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The Crown - Season 1

The Crown - Season 1

The Crown, created by Peter Morgan, is a critically acclaimed television series that premiered in 2016. This historical drama takes viewers on a captivating journey through the early years of Queen Elizabeth II's reign.

The first season of The Crown is set in the post-World War II era and delves into the complexities and challenges faced by the young queen as she ascends to the throne. The show beautifully weaves together history, politics, and personal relationships to offer a compelling narrative.

Leading the cast is the immensely talented Claire Foy, who portrays the iconic Queen Elizabeth II with grace, dignity, and an incredible depth of emotion. Matt Smith delivers a remarkable performance as Prince Philip, the queen's husband, bringing to life the struggles and conflicts faced by a man constantly living in his wife's shadow.

Vanessa Kirby shines as Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth's sister, capturing her rebellious spirit and tumultuous love life. John Lithgow's portrayal of Sir Winston Churchill is simply extraordinary, earning him widespread acclaim and numerous awards.

The ensemble cast also includes Jared Harris as King George VI, Victoria Hamilton as the Queen Mother, and Eileen Atkins as Queen Mary, among other brilliant actors who bring depth and authenticity to their respective roles.

The Crown - Season 1 is a visually stunning series, with meticulous attention to detail in production design, costumes, and cinematography. The grandeur of Buckingham Palace, the opulence of state dinners, and the historical events that shaped the British monarchy are all beautifully captured, making the show a feast for the eyes.

The story unfolds through masterful writing, exploring the personal and public challenges faced by the royal family. The series delves into themes such as duty, sacrifice, love, power, and the burdens of leadership. It presents a multi-dimensional portrayal of the queen, showcasing her growth and evolution as she juggles her roles as a wife, mother, and ruler.

The Crown - Season 1 garnered widespread critical acclaim and received several awards and nominations, including a Golden Globe for Best Television Drama Series. It continues to captivate audiences around the world, offering a glimpse into the private world of the monarchy and the lives of those behind closed doors.

You can immerse yourself in the world of The Crown - Season 1 by downloading and playing these magnificent sounds. Feel the emotional weight of the crown, experience the intricate relationships, and witness the defining moments that shaped Britain's history. The Crown is a must-watch for history buffs, fans of royal dramas, and anyone who appreciates masterful storytelling.

A beautiful child.
A boy.
A custom practiced so universally it might as well be the law.
A distance that was imposed upon me. They wanted me out.
A few hours ago, I discharged my last duty
A good man.
A happy home, with his wife and children.
A little bacon won't hurt, surely, Gerald? It's been five weeks.
A long period between accession and coronation
A malignant tumor.
A naval officer's stag night? Chance would be a fine thing.
A patient has a right to know the full picture.
A point that I will be making in person to the Commonwealth Heads,
A sick...
A simpler life.
A situation like that would require enormous energy.
A small mill town in America, outside Philadelphia?
A son who gave up the throne and, effectively, killed my other son.
A stickler for convention and tradition,
A striking tribute to the men and women of all races,
A vote of no confidence and he'll be toppled.
A what?
Abandoning their vehicles and continuing on foot.
About allowing Philip to learn to fly. He can now.
About how the Royal house would soon be in his name.
About the weather? It's fog, ma'am. It will lift eventually.
About what?
Across the capital has worsened overnight.
Actually, he's asked to see you.
Address it to the PM. He'll never read it, of course.
Admit it.
After all, the person
After the Conservative Party achieved a narrow...
After the incident a cross party delegation was sent to Donora
After the papers.
After your meeting with Their Majesties. Your schedule allows for 20 minutes.
Ah, but he loved to shoot, so modifications had to be made.
Ah. Is the car ready?
Ah. Your old man struggling a bit, is he?
Ahead of them lay a 30,000 mile trip
All energy and hope and passion and fire.
All her belongings have gone.
All I do is bring you things to sign. Then take them away again.
All our Prime Minister wanted to discuss was your husband's new hobby.
All right, Charles, all right. Stop it.
All right.
All right.
All right. I promise.
All they have to do is make sure the fan is off and wait.
All you have to do...
Allow me to disabuse you of that delusion.
Along the way, we may have to use some hand signals.
Also, to appoint a new Prime Minister in the event of incapacity
Am I going to have to explain my position again?
Am in position to ease the suffering.
Am prepared to inflict on your subjects as a reward for winning a World War
An angel to his mother, wife and children.
An empty taxi pulled up at the House of Commons, and Mr. Attlee got out.
An enquiry would be expensive.
An example of nobility and duty to raise them in their wretched lives.
An honor I gratefully accept.
An ordinary English countrywoman.
An ornament. A flower.
And a cavalry officer, posted to India,
And a full and independent public enquiry into the causes of air pollution...
And a spirit undaunted
And a wife.
And a word of warning, ma'am. A good many journalists outside.
And after a goodnight to those who loved him best,
And after a happy day of sunshine and sport,
And Anthony would never dare. I've been like a father to him.
And as... as their Sovereign,
And barely opened her mouth in the process.
And Churchill had continued to cling to power
And comptroller of the Queen Mother's household
And counting the minutes until I am back in your arms.
And cried, "Sir! You're right up my alley!"
And deep breath in...
And don't be fooled by his obsequiousness.
And generous man.
And go into exile and keep a low profile in return for a pension
And God help her.
And he became party leader on our recommendation.
And he has all sorts of ideas about how to modernize it.
And he passed it on to the women in his family.
And he will be here with you all again very soon.
And he'll have his navy again, and all will be well.
And her two daughters in their grief.
And here is the news.
And here.
And his personal popularity among the people remains undimmed."
And hospital corridors stacked with the dead,
And how closely you worked together.
And I also believe I spoke for many in the country when I defended you.
And I cannot stand by while chaos reigns around me.
And I do read the newspapers, and I do listen to the wireless,
And I know you will be as devastated as I am by this loss.
And I made it abundantly clear how important it was
And I think I've found a teacher mad enough to take me on as a pupil
And I was sympathetic with your father's concerns at the time.
And I will never forgive his selfishness and weakness in passing on the burden.
And I won't lie to you.
And I'll head straight to Sandringham if you give me the all clear to shoot.
And in the face of this congregation,
And it will take every ounce of energy that you have.
And Knight Companion
And made countless millions of human beings around the world
And make sure that egg is well plated and no shell to risk irritation.
And many would say that Churchill's behavior now constitutes incapacity.
And my mood will improve yet further if you promise me one thing.
And news spreads throughout our cities and villages,
And not bestowed on me.
And now our latest estimates suggest that in 1952..."
And now our time is up.
And now we all have a new king.
And once the Palace is your main residence.
And out.
And people had continued to die?
And perhaps you could also inform Cabinet
And precociousness.
And prevailing over fascism, evil and tyranny.
And reduces us all to cruel nicknames.
And see what we can get out of the wretched circus.
And several thousand became seriously ill from the poisonous fog.
And she had to make a decision right then and there, in the room.
And Shirley Temple, who has the rank now
And so the wheels keep turning, and the business gets done,
And something will be brought onto the plane before you disembark.
And tell the Queen I'll be there first thing in the morning.
And thank you for all this. It looks splendid.
And that frugality earned him great favour.
And that His Majesty's immediate post operative condition is satisfactory.
And that is the one thing as sovereign that you are not entitled to do.
And that my descendants,
And that void has been filled by George the VI
And the compass heading and keep the stick level.
And the country had continued to suffer?
And the country is governed.
And the father of the future king of England
And the government had continued to flounder?
And the job of drawing that line falls to Cabinet, ma'am. Not to you.
And the minute you do, you will have declared a position. A point of view.
And the Queen is here, Your Majesty.
And the Royal family.
And the Royal house that is now in his name.
And the second question?
And the second?
And the situation we're in today is quite different,
And the war time years was striking.
And then an hour to get through the bloody thing!
And then she asked me to pick either Khawaja Nazimuddin of ****stan
And then she switched her tack without so much as a flicker. Clever.
And then when your health's improved, we'll return to Malta
And then, only using a low voice.
And then?
And there are only so many things that I, as Prime Minister,
And there's talk of starting in Kenya.
And they compound an already traumatic and painful trip with this humiliation!
And they conspicuously fail to mention the results.
And they're lazy. Spend all day sleeping.
And this, Ma'am, from Her Majesty Queen Mary.
And to beseech you not to do this.
And to comfort Her Majesty, Queen Mary.
And to our generous host.
And to serve government, any government.
And to that end you come to me with a "master plan"
And tranquil glories of the Victorian era,
And turn that noise off. He'll still be prime minister tomorrow.
And unreasonable ideas.
And until then, as sovereign,
And was rewarded by cheers and applause,
And was your man, our man, on our side.
And we have a little surprise in store for them.
And we have in this case, a five power conference first. See...
And what a bunch of ice veined monsters my family are.
And what do you expect me to do? Hmm?
And what?
And where our soldiers continue to come under fire from nationalist insurgents.
And where there is heroism there will always be hope.
And while you mourn your father, you must also mourn someone else.
And why? What else have you got in mind for our little holiday?
And widespread disruption reported across the nation.
And will doubtless call me over cautious for not doing so.
And would never have done anything that violated the constitution,
And you should be no exception.
And your late son was in our thoughts the whole time.
And, before he abdicated, your uncle took Edward, of course.
And, from henceforth, he will be known as Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten, Royal Navy.
And, from there, the Royal couple will travel to Sagana Lodge...
And, given his age, and he's a smoker.
And, if there is one thing I have learned in 52 years of public service,
And, in many ways, worse [yelps]
And, look, please disavow me of it if I'm wrong
And, now that I have been succeeded by my brother,
And, of course, Albert Windsor would dearly love
And, quite possibly, lose power for a whole generation.
And... [clears throat] no more allow the sovereign
Anthony, eh?
Any chance that could stretch to being on the steps outside the chapel?
Anyone not here, speak out!
Anyone we know?
Anything from the Foreign Office? About America or the Soviet Union?
Anything less than perfect will be a disaster.
Anyway, if I am to succeed,
Anyway, in the evening, we gathered for dinner.
Apart from the surgeons?
Apparently, there's a large breeding herd of elephants at Treetops.
Are they a nuisance?
Are they keeping something from me?
Are those for me? Thank you very much.