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That '70s Show (1998) - Season 7

That '70s Show (1998) - Season 7

That '70s Show is a beloved American television sitcom that aired from 1998 to 2006, taking viewers on a nostalgic journey through the 1970s. Season 7, which aired in 2004, continued to captivate audiences with its hilarious antics and lovable characters.

The talented cast brings the show to life with their incredible performances and undeniable chemistry. Topping the list is Topher Grace as Eric Forman, the show's protagonist and resident underachiever. Joining him are Mila Kunis as Jackie Burkhart, Ashton Kutcher as Michael Kelso, Danny Masterson as Steven Hyde, Laura Prepon as Donna Pinciotti, and Wilmer Valderrama as Fez.

Navigating the worlds of love, friendship, and growing up, the gang takes viewers on a wild ride in season 7. Eric, fresh from his trip to Africa, returns to Point Place, bringing a newfound maturity and a fresh outlook on life. While he tries to figure out his future, his on-and-off relationship with Donna takes unexpected twists and turns, leaving fans eagerly awaiting their fate.

Meanwhile, Jackie explores new love interests and tries to move on from her former flame, Kelso. The lovably dimwitted Kelso finds himself in a whirlwind of romantic entanglements, often leading to hilarious and awkward situations. Hyde, the tough and rebellious member of the group, continues to showcase his dry wit and charismatic personality as he navigates the complexities of adulthood.

Completing the gang is Fez, the foreign exchange student with a penchant for attracting trouble, and his quirky escapades keep viewers entertained episode after episode. Together, this group of friends experiences the highs and lows of life in the '70s, always finding a way to lean on each other in their own unique way.

The show's soundtrack plays a crucial role in setting the nostalgic tone of That '70s Show. From iconic '70s hits to lesser-known gems, the music perfectly captures the essence of the era. Artists such as Led Zeppelin, The Who, David Bowie, and The Beach Boys grace the episodes, transporting viewers back in time.

Relive the magic of That '70s Show by immersing yourself in the sounds of the era. Play and download these unforgettable sounds to enhance your own '70s-inspired experiences. From groovy disco beats to classic rock anthems, the soundtrack will transport you to a time of bell-bottoms, lava lamps, and peace signs.

In conclusion, That '70s Show Season 7 continues to delight fans with its humor, relatable characters, and nostalgic soundtrack. Whether you're a longtime fan or discovering the show for the first time, the charming cast and witty writing ensure a memorable viewing experience. So sit back, relax, and transport yourself to Point Place, where the '70s were forever groovy.

To enhance your nostalgia-filled journey, play and download the unforgettable sounds of the '70s here. Let the music take you back in time and bring out your inner '70s cool.

A ball of yarn.
A Band Aid for a wounded soul.
A band.
A broad, huh ?
A brother and sister fighting each other.
A burn.
A buttload.
A cheese grater?
A child needs a strong, loving father.
A coat.
A draft notice and a malaria vaccine.
A dumbass boss.
A flat tire
A friend of mine sent me a really big baggie from hawaii...
A friendly face, you know ?
A ghost train.
A girl's gotta advertise.
A going away gift should be something special,
A half bath ?
A handful of ass is just a perk.
A hippie and a waitress...
A huge mistake.
A little bit sweaty ?
A little faster so it stirs my drink.
A little going away gift.
A little piece of advice about having a family
A little romantic music.
A little wine for Santa.
A lot of people have told me you're not very serious about the women you date,
A lot of people...
A lot, a lot...
A loud one.
A marine ?
A massage train?
A math major? Awesome. I need some help building a homemade rocket,
A metaphor for the fact that my heart and mind are gone.
A mother should support her son.
A packer win, and the boy defends the family name.
A pen and pencil set.
A pizza.
A pony.
A prince.
A real man wouldn't let the princess ride the bus.
A security guard had to pull us apart.
A straight jacket...
A suit? See, she has the right idea.
A teacher ?
A trench coat.
A wash, cream rinse and a lot of that wiggly stuff you do with your fingers.
Aah ! there's an entire horse in my bed !
Aah, look at my jaws !
About as long as Kelso's been working on your sister.
About donna?
About to change a flat tire, which, uh,
About you leaving, uh,
Abracadabra, baby.
Accept the fact that he is not coming back.
According to "cosmo"'s latest quiz,
Accusing your own brother. You don't get a sandwich either.
Acted out movies with my dolls...
Action figures !
Actually reminds me of a little joke.
Actually, eric, I wanted to talk to you first.
Actually, eric, most of the immigrants arrived in the 19th century,
Actually, I have no problem With you selling it.
Actually, I just dropped by to tell you I'm taking over tonight's ladies of Point Place Christmas party.
Actually, i own a record store.
Actually, I'm hoping to get to listen to the records and pick which ones the stores carry.
Actually, it was more of a giggle of appreciation.
Actually, it's gonna go like this...
Actually, that's not true.
Actually, you can't do anything to me because
Actually, you know what ?
Add half a bottle of schnapps,
Adult films.
Africa !
Africa is very strict about these things,
Africa, Wisconsin ?
After a long night of hashing things out,
After all, how often does a kid get to meet his very own father?
After high school, they take a year off, go to europe, Figure out what they're gonna do. I'm gonna do exactly that..
After the second break in, I had michael install a hidden surveillance camera.
After you close up, do you wanna watch me eat a pizza?
Ah me.
Ah burn!
Ah, angie, meet your new brother's friends
Ah, beer and darts keeping the eye patch industry alive since the 1800s.
Ah, I don't want another foreigner living with us.
Ah, it'll blow over. How long could he stay mad at a kid, right ?
Ah, just wandering around, trying to find my place in life.
Ah, mystery solved.
Ah, the honeymoon speech again.
Ah, we're past all those highs and lows. We're like A...
Ah, well, not today.
Ah, what the hell?
Ah, yeah. It's going okay.
Ah, you kids with your suicide jokes.
Ah. Anyway, today, I will be chasing butterflies.
Ah. Yeah, well, you know, sometimes I think she just kind of lets her fiery emotions get the best of her.
Ahem. I guess I'll just
Alive or kidnapped by coyotes.
All evens.
All I got was a sprained wrist.
All I have to do is send in my drawing of sanchez the turtle
All I remember is flushing it down the toilet when he killed it.
All I wanted was for one person to say it was okay.
All men are bastards!
All nude or just topless?
All right guys, we got a ton of box to unpack, posters to hang,
All right well, let's call it a day and hit it hard again tomorrow.
All right,
All right,
All right,
All right,
All right,
All right,
All right,
All right,
All right,
All right,
All right,
All right, all moved in.
All right, all right,
All right, Angie, here's the deal.
All right, back off, hyde.
All right, back off.
All right, did anybody find anything?
All right, every chick patient that you have, you have to tell her the problem is her tailbone,
All right, everybody clear some space.
All right, fez, stand up so I can kick your ass. How dare you steal a girl out from under me!
All right, fez,come on. I need your help.
All right, fez. So where'd I go wrong?
All right, fine! I like styx, okay? And I don't care if anybody knows it!
All right, fine.
All right, fine. Look, we could talk all day,
All right, here I come.
All right, here I go.
All right, here's your motel.
All right, I got one.
All right, I gotta go to work.
All right, I gotta take off. I'm gonna go have lunch with my new dad.
All right, I want everybody who doesn't live in this house to get out now !
All right, I'll go with you.
All right, I'll go.
All right, I'll see you tomorrow then.
All right, I'll tell you what.
All right, I'm getting in the car,
All right, I'm gonna go get us a funnel cake. But listen, this is a rough crowd, all right ?
All right, Jackie, do you want me to stay and get a burger with you or something ?
All right, jackie, so let's start off looking at new tires,
All right, kelso, awesome, get me out of here.
All right, kelso, just relax.
All right, Kitty,
All right, kitty, I think we need to talk about what happened in the kitchen.
All right, kitty.
All right, listen,
All right, look, ratings are down, and I think this could really help.
All right, man, I'll make it up to you,
All right, man, you accused me of stealing,
All right, maybe someone would follow these other women to do them harm,
All right, salesmen,
All right, show's over. No. Come on.
All right, so I've been thinking about Donna's Twizzler remark.
All right, so show a little appreciation.
All right, that's enough !
All right, that's enough, you two.
All right, that's it.
All right, that's it. New eric's out, old eric's back.
All right, the people would riot in the streets.
All right, we'll be there.
All right, well as co manager of this record store,
All right, what we're gonna do Is we're gonna recreate the scene.
All right, when kitty shows up, she's gonna be pretty mad. So
All right, who's getting burned ? Is it me ? Because if it is, I'll just let it happen.
All right, who's gonna take the plunge?
All right, you need to do something brilliant
All right, you two. Where's charlie ?
All right, you're just trying to make us look bad.
All right,excuse me.
All right! Eric traded in Donna for a hot blonde.
All right? And I gave her the number of all the places I was gonna be. I cannot miss this call.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. Fez, you're not letting go.
All right. I'll give it a week.
All right. Instead of the candy,
All righty,
All she does is sleep. It's like taking care of a bowling ball.
All stick together.
All the guys would say, "I do...
All these guys are pissed off at something, huh, dad ?
All these houses look alike.
All these kids
All those foreigners...
All you get is a plain pancake breakfast
All you men ever think about is what you want.
All you need is a job and a haircut !
Allow me to be the first to welcome you to the "Kelso had sex with my sister" club.
Alls you've got are some poorly Assembled model airplanes.
Almost never, right!
Also, I rock as a blonde.
Although about it, may I say bravo.
Although I did find kitty's special occasion panties hanging on the towel bar.
Although I did just sit in nachos.
Although I did laugh, you know, during.
Although there is some question about shirley.
Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.
Am I so disgusting ?
Am the only stormtrooper
An assault can happen anywhere, jackie san.
An egg is not just something that comes out of a butt.