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Modern Family (2009) - Season 4

Modern Family (2009) - Season 4

Modern Family is not a movie or a song; it is a critically acclaimed television show that premiered in 2009 and ran for 11 seasons. Season 4 of Modern Family aired from September 2012 to May 2013 and continued to captivate audiences with its hilarious and heartwarming storylines.

The cast of Modern Family features an ensemble of incredibly talented actors who bring the show's diverse set of characters to life. The main cast includes:

- Ed O'Neill as Jay Pritchett: Jay is the patriarch of the Pritchett family, which the show revolves around. He is a wealthy businessman with a big heart, navigating the challenges of being a stepfather and husband.

- Sofia Vergara as Gloria Pritchett: Gloria is Jay's young Colombian wife who brings passion and humor to the show. She is fiercely protective of her family and known for her vivacious personality.

- Julie Bowen as Claire Dunphy: Claire is Jay's daughter and a dedicated stay-at-home mother of three. She is often portrayed as the perfectionist mom, always striving to keep everything in order.

- Ty Burrell as Phil Dunphy: Phil is Claire's husband, a quirky real estate agent who tries to be the cool dad and friend. His comedic timing and awkward moments make him one of the fan favorites.

- Jesse Tyler Ferguson as Mitchell Pritchett: Mitchell is Jay's son, a reserved and intelligent lawyer. He is in a long-term relationship with Cameron and together they have an adopted daughter, Lily.

- Eric Stonestreet as Cameron Tucker: Cameron is Mitchell's outgoing and flamboyant partner. He teaches music and stands out with his larger-than-life personality and heartfelt moments.

- Sarah Hyland as Haley Dunphy: Haley is the oldest Dunphy child, known for her fashion-forward style and slightly ditzy personality. She provides comedic moments through her romantic endeavors and career choices.

- Ariel Winter as Alex Dunphy: Alex is the middle Dunphy child and a child prodigy. She is highly intelligent, socially awkward, and often seen as the voice of reason within the family.

- Nolan Gould as Luke Dunphy: Luke is the youngest Dunphy child, often portrayed as the family goofball. He brings a youthful and mischievous energy to the show.

Season 4 of Modern Family continued to explore the dynamics between the three families, each facing their own set of challenges and humorous situations. The show's humor comes from the everyday struggles and mishaps that the characters experience while maintaining strong bonds and unconditional love for one another.

Throughout the season, viewers witnessed Jay and Gloria preparing for the arrival of their first baby together, leading to hilarious moments and heartwarming scenes. Meanwhile, Claire and Phil continued to navigate their roles as parents to three teenagers, with Claire struggling to let go and Phil desperately trying to stay connected with their children.

Mitchell and Cameron faced their own ups and downs as they balanced their careers and parenting responsibilities. The season featured their journey to expand their family as they explored the option of having another child.

The Dunphy children, Haley, Alex, and Luke, continued to grow and face new challenges in their personal lives. Haley embarked on a budding career while navigating multiple romantic relationships, Alex struggled with finding her place in high school, and Luke brought his signature humor to every situation he encountered.

With its clever writing, relatable characters, and hilarious one-liners, Modern Family season 4 captured the hearts of audiences around the globe. The show continued to tackle relevant social issues and provide an honest portrayal of the intricacies of modern-day family life.

If you are a fan of Modern Family or want to relive the hilarious and heartwarming moments of the show, you can download and enjoy the sounds of the series here. With its incredible ensemble cast and witty storytelling, Modern Family remains a beloved modern classic that will continue to entertain audiences for years to come.

A "jeanius." Spelled like "jeans."
A barn. The ladies with the fruit on the head.
A big one! Ha, ha!
A boat show model? A stripper?
A book club or a Miss America pageant?
A boy his age should do exactly zero primping.
A bunch of us on the Frisbee golf team got a case of Zima.
A classic Rolls Corniche.
A complete blank.
A couple of new hairs under his arm,
A couple of things.
A couple of weeks ago, I had a minor heart incident. I am fine.
A couple times.
A crappy old lighter is not a sucky gift.
A crayon scrunched up under your nose makes a good pretend mustache."
A dancer for money. She'll do what you want her to
A decision, by the way,
A girl could do a lot worse.
A guy walks into No.
A hardbound collection of all the life lessons I've learned,
A hundred bucks! We did it!
A kitten? If I can't have a brother,
A lex Dunphy. Last year, I got two one dayers big mistake.
A little bit of that? Yeah. No. Little bit of No.
A loser behaves. ...a loser behaves.
A lot harder than your so called singing.
A lot of great works of contemporary art...
A lot of interesting stories in the closet biz.
A pawn and a king
A person we look up to,
A person who is generous of spirit
A presence has just entered the room.
A qualified buyer. Okay, don't be silly.
A re yo u s till there?
A real force of nature,
A real live therapy session can be.
A recovery room.
A robot! I like a robot.
A sensitive topic.
A spa day. Ohh!
A starving child, an abused child.
A surprise that's gonna blow your mind.
A Taiwanese symbol of good financial fortune.
A thief, Lily.
A threesome, if you will. Oh.
A trait normal parents would value.
A tree. Yes. How did you know that?
A typewriter?
A week ago, that was all junk.
A whole day's pay to see Basic instinct.
A world without houses? That's cray cray.
Aaah! My glove. Where are you?
Aaah! Where are you?
Aah aah!
Aah! Little too high for you, huh?
Aaugh! I'm such a blockhead.
Abandon their defenses
Abandon their defenses
About maintaining a home,
About the grocery list?
About this job Mm hmm?
About traditional masculinity anymore.
About what a teat sucking layabout I am?
About what he wants to do for his 65th birthday,
About what we're gonna wear tonight,
About who her mom was.
Absolutely not.
Absolutely. I think we would all be better off...
Absolutely. It's not rocket science.
Absolutely. Just have a really great time. Vamos, mami. Vamos.
Absolutely. Okay.
Accidentally. I fell on him.
Aces and eights.
Act until you're William Hurt."
Actually makes some sense.
Actually, already taken care of.
Actually, Dede and I were just talking.
Actually, I have no defense.
Actually, I think I laid out the reasons pretty clearly.
Actually, I'd like to see your face.
Actually, it went a little better than it did in rehearsal, to be honest,
Actually, it's good that you called.
Actually, it's kind of perfect.
Actually, there is another way.
Actually, we need to go hang out with our family for a while.
Actually, we're just trying to teach our daughter about your country.
Actually, yes. Just yes.
After a few weeks, you got bored with him and then you dumped him.
After a while, you're just playing against yourself.
After her dead husband or his father before him.
After Keneally's done telling us about his morning commute.
After my mom threw me out for her new boyfriend,
After that, we swap our earplugs for some earmuffs,
After weeks of rehearsing,
Again, I apologize.
Against some truly awful diseases.
Ah ah ah ah ah! Still Daddy's turn.
Ah, geez.
Ah, hey! Hey!
Ah, I hate garage sales. Bunch of shady characters going through my stuff.
Ah, no. It's 110%, buddy. That's impossible.
Ah, perdón. ¿ Quién esel otro hombre más herm oso de esta casa?
Ah, that again? Look, let's just spray him with the fire hose.
Ah, that's that's that's Ooh! Ow.
Ah, the eggs. Okay.
Ah, what am I gonna say you couldn't forgive me? There are things, Jay.
Ah, when you wear the right pants. Please, sit down.
Ah, who cares? Everybody's got their problems.
Ah, you're gonna do whatever you want. Why do I bother?
Ah, you're gonna do whatever you want. Why do I bother?
Ah! Here it is.
Ah! La, la, la, la, la, la!
Ah! Oh, no, I got it right!
Ah! Ow!
Ah! Score.
Ah. And you took me by the hand and you led me into the bedroom.
Ah. I'm doing okay. A little trouble sleeping.
Ah. Is it a medium roast or
Ah. Oh, thank you.
Ah. Phil, no.
Ah. Should've quit after "nipple."
Ah. Wow.
Alan's dad!
Albert, Lisa, Steph and Mike
Alex is going through something right now. I wish I could figure that out.
Alex wins things, which is great.
Alex, book down, run a brush through your hair.
Alex, come say hi to your sister!
Alex, don't fight with her. She might have a shiv.
Alex, give it back to your bro
Alex, honey, that's a cute sweater.
Alex, honey! Amazing! Why didn't you tell us? Oh, I don't know.
Alex, I'm so sorry.
Alex, kitchen and vacuum. Luke, you're cleaning the bathroom.
Alex, what are you doing here?
Alex, what are you doing? I need to document Haley's first day on the chain gang.
Alex, what have I told you about staying out past your curfew?
Alex! Alex, come back here.
Alex? You don't have to go on that trip with Nicole.
All boys. All sports. All day.
All clear.
All I can think about are the good times I had with Mom.
All I could think about was Daliya.
All I'm saying is you gotta pull back a little.
All I'm saying is, I hope to God you don't have your mother's singing voice.
All Manny talks about is how he's got the world's greatest mom.
All of which obviously violate our school's code of conduct.
All right, all right. Where Where should we try next?
All right, before you get upset,
All right, Cam, let's hear it. What's the plan?
All right, Cam. Cam, you're obviously upset.
All right, everybody over here.
All right, gentlemen. Almost midnight.
All right, guys, that's it. Pack it up!
All right, how about this? You plead guilty, and I'll waive the fine...
All right, I got some bad news here.
All right, I'm gonna take this around back,
All right, I'm pulling this thing over.
All right, it's not too late for plan C.
All right, kids. That's gonna be 18.50.
All right, ladies. All right.
All right, look. I'll pick you up at 5:00. Knock yourself out.
All right, Mitch. It's showtime.
All right, pal. Come down from the tree.
All right, ready? Nice and easy.
All right, sweetie, you have a good day.
All right, the
All right, the tooth fairy has made a mistake.
All right, what's with all the jokes?
All right, young ladies and gentlemen.
All right! All right! All right, class dismissed. Get out of here!
All right! Let's do it!
All right? Any event, day or night.
All right.
All right. And we're we're all really lucky to know him. Cheers.
All right. But just for a second, all right?
All right. Bye!
All right. Close your eyes. Why?
All right. Come on. Grab one.
All right. Everybody listen up.
All right. Here we go. How's this? That's not the kind we get.
All right. Here we've got the deli platter,
All right. How does this look?
All right. I'll do it for a minute. Sure. Great.
All right. I'm leaving without ya.
All right. Just hit "send."
All right. Let's go before this wears off.
All right. Listen. Let's just calm down.
All right. Maybe it's not the most exciting career in the world, but it pays the bills.
All right. Mmm!
All right. So first a little history
All right. Sorry, sweetheart.
All right. Take a whiff.
All right. Uh, well, can I help you carry it to your car?
All right. We'll up the offer.
All right. We're done here.
All right. What are we, three strokes down now?
All right. Whoever made our son cry has messed with the wrong moms.
All right. Why is she smiling at me like that?
All right. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's right. Relax.
All the man in our family wear this.
All the other girls, for the talent,
All the screaming and bullying.
All the teachers look at me...
All this because I suggested some FroYo?
All three? What happened? I got you carbon fiber.
All vegetarian, of course.
All you can do is wait for that faint signal...
All you have to do is post bail, and she's all yours.
All you've done today is have fun while I did all the work.