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The Simpsons (1989) - Season 29

The Simpsons (1989) - Season 29

The Simpsons is a beloved animated television show that first premiered in 1989. The show has become an iconic part of pop culture, known for its witty humor, colorful characters, and satirical take on American society. Season 29 of The Simpsons continues to captivate audiences with its hilarious storylines and clever social commentary.

The cast of The Simpsons Season 29 includes the talented voice actors Dan Castellaneta as Homer Simpson, the lovable but bumbling patriarch of the family, and Julie Kavner as Marge Simpson, the devoted and patient mother. Nancy Cartwright lends her voice to the mischievous and rebellious Bart Simpson, while Yeardley Smith brings to life the intelligent and precocious Lisa Simpson. Hank Azaria and Harry Shearer voice a plethora of side characters, including the quirky and iconic Apu and Mr. Burns, respectively.

In this latest season, The Simpsons continues to tackle a wide range of topics that are relevant to contemporary society. The writers explore themes such as technology addiction, political satire, and environmental issues, all while maintaining the show's trademark humor and wit. The episodes often feature guest appearances from various celebrities, adding an extra layer of excitement to the already hilarious storytelling.

Fans of The Simpsons can now enjoy the sounds of Season 29 through playing and downloading the episodes. By visiting the provided link, viewers can immerse themselves in the world of Springfield and relive the laughs and memorable moments from this beloved show. From Homer's famous catchphrases to Bart's mischievous pranks, these sounds capture the essence of The Simpsons and its enduring appeal.

The addictive and catchy theme song, composed by Danny Elfman, has become synonymous with The Simpsons. Its recognizable melody sets the tone for the show and instantly transports viewers into the animated world of Springfield. The inventive use of sound effects and clever wordplay further enhance the comedic experience, making The Simpsons a true audiovisual delight.

Whether you are a long-time fan or new to the series, The Simpsons Season 29 promises to entertain and delight audiences of all ages. With its clever writing, memorable characters, and sharp social commentary, this beloved animated sitcom continues to be a cultural phenomenon. So sit back, relax, and get ready to laugh out loud as you dive into the latest hilarious adventures of The Simpsons. Play and download the sounds of Season 29 here, and enjoy the laughter wherever you go.

A beautiful hotel bar! Just like in The Shining!
A bed and breakfast.
A bigger TV or a room with a window or...
A blue collar Joe suddenly likes modern art?
A bold leap into intentional unfunniness,
A boy takes his cues from his mother.
A call girl that kills me after?
A chicken fried steak.
A chu setts.
A couple of your earrings.
A Danish hospital will treat you for free."
A deeper connection to his daughter.
A dingus.
A family that never made anything easy.
A father murdered by loco banana picker,
A field trip, a dream sequence, Sideshow Mel...
A Flaming mushroom spreads across the sky.
A gift shop tote bag.
A gun and a sailor hat.
A hornet's nest of trouble.
A humble weed. Legend has it
A kid indicates you took time away from me to conceive.
A kid who's almost there.
A lead lick a day
A list of 101 new choking hazards.
A little "Italian lightning" for insurance purposes.
A little clay pigeon told me
A little mall walk will cheer me up.
A little more complicated than getting your nails done.
A little of this nitrous myself.
A little prayer circle at lunch.
A local Humane Society Golden Pig Ear
A lot of funny actors have transitioned to drama:
A lot of music in this episode.
A mother notices
A mother's happy as long as all her children are happy.
A mysterious psychological condition
A panel discussion with women writers and artists
A phone?! Please.
A poor girl can grow up to be anything she wants...
A reason to get up every single day,
A reclamation project built atop the ruins
A recommendation from you would've sunk him for sure.
A seat in the U.S. Senate
A secret door?
A serious actor!
A showbiz kiss!
A simulated world where you explore, mine resources,
A survivor of the Battle of Dhing Dhong.
A third of the police force?
A tiny singularity of enormous mass,
A trombone mute?
A voice that would make a rhino stick its horn up its butt?
A wife or a harlot and... That's it.
A windbag that yields no succor!
A woman prime minister, okay.
A word to the wise: don't be cocky.
A, A, A, A, A, A.
A.I.? Some sort of plague?
Aah! German chemistry!
Aah! My eyes!
Abdicated. Abolish. Abolishing.
About a person they're related to.
About dinosaurs, please welcome the all new Truckasaurus Two
About Heloise Hodgeson Burwell.
About my dad and that painting.
About saying anything that will ruin this perfect moment
About the way things used to be?
About throwing your husband under the bus.
Above average, but not enough to make people mad.
Abra carumba!
Absolute. Absolved.
Absolutely not. And you have no proof
According to my sources... Lenny...
Actually, Dad, it's supposed to go 12 feet off the ground.
Actually, Homer, you look like you've lost 20 pounds.
Actually, I've become a bit of a me gan.
Actually, in my jukebox, we can't afford no Ray Charles.
Actually, it was misplaced in a box
Actually, my parents bought a new one
Add it to my customer profile.
Add some eyelashes here
ADHD? No, that's Bart
Admirable how my stupid father reached around to this traitor!
Admit the nature of your wrongs.
Admit! And now for our instantaneous letter
After a lifetime of "Back Off Boogaloos."
After all these years?
After careful consideration of facts and evidence
After dinner drinks.
After he called, I weakened and went to meet him
After me?
After my mother was eaten by a different ogre.
After she ran away, my father was furious
After that day, I never looked back...
After the age of 39.
After the Hallowen candy ran out
After three consecutive life sentences,
Afterwards, I'll grab some Flintstone vitamins
Against her own oppression
Against us working joes.
Agreed. No more secrets from each other.
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!
Ah, Clancy, you're looking well...
Ah, come on, somebody grab milady partz!
Ah, come on. Nothing?
Ah, don't worry about me.
Ah, forget it. I'm finished.
Ah, geez, I saved your life. How about a "you're welcome"?
Ah, honey.
Ah, let's wait till they're born,
Ah, man, it looks like he's tearing Moe a new one.
Ah, Marge Simpson, the fan of Burwell.
Ah, my chowder!
Ah, needs salt.
Ah, no problem.
Ah, refreshing.
Ah, standard exemptions. I love it.
Ah, yes, Tallow town.
Ah, yes.
Ah, you ruined my nap!
Ah! He's awake!
Ah! So evolved!
Ah. Ah. Ah
Ah. It's just me, a student.
Ah. Whistling format radio.
Ahoy hoy, Simpson.
Aim inside and blast away.
Aint worth a thinker's damn without compelling human story
Albany, Annapolis, Atlanta, Augusta, Austin, Baton Rouge...
Alert them all.
Alison Bechdel
All day, you had.
All he's kept from Sad Girl is mom's drawings
All I ask for is integrity and honesty
All I ask is that you think about it
All I want to do is help this city,
All I want to do is return this hatchet.
All I was getting were right handed college students
All I'm saying is...
All in good fun.
All is well... The nobles are defeated,
All it would take is a single spark
All kinds of random bad things happen to my customers.
All my enemies..
All of which came to pass.
All over the world more times than man can count,
All right now, listen.
All right, all right, let me recheck it.
All right, Barney, just do your thing. No pressure.
All right, can the chatter and listen up
All right, Dad, here we go
All right, Dad, no more fooling around
All right, guys, don't be yokels.
All right, guys, since we won the championship,
All right, how about this? If we win the next two games,
All right, I owe you one.
All right, I'll apologize, too.
All right, Lisa.
All right, listen up. We have a boy comma missing,
All right, little man.
All right, look, here's 50 cents, huh?
All right, now, listen to me
All right, Ralphie, easy, easy.
All right, Simpson, blow into this
All right, soberino, it's just 12 simple steps.
All right, that's it!
All right, this is it, the tenth frame, the final frame.
All right, we've come to that time...
All right, well, if you believe in your friends so much,
All right, wise guy. Here's something you'll like.
All right, young'uns.
All right? Cheeseburger
All right.
All right. All right!
All right. Let me guess.
All right. Ralphie's birthday is today,
All right. Takeout Chinese.
All right. Up high.
All rights reserved, Ziggy Stardust Publishing.
All that matters is that we're a family
All that's left is for me to go into the light.
All the deals were amazing on twin sets and more!
All the emotional data on you to find your soft targets
All the gimmicky in stagecraft in the world
All they care about are babies.
All this time I've been choosing jazz
All this was just revenge appetizers!
All those people are on the streets.
All we have to do is buy this amulet.
All we know is how to collect information.
All you are is a rotten old rib roast covered in cologne.
All you can do is give her leeches for the pain.
All you can do is surrender to the nightmare
ALL: (CHANTING) Bad feeling, bad feeling,
ALL: Wha..
All's well that ends well.
Alligator po'boy.
Almost as good as her.
Almost nothing.