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The Brady Bunch (1969) - Season 2

The Brady Bunch (1969) - Season 2

The Brady Bunch, a beloved American sitcom from the 1960s, holds a special place in the hearts of many viewers. The show's second season, which aired in 1969, continued to captivate audiences with its endearing family dynamics and hilarious mishaps. With its catchy theme song and lovable characters, The Brady Bunch Season 2 remains an iconic television series to this day.

The show revolves around the Brady family, a blended household consisting of a widow, Carol Brady, and her three daughters—Marcia, Jan, and Cindy. Mike Brady, a widower, has three sons of his own—Greg, Peter, and Bobby. The family's adventures and misadventures, along with their heartwarming moments, unfold in every episode.

The lead roles in The Brady Bunch Season 2 are played by a talented cast of actors who brought these characters to life with immense charm and charisma. The late Florence Henderson portrays the loving and nurturing Carol Brady, while Robert Reed portrays the responsible and caring Mike Brady. Playing the Brady children are Maureen McCormick as the beautiful and popular Marcia, Eve Plumb as the smart and independent Jan, Susan Olsen as the adorable and innocent Cindy, Barry Williams as the reliable and charismatic Greg, Christopher Knight as the thoughtful and creative Peter, and Mike Lookinland as the mischievous and adorable Bobby.

The ensemble cast of The Brady Bunch Season 2 also includes Ann B. Davis as Alice, the family's hilarious and devoted housekeeper. Alice, with her quick wit and unwavering loyalty, often provides comedic relief and becomes an essential member of the Brady family.

Throughout the season, The Brady Bunch continues to entertain viewers with its relatable and heartwarming storylines. From sibling rivalries and school adventures to amusing misunderstandings, each episode presents a delightful mix of comedy and family values.

The Brady Bunch Season 2 features some memorable episodes that have become fan favorites over the years. In "The Treasure of Sierra Avenue," the Brady kids team up to find a lost treasure after stumbling upon an old map. "The Not-So-Ugly Duckling" explores Jan's struggle with feeling unnoticed compared to her older sister, Marcia. "Getting Davy Jones" brings excitement when the Brady girls make a bet to see who can get teen heartthrob Davy Jones to perform at their school dance.

The iconic theme song of The Brady Bunch is also an integral part of the show's charm and popularity. Written by creator Sherwood Schwartz and composed by Frank De Vol, the catchy tune reflects the show's premise and introduces each character with its memorable lyrics. This iconic soundtrack has become synonymous with the show itself and is instantly recognizable to fans young and old.

For those seeking nostalgia or simply wanting to experience the magic of The Brady Bunch Season 2, you can easily play and download the sounds and episodes online. The timeless charm and infectious laughter of this classic sitcom continue to resonate with audiences, making it a timeless treasure in television history.

In conclusion, The Brady Bunch Season 2, first aired in 1969, remains a beloved television series known for its heartwarming stories and lovable characters. With its talented cast and catchy theme song, the show has stood the test of time and continues to bring joy to audiences. Whether you're a longtime fan or a newcomer to the Brady world, experiencing the sounds of this iconic season is a must for any television enthusiast.

A baby sitter
A baby sitter!
A friend of my husband's gave him the tickets.
A great player like Don Drysdale
A high school dropout on our hands
A ka boom, ka boom, ka boom
A little?
A nice wine with dinner
A very good idea, Mr. Brady
Abner Doubleday
About buses and cheap hotels
About what?
Absolutely humiliated to be sat for
Accidents, stranger at the door
Alice here is our housekeeper.
Alice, Cindy is not sick.
Alice, don't give it another thought
Alice, Mrs
Alice, Sam's here!
Alice... you'll do no such thing
All right, maybe you can.
All right, what'll it be?
All right, yeah, they did, they did.
All we wanted to do was... check.
And a bum the next
And a stranger is somebody
And butterflies in your stomach
And call the fire department
And call the plumber
And came around back like we did.
And check before going on to the show.
And Cindy'll sniffle again, right?
And dark glasses in my locker
And developed a change up.
And don't worry. We have everything under control.
And have to worry about being traded?
And he really got his lumps
And I know who's going to be there
And I like to encourage the kids, that's all
And I promise to back you up
And I want to use your telephone. Let me in
And I..
And I'm going to be a star
And if Pete doesn't have to finish junior high,
And improve my curve...
And knock on the door
And miss that movie on TV tonight?
And not to open the door, and I was Herman and..
And offer me a bonus!
And said you didn't turn in
And speaking of sneezing..
And that big head of Greg's
And the aches and pai... the arm packed in ice
And the guy who invented pizza
And the state tax, of course.
And then it turned out to be pretty nasty
And then what, Gloria?
And they clobbered me.
And we can't stay.
And we know where all the phone numbers are.
And we never open doors for people we don't know
And we really appreciate your calling, Mrs. Pearson
And we'll lock the door right behind you
And we're very firm about that
And wheat germ and cod liver oil
And when the teacher asked him
And you know my folks are out of town
And you were fighting over
And you... you do the best you can.
Any ball player ever got?
Anything look tempting?
Are you all right?
Are you kidding?
Are you kidding?
Are you ready now, sir?
Aren't they a little frilly, Alice?
Aren't you going to wait for Dad?
As much as I do, don't you?
At which time I'm going to take your mother
Aw, honey, they know where we are
Aw, the poor kid
Babe Ruth threw the first forward pass
Baby sitters get 75 cents an hour
Ballet? When you can see me pitch?
Baseball isn't what it's all cracked up to be
Because Alice is always here,
Because I am listening to her do the talking
Because I think you just proved
Because we said we trusted them.
Before you start spending all that money,
Believe me, his father and I will have a talk with him
Besides, they've got the chain on the door.
Big leagues
Bobby, come with me
Bonus baby
Boy, I sure am glad
Boy, I'll get so good
Boy, oh, boy, is she sneaky
Boy, oh, boy, oh, boy
Boy, this is sure a big day for me, Mr. Drysdale
Boy, what Don said sure made me think
Boy, you better be sure you heard something.
Breaking down the front door.
Burgundy, chablis or champagne?
But 1839 was the year Abner Doubleday laid out
But Alice is helping Sam
But couldn't we check just the same?
But didn't want to miss the show.
But he meant the guys who weren't good enough,
But I am not talking at the moment
But I better not get too much energy at once
But I can blow my own nose
But I don't think curtains look right there
But I thought you'd be happy if I gave up baseball
But I would like to ask you a question.
But it's just one part of life
But maybe you can't
But that doesn't mean
But that show's been sold out for weeks
But the resemblance was uncanny... uncanny
But there are other things in life just as important
But there's nothing wrong with going to college first
But we can't go
But we didn't have anything to tax.
But we didn't have anything.
But we wouldn't hear of it
But why don't we call a baby sitter?
But you did have time to memorize the batting averages
But you keep nodding your head a lot
But you know, actually he told Greg
But... but..
Call me Don, okay?
Can I call you Don, too?
Can we do it later?
Can you come down here for a minute?
Can't a guy come home without a lot of questions?
Can't go?
Carol, after all I went through
Carol... Oh, there you are
Certainly hard to bring up
Children's sniffles can lead to something worse
Cindy, are you coming down with the sniffles?
Cindy, are you sure
Cindy. But she hasn't
Cindy's in excellent hands
Cindy's sound asleep, and not a sign of a sniffle.
Come on
Come on, come on
Come on, Jan. Let's watch TV
Come on, next time you'll mow them down
Come on, open up. I'm not a stranger anymore
Come on, take this upstairs
Come on, you want to play catch?
Come with me
Dad, Can I sleep on the couch tonight?
Dad, our stove is electric
Dad? Mm hmm?
Dad? Why do baby sitters have to know so much?
Decorate his apartment tonight
Decorate his new apartment tonight
Did I wake you?
Did you hear what Drysdale said?
Did you lose your key?
Dinner first, and the show afterwards.
Do you have to eat that in here?
Do you know he didn't even turn in his history assignment?
Do you know what he replied?
Do you know what time it is?
Do you mind?
Do you mind? I'll just be a second. Oh, thank you
Do you really?
Does that answer your questions?
Does who have a fever?
Doesn't even begin until 1839
Doesn't it, Greg?
Doing the curtains!
Don Drysdale
Don Drysdale, wow!
Don Drysdale?!
Don who?
Don, these are my boys, Greg, Bobby and Peter
Don, you and Greg have something in common
Don't girls know anything?
Don't laugh, Mike
Don't tell me I've got some fans left
Don't worry. I will
Dribbling all over the furniture
Education is important
Especially his?
Especially my oldest, Greg, out there.
Everybody else we could think of are busy
Everything under control?
Exactly what I was thinking.
Except for one thing: You're right handed
Far from it
Fish and chablis? What do you think?
For checking on them.
For me to get blamed for
For somebody who's not a stranger,
For the parking lot attendant
For tonight to see..
For tonight!
For us?
From the bleachers, huh, Don?
Gee, Mom
Gee, that's quite a shack.
Gee, what a great surprise
Get a napkin
Get everybody out of the house