damn it.
Goddamn it, Dutch!
Goddamn it!
Goddamn it. Son of a bitch.
Goddamn, this ship is the tits!
Good, well, then maybe everything's gonna be okay.
Guys, come on, come on! It was a misunderstanding!
Guys, guys, guys, don't fight
Guys, let's just...
Guys, we are gonna have an imaginary meal. Mmm
Hang in there, man. I know, but..
Has a history of violence.
Has become abundantly clear to me today
Has ever woken up in the morning with more crack.
Have fun. That's what it's all about. Yeah, like those '80s movies
He ain't lying
He cooked for you, and he cleaned for you
He could have drank the milk that Bill spiked,
He did? Yes!
He did?! Yes.
He doesn't normally say "hella."
He hadn't been invited to the wedding, on account of the beef with Liam
He he probably sent that storm because I keep failing him.
He knows the plan. All right, good.
He would be regarded as a scoundrel. No, no, no.
He's a nice guy; he doesn't have
He's got an onion there! Aw, I knew it!
He's pulling all the strings.
He's ready. "Lights on," he said. "Lights on." Okay.
He's the best lawyer you can afford.
Hello, Frank. Artie.
Hello. What is...?
Here you go.
Hey, can you let me go now?
Hey, hey, hey!
Hey, Wally
Hey! What are you doing?
Hey. Okay. Cool.
His name's not "black man." His name's "old man
Hit it! Hit it! Hit it! Whoa!
Hitting you in the chest so hard
Holy shit! Holy shit, that is steep.
Honestly, I just feel like...
Hot one today, huh?
How are you a lawyer, Jack? I...
How did we get in the brig in the first place?
How did you get that so fast?
How to experience our business properly,
How's life?
How's that sound? Yeah? Take some photographs
I agree. But first, I got to take the cross off Oh, yeah
I am trying to prove that this is all bullshit,
I call it Mac's famous mac and cheese
I called it my famous mac and cheese as as a joke
I can do... Ready, get set, go.
I can see that.
I can't cash this check.
I condition it hot,