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Curb Your Enthusiasm (2000) - Season 5

Curb Your Enthusiasm (2000) - Season 5

Curb Your Enthusiasm is a popular television show that premiered in the year 2000. Created by and starring Larry David, the show is known for its unique blend of humor, satire, and improvisational style. Season 5 of Curb Your Enthusiasm takes viewers on yet another hilarious and cringeworthy journey through Larry David's life.

The cast list for Season 5 of Curb Your Enthusiasm includes Larry David as himself, Cheryl Hines as Larry's wife Cheryl, Jeff Garlin as Larry's manager Jeff, and Susie Essman as Jeff's wife Susie. The show also features recurring guest appearances by various celebrities who play themselves, adding an extra layer of realism to the comedy.

In this season, Larry David finds himself in a myriad of awkward situations, usually resulting from his own well-intentioned but often misguided actions. From social faux pas to bizarre misunderstandings, Larry's life is a constant source of comedic chaos. Whether he is accidentally offending others, getting entangled in misunderstandings, or simply expressing his unfiltered thoughts, Larry's lack of a filter leads to countless hilarious moments.

One notable episode from Season 5 is "The Therapists". In this episode, Larry and Cheryl decide to see the same marriage counselor separately. However, things take an unexpected turn when Larry discovers that his therapist has been sharing their confidential conversations with Cheryl. This leads to a series of misunderstandings, confrontations, and of course, comedic confrontations.

Another standout episode from this season is "The Smoking Jacket". In this episode, Larry becomes obsessed with acquiring a valuable smoking jacket that once belonged to the legendary comedian, Bob Einstein. The jacket becomes a coveted item among Larry's friends, leading to a hilarious competition to see who will be the lucky owner of the iconic garment.

Season 5 of Curb Your Enthusiasm also tackles various social issues and cultural norms in its trademark satirical style. From mocking the obsession with political correctness to lampooning societal norms, the show fearlessly explores the absurdities of modern life.

If you're a fan of Curb Your Enthusiasm, you can play and download the sounds from Season 5 by visiting our website. Relive the laughter and cringe-worthy moments from this iconic season whenever you want.

With its unique blend of improvisation, satire, and irreverence, Curb Your Enthusiasm continues to entertain and captivate audiences. Season 5 showcases the witty writing and brilliant performances that make this show a true comedic gem.

So, grab your popcorn and settle in for a hilarious and sometimes uncomfortable ride with Larry David as he navigates his way through Season 5 of Curb Your Enthusiasm. And remember, you can play and download these sounds here, so you never have to miss a moment of the laughter!

and got the matzah
How come you went back, Stevie? Stop it!
That's right. Let me ask you a question, Stevie
Has been stealing your newspaper? No
Close your eyes. Don't look
All right, would you do that for me? Sure
Any day
In what way? He's got a good personality
Oh, there's somebody right now
Nothing, nothing. Totally free
Listen, anytime, anytime
Come here. Come here. Look at this
And you shoot yourself swinging and then analyze your swing frame by frame
Oh, come on. Nobody could help me. People have tried before
Yeah. Yeah
I should have taken one of those carts, you know, but..
Well, if **** don't have any place to go for seder,
He moved back in with her a week ago
It seems like a lot of trouble you people go through for this
And then you write it and you put it on the TV
I was out to dinner with one
You know what? I love that show
Seriously? Get out of here. Yeah yeah yeah, seriously
( Coin jangling )
I'm finished. Come on, we have time for one more
Yeah, I gave your father a check for the car, $1500
Cheryl: Larry, come on
Oh, what happened with Oscar? Nothing. Forget that
I don't give a shit
perhaps you heard? Yes, I have
Girl: Six years. Susie: Six years? Difficult
Honestly, I felt sorry for him
Susie: But I wasn't attracted to him from the band
Girl: Like what songs? Um, "gefilte fish blues"..
'Cause I like you. Okay, okay, I'm sorry
Isn't she? Isn't she some cook? How did you two meet?
I don't wanna give him my own kidney
Okay. Bye
I'm nuts? You don't want it anymore?
You know what would really cinch it?
The one who ruined my jacket? That Marla?
Whoa, whoa, whoa... Shh
There's so many times when the Yankees were playing in anaheim
When? You're kidding me?
And I got so worked up I lost control of my car
You gave me my money. I can do with that money what I please
Jeff: All right, good. Let's get out of here. Come on
Oy, perfect
This is sung; Cheryl, susie, Oscar
Boy, what are you feeding this animal? What you mean?
Drives a gold Cadillac
They're getting three and a half points
You don't have an illness either..
I think you know what kind of person would do that, Mr. David
I think you've been waiting for this man to die
What's going on?
Are you sure? It it did its job, truly
Eh, oh... okay
Excuse me
Oh. Hi, doctor
To bring the coat
Who've been labeled with "small penis
Where did you get that jacket?
Big vagina?! Gigantic vagina!
Cheryl: That's so exciting. Mark: Oh, thank you
Uh, we have an announcement. Marla: Yeah
I'm cold. I'm gonna get my jacket
I'm just saying it's idiotic what you're doing
I'm Lisa, his nurse. Oh, I'm Larry
Mark: Aw, come on... They're toasting
Cheryl: Scared to go to bed
I'm still not convinced he didn't take it
Well, I'm gonna take off
( Theme music playing )
Think about how he's feeling right now. He feels good
If he wants to get so involved,
Out goes y o u. I'm out, he's in
Out goes y o u
You're gonna give a kidney to Richard Lewis? No no no!
Out goes y o u give the kidney
No, you lost! Out goes y o u!
What are you excited about? No, what do you mean?
Eeny meeny miney moe, catch a tiger by the toe
Start with me. Start with me. Start with me
That, uh... Well, in case..
Cheryl... right now, look at this... are you..
No you weren't! He was coming on to me! That's such baloney!
Are you a sociopath?! I was consoling her and I touched her hair
Are becoming very friendly in that nursing home
Not for you to judge! She's our kid,
Jeff, do you hear this? "It had to happen eventually
I'm her mother! Trust!
Chicken teriyaki boy!
You're lying! You're a liar! You're the tooth fairy!
It's unbelievable, isn't it?
I don't want to talk about it. Come on
Fine, my pleasure. Thank you
What are you looking at?
You wouldn't have ended up the way you did, you know?
She still believes in the tooth fairy?
Of course, my housekeeper, I had to tell her to wear a bra
But I'm pretty sure
Oh, my orthotics
I'll buy you one, you'll try it,
Not for you? No
No kidding. Yeah, his shoes are like your shoes
Well, Larry, then you're gonna have to tell her to wear a bra
Without a bra. It's very distracting
What, are you kidding?
Okay. It's a good idea. Gracias, Mr. Larry
I do mezuzah. Okay, great
Either one, si. It's okay
You know
Man: How do thosefeel to you?
My bathroom key
We don't like to be referred to as "normal," okay?
I just want you to know, gone, like it never happened
We were trying to recreate what happened 25 years ago,
"Keep it down
All right, great. Hey
We don't need to talk about your bathroom..
You cannot leave an affair before the dessert is served
To use the bathroom. It's like..
So go use the bathroom. I don't want to use this bathroom
Because I want to show it to Hefner
Okay, well, it's not a big deal. Let's not make it a big deal
I gotta go again. I'm so sorry
Because he had on a suit.
It is! I wonder why more people don't buy it.
What is this, g**** juice? Yes, g**** juice.
You can't get your index finger in there. What's the point?
Why do you need a ticket to go to temple? It's crazy!
It's a tough ticket to go to High Holy Days.
Of course. I want to go to temple this year.
What? Oh my god.
And I could ask that kid Wilson, to go with me.
I'm hungry too.
Anyway, it's okay. There's extenuating circumstances here.
Don't you think that's ironic?
No, no, don't... forget it. All right, forgotten.
Who's been here? Lisa, the nurse, a couple of close friends and you.
( Jeff groans ) Larry: All right.
If mom says, "don't say..." I didn't say anything.
I'd be happy to buy you a new jacket. I see s'mores,
Before we came, I was taking the coat
Really?! yeah, not too long. But uh...
Washington and then you go 77 years, Lincoln.
I got it. Come on. I wrapped it.
It doesn't hurt. Don't feel a thing.
( Theme music playing )
I'm gonna call my cell pho8 if you hear it ringing,
Are you crazy? Are you insane?
Just tell me how much time we have left.
( Car alarm beeps )
What? Shkiyas hachama.
Did you read the memo of the check I sent you, Larry?
first, you destroyed my jacket. Before he sees you again.
There... I didn't buy a new jacket.
I'm getting a little chilly.
One more run. One more.
Why can't I catch a break on this shit, oh!
( Reverse signal beeping )
Isn't this fun? But I'm going home because I'm bushed.
Ben: Well, don't do that. I'm going to faint.
the bottom portion of the left half. Exactly.
A jerk.
Cofey is here! Cofey!
Like if god had a daughter... Jane. I'll worship a Jane.
He's was... I'm sure he was gonna tell you.
Yeah, mezuzah. I don't... I don't know what it does, really.
No, you... you would have... oh, jeez. ( Sobbing )
That's nice. It is.
Good night.
Peter the crybaby, Wendell the conspirator,
And this was with number two? Yeah, 5:00 and 8:00.
Oh, okay. I thought...
That's Pete? That's Pete.
Wow. yeah.
and she said "what is it regarding?" There's protocol.
I called up, I was very polite and respectful,
Do you have something against receptionists?
No, why should I? I know. Why should I?
So, um, you know,
I... you'd leap out the window.
You're right, you're right, but I'm making up...
Jeez, what am I going to do? She was a basket case.
But I... I wouldn't have said anything! You
Oh jeez. You asked me what it was regarding!
He didn't tell you that there was a problem with his kidneys?
Richard Lewis's office. Larry David calling.
The ass is part of my snuggle. No, it's not.
Okay, what are you doing? What? What?!
So what's wrong with that? Why shouldn't it lead to sex?
You're a very sweet friend.
He wants to donate all his organs after he dies,
Louis Lewis? Louis Lewis.
Oh, man. Jumbo Jack. Did I tell you? Huh?
Jeff. thank you for helping out my friend.
Get in. Really?
No kidding. It's crazy.
They won't let me order unless I'm in a car.
( Window whirrs ) thanks.
Two jumbo Jacks,
I don't really wanna tell you what it's about.
( Theme music playing )
Sorry about the bingo game.
He's a little deaf, so I have to scream.
Well, there you go. Sorry.
I'm... I'm... I'm clear on what I'm torn about:
( Coin jangling )
You said... nat... why the hell would I send that beautiful jacket
Take this off. This doesn't belong to you,