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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A kid off the streets
A whole new generation to Hot Cocoa Bang Bang.
Aah! Ow, my face.
Ah! Junior, enough
Ah. Ah.
Ah. Now it seems not worth it.
Aha! Patricia Donner. The seller's name is Patricia Donner.
All grown up.
All of a sudden, I'm feeling dizzy.
All right, I am ready for the Civil War reenactment.
All right, I'll be there!
All right. But it's gonna cost you.
Also, I could...
An entire hit song in 15 seconds!
And all my goyim friends Get some pretty sweet gifts
And cold?
And Danny Trejo, I loved it
And everybody hurts
And Hawaii's important too.
And he did. I think because he wants to sleep with me.
And here is the spacious master suite.
And I mean this in the best possible way,
And I will always be here for you.
And if not for Christmas
And if you love this town, you won't let people
And introducing Jaden Smith's sister as the Zombie Princess
And it's so hot in this costume, I can barely breathe.
And said to yourself,
And that cloning mess I tried didn't work.
And that is why your story was cut.
And then we'll take it higher
And there's Joanna
And watch his and our children.
And what if I say no?
And what's up with all these stupid outfits?
And y'all never got back to me about directing that episode.
And you're going to clean it all up by yourself afterwards?
And your allowance will be $5 a day
And... you?
Anyone! I'll marry anyone who helps me!
Anyway, no
Anyway, what I did was totally legal. There's nothing you can do about it.
Anyway, why don't you just leave?
Are you okay, Cleveland?
Are you okay, Junior?
Aren't there two wars going on right now?
Argh! Right in the bridge. Oh, getting the watery eye.
As an aristocratic woman in 18th century France.
As former vice presidential candidate Camera two.
Ask me anything about you.
Attention, men!
Aw, come on! Don't bust me to Jesus!
Baby, I'm sorry.
Bad news for notoriously bisexual Barry Shadwell...
Bank your cash up
Barbecue sauce
Barry Hussein Obama is?
Be Cleve in yourself, Goochland!
Because he's round and eats everything in sight.
Because you ditched me for Cleveland, Jr
Because you know It don't matter anyway
Big deal, I was once on TV too.
Bitch, I am a Blackberry!
Boaters, take your marks.
Born to be wild
Boys, I need
Brought to you by Circuit City!
But because we're friends, I'm just gonna reduce your salary...
But I just had this 3 D windshield installed.
But I'd rather have everyone think you were gay...
But now they want to tear it down.
But Rallo's boobs are tiny.
But today we must put them aside and unite!
But we're still gonna shag, baby.
But you with your coarse hands and even coarser manner..
By which I mean stole something from.
Call me a bitch again.
Can I keep looking at your business till we land?
Can it be?
Check this out. Hey, baby.
Christmas, 1975.
Cle Bro. Grub time.
Cleveland Brown
Cleveland Brown set out to win
Cleveland, that is not helpful
Come on
Come on, Kenny. Let's go to the hospital
Come on, Pop, you're never too old to hit your son.
Come on, Rallo, this is what they're fighting for!
Come on, Rallo. You're up
Come on, son. Let's go home
Comic Con belongs to us!
Course you're cool, bro. Would I call you "bro" if you weren't cool?
Dad, this isn't just about getting your money back
Daddy, please, no. I don't wanna go with Mr. Robert. He's felonious.
Damn, end of the page. And what?
Damn! MAN 2: Ooh, yeah!
Dang, how'd you do it?
Darling, sit down. I have something to tell you.
Dinner, drinks, then...
Do you believe in miracles? Yes.
Do you hear the ocean, Daddy? I wanna talk to an octopus
Don't let yourself go
Don't tell me to shut up, banana slammers.
Don't worry, Donna.
Don't worry, Rallo.
Don't you cut away from me!
Donna doesn't allow whistling in the house.
Donna really takes me for granted, and it's starting to piss me off.
Donna, are you all right?
Donna, get in here.
Donna, I didn't think you'd be home this early.
Donna, wake up!
Dot dot dash, dot dot dash, dot dash, dot dash.
Eczema free.
Eight dollars. You know what? I don't want them.
Excuse me, miss.
Filled him full of awesome.
First he did it regular style,
Flip the couch.
Followed by a special encore presentation of Mad Men.
For our final event, and just for a little tension..
Friday's at 9 on Fox, Fringe.
Friendship, for one.
Geez o man, Cleveland,
Gentlemen, it has been a privilege playing with you tonight.
Gentlemen, there comes a time in every man's life
Geraldine Ferraro said,
Get in line.
Get it off! Get it off! Get it off!
Give me.
Give us some room, people.
Go out and see What you can find
Gonna break something. Now you broke something
Grab your gas can and find a cop car...
Gryffindor and Slytherin.
Guess it's my turn.
Ha ha. Holt looks like a kid.
Ha, ha, ha. Just kidding.
Ha, ha. He's so radical.
Ha! That's two for flinching.
Ham, ham, ham, ham, ham, ham.
Hang on. Let me check my GPS tracking device.
HANK HILL I sell propane.
Has been preservationed.
Have fun on the ground with that drummer, you bitch.
Have you ever even tried hitting him back?
Haven't you ever felt like the world would be better off without you?
He had a coke fueled heart attack at a strip club early this morning.
He is a horrible human being
He may live in the White House,
He might make it across
He respects it!
He sneaks to the back,
He takes advantage of unremarkable, middle aged women at the mall
He's always offering to give me all types of jobs.
He's not picking up.
He's really having his way with his opponents.
Hello? Am I on the air?
Hells, yeah, I want that crazy butter.
Here, let me get that.
Here, take my second one. Whoops!
Here, take the watch, you little hombitch
Hey, can we buy some pot?
Hey, Cleveland, Cleveland, relax
Hey, come here.
Hey, hey, hey, I'm Rosie O'Donnell.
Hey, I'm way cooler than Robert.
Hey, Junior
Hey, my ninjas, what's the haps?
Hey, now that Arianna's here,
Hey, quit tapping on the glass.
Hey, sugar, you thirsty?
Hey, you know who would love to see this? Larry.
Hey, you want the job so bad, you be the boss.
Hey. That wasn't the way we...
Hi, Patty. Look, Donna, it's Patty.
Hi, Rallo.
Hit me
Hit me back. Come on. Hit me, nancy
Hmm. No towel.
Holt, you don't wanna marry Janet.
How did Junior get a C section scar?
How much? What's the number after four?
How would I know? I haven't seen the kid all day.
I agree with Rochester. Not a chance.
I appreciate it, Cleveland,
I appreciate your concern, but I'd rather die here...
I can kill you, maul you, rip your face off and eat you.
I can't believe Junior's calling Robert "Dad
I can't just leave.
I can't make that promise, Rallo
I did a great thing here today.
I didn't know you like football.
I don't even need to buy bullets,
I don't know what we're doing out here.
I got clothes.
I got him. I got Buble on the phone
I got our Super Bowl party all planned out.
I gotta come in here more often, it's like a joke shop.
I guess I was pretty badass up there.
I guess my pitcher was just a little bit better than yours.
I had no idea how fun life is when guys are buying all your drinks.
I have his book.
I have the herpatitis.
I I also have a band...
I I'm also a filmmaker and writer/producer
I just wear this costume to remind his family that he's dead.
I know you're enjoying this...
I know. I have a confession too.
I know. You wouldn't think these fellas would share my political views...
I live in a town where everyone's voice can be heard.
I love you
I love you too, Cleveland.
I love you, Cleveland.
I never missed a broadcast...
I offered to be grill master...
I promise I'll never show it to another living person.
I realized that my place is here with you
I refused to look at the drawing..
I run the show.
I said, "resolved!"
I shall not rest until everything in this town
I thought the same thing.
I was a mother, a wife and a career woman.