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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A book?
A little announcement.
A three, two.
Actually, it's Ms. Chanandler Bong.
Ahem. Yeah
All right
All right then, go fight for her!
All right, Chandler, do something.
All right, forget it. Congratulations, Ross and Emily.
All right, I'll do it.
All right, look, I didn't want to bring this up.
All right.
All right. I'm going to call the cops.
Almost lost this baby!
And a beautiful woman agreed to go out with me.
And I got the duck totally trained too.
And I know someday this will happen for you too.
And I really don't wanna be the reason I'm unhappy.
And no one from "legal." I don't like boring jobs.
And now Ross has to choose between Rachel and the bald girl.
And over here we have Ross Geller.
And Rachel and Chandler
And Ross was what? A lion tamer?
And thank you for Emily.
And that's Ross.
And there's nobody to hug.
And this one...
And you know, if you want to cry, that's okay too.
And you, get the swordfish!
And you!
And you! Ross, if you check Rachel's bag...
And you?
And you're afraid you won't be able to fill his shoes?
And your license expired.
And, at the end of the date, she said something that...
And, um, Frank wants to name one of the boy babies...
Any luck?
Are you a naughty girl?
Are you insane?
Are you serious?
Are you strippers?
At 2:30 a.m., I didn't expect to have to fight over the remote.
At least you have somebody to miss stuff with.
Back in high school...
Because we've had our first fight, and now we can move on.
Before I start, I want to say that I have a cold.
Behind you.
Being pregnant is hard on your tummy.
Bend over?
But as it turns out...
But I do know it's sometime tomorrow.
But I was showing him some cuff links, and I felt his pulse.
But I'm unemployed
But if time was what you needed just to gain a little perspective...
But you might make a good Barney.
But, um, okay, our mom is not our birth mom.
But... So I'm gonna name the baby Chandler.
Call me crazy, but I think she likes me too.
Can't hear you!
Chandler, get up! The stripper stole the ring!
Come on
Come on, I'm cold!
Come on, you!
Come on.
Do I?
Do it, deputy! Do something!
Doctors are wrong all the time
Does anybody have a problem with that?
Does that mean the same thing in England as it does in America?
Don't answer!
Don't make my tail too poofy.
Dude, I am trying to sleep!
Ever read Sports Illustrated?
Every time.
Everyone's gonna want one
Fetch! Fetch it!
Fine, judge all you want to.
Five, seven! Six, seven!
For me, it would have to be Chantal.
For my papier mache man
For some people
Friends, family...
Gift shop.
Good different?
Good luck!
Gunther, could I get another cup of coffee?
Ha ha ha. Wah pah!
Ha. It's what your grandmother's hands looked like when we found her.
Happy New Year, Chandler and Ross
Have a happy Hanukkah
Have you even had a girl here?
He broke up with Julie!
He reeks like he went on a three day fishing trip, then ate licorice.
He remembered.
He's right. I'm totally lying.
He's so cheap. He'd never fly to London in a million years.
Heh, heh. We've got company.
Heh. Well, we didn't have freedom here until 1776 either, so...
Here we go.
Here. Let me go talk to him.
Here's a question.
Here's your tea, Phoebe.
Hey, new guy.
Hey, why did the chicken fall out of the tree?
Hi, is this Emily's parents' house?
Honey, I'm sorry
How's the duck?
I am? What do you want me to do?
I believe it.
I believe this is my mother.
I bet he sensed that I was ready to have sex with another guy.
I bet myself that you had beautiful eyes
I can't believe I even thought of getting back together with you.
I can't find garbage bags.
I couldn't find him for hours! He was having sex with Amy Welsh!
I cried the night you made that up.
I didn't mean it. I take it back.
I didn't wanna touch a thing in that last place.
I do not always have Okay, okay.
I don't care. The wires have come loose in your head.
I don't get how you know it's false labor.
I don't have any brothers. I'll never be a best man.
I don't know about your jackets and separate tables..
I don't know why.
I don't know. But maybe if we keep that drawer shut, it'll die
I don't know. How are know?
I don't know. I just
I don't think it's a good idea
I don't want to.
I got the date. I'm just not on it.
I got to tell you...
I guess.
I had to turn down a job catering a funeral for 60 people.
I hate being alone this time of year
I have a girlfriend. I'm happy.
I have a wonderful idea.
I have not missed one question the whole game. I own this game!
I haven't been picked on this much since kindergarten.
I just checked our messages and Joshua didn't call.
I just did a scene out there. First take, I stunk the place up.
I just got out of a big relationship.
I just hate this so much.
I just needed to tell you...
I just remembered.
I just thought I'd try and apologize over the phone..
I just wanna check something.
I knew I shouldn't have mentioned it. That's what I wanted to name my kid.
I know it's crazy, but everything's been so crazy...
I know queen is high!
I know what you think
I know, sweetie.
I know. I can do more than cook.
I like credit cards!
I like her a lot, actually.
I like it in the stern.
I like it. Emily likes it. That's what counts.
I mean, I love her, you know?
I mean, name one famous person named Chandler.
I meant for lunch.
I miss my sexy voice.
I need to know...
I played bad on purpose, guys.
I realize I don't have any right to start getting parent y on you now
I really didn't need to tell you all that.
I remember how much she was crying the day that big dog ran off with...
I run into Goldie...
I said something to Phoebe
I saw this and told him it was like one my grandmother had...
I see you guys already met
I should go too. I'm playing in one hour.
I still can not believe you're engaged
I still hang with Simens and Zana. I see Spindler, Levine, Kelly
I still think I was right about that whole Mark thing, though.
I think I moved on to phase four!
I think you got it!
I thought they'd brighten up the place
I thought you weren't looking for serious. Just a fling?
I want both you guys.
I want our love to grow before moving to the next level
I want to hear the sound.
I wanted to help, but there was just too much pressure...
I was just leaving
I wasn't sleeping.
I wish I could.
I'd give anything to not be appreciated in my own time!
I'll be back for phase two. I'd never miss that
I'll be right back.
I'll do that.
I'll get you a gift now.
I'll give you a problem!
I'm 29. I mean, who needs a savings account?
I'm divorced and I have a kid!
I'm finally where you are.
I'm home in the middle of the day...
I'm not gay.
I'm out on a limb here!
I'm Ross, I'm Ross. I'm too good for the Hut.
I'm so tired.
I'm spicing it up!
I'm sure with your qualifications, you won't need to sleep with some guy
I'm sure. First of all, there's the feeling.
I've got Chandler covering Ross.
I've never had lunch with the shipping clerks..
If I ever run into him, you know what I'll do?
If you were getting married, heh, I would feel kind of...
Instead, I stay. I gain their trust.
Isn't that just kick you in the crotch, spit on your neck fantastic?
It has something to do with numbers!
It is off.
It was a different joke. It wasn't that funny
It was so moving.
It wasn't so she could pick on me in front of her friends.
It'll be a million times harder to give up a baby, but oh, my God!
It'll be just like that time I tried to count all the bumps on your ceiling.
It's 9:30 a.m.
It's a good idea
It's a joke.
It's Clint. Clint!
It's fun. God, I love how sexy I am!
It's getting late. I gotta get to the game, so I'm gonna...head.
It's just showed me how much you've grown, you know?
It's not that I don't enjoy this. I do
It's on!
It's over.
It's so good.
It's this dumb thing that Ross made up to try to fool our parents.
Joey Tribbiani. I'm doing a scene with you today.