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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A camel is actually a horse designed by a committee,
A community garden, right in the middle of the pit.
A field assigned to them for practice,
A lovely sitting area for kids with asthma to watch other kids play.
A ruby?
A service organization that says it builds a playground in a day.
A.K.A., I nailed it.
About to head home and have crazy sex
Ah! Finally. You peel.
All I want in life is to own a nightclub on every continent,
All right, guys.
All right, guys. Let's talk accessories
All right, it's time now for the dreaded Q&A.
All right, later
All right, partner.
All right! Awesome!
All right. See you guys later
All right. Thanks for loving the Duke. Thank you. Thank you.
All right. That's basically it.
Also, Mark, again,
And a couple of bottles of wine?
And all the trees and all the benches.
And Anna Beth Stevenson, a widowed mother of seven
And basketball courts, and off to the side,
And by night,
And flash that we have here in central Indiana.
And he said, "Thank you. You saved my life."
And how...
And I bought him some other things that humans usually use, like shampoo.
And I could fall in 10 more times by "eventually."
And I don't like seeing my friends miserable.
And I feel terrible
And I just had to see for myself.
And I know how desperate you were to prove yourself.
And I live nearby. So, we could, like, carpool to work or something.
And I stayed inside the whole time playing video games
And I think Trish is a no brainer.
And I told him all about you, and he's really interested.
And I want to be wearing a huge, beautiful, blue hat!
And I will get back to you on Monday about it.
And I'm gonna try not to do any of them again
And it also made the whole town smell like toast,
And it hangs there for years, and no one ever throws acid at it.
And it's... I'm just a desk jockey,
And know you're gonna be together forever.
And like blood will come out of his mouth and stuff
And my lawyer said it could be worth upwards of $100,000.
And now this entire department is k screwed.
And once in high school, a girl beat me in a wrestling match
And people love voting for tragedy.
And pick up my costume. Got it
And planted the coolest stuff.
And she made out with me in my cop car, which is pretty neat.
And some maturing.
And talk about how stupid awards are.
And that's the whole story.
And the food, so spicy and wonderful. We could not even believe it.
And the other guy was like, "Me neither
And the rats. It's like a freaking rat parade every night.
And the solemn memory of all of our friends
And the way you look tonight
And then I started thinking, "I need morphine."
And then I will make sure that the girls get
And there's two bisexual guys here,
And this enormous medicine man showed up
And we build whatever we want
And we never will if this gets out.
And we would have seen it by now
And we'll let you know what we decide in about an hour
And we're all volunteering for Kaboom,
And while I was asleep, he tried to pull out one of my teeth.
And who they are is just stone cold gay.
And you were flashing some serious "do me" eyes. That's just my opinion
And, what's two day shipping?
Andrew, looking good.
Andy, I just wanted to say, I am so, so...
Andy, it's Leslie.
Andy, why aren't you returning my calls?
Andy... Sorry, you guys are on a date. That's cool.
Ann, do you have any Mounds? Because all I can find are Almond Joys
Ann, we'll go together.
Ann! Ready to bag some birds?
Anything else? You want me to jump off a building?
Anything, guys? No.
Apology accepted.
Apparently you can get in trouble even after divorce.
Are you gonna go?
Are you in this office
Are you kidding me? No.
Are you serious?
Are you serious?
Around the shoeshine stand today.
As far as my fists can extend!
As those bastard British lmperialists would say
As usual, Ann, a delicious meal
At least clean up your dishes.
Athena. Camp Athena.
Aw, come on.
Because honestly, damn!
Because I care so deeply about possums.
Because I love it!
Because it's not gonna happen, Marcia.
Because it's very insincere and fleeting,
Because old people are funny.
Because, I mean, I don't want to destroy you.
Before we fill in the pit behind Ann's house.
Before you get in your costume,
Being in a relationship with you would totally pay off.
Big T.
Blah, blah, blah, blah
Block the opponent's punch and counter punch to the jaw.
Boo la, boo la, boo la!
Bow! I bow! I am the Pants...
Brendanawicz, you big sandwich eater.
Bring, bring, bring, bring, bring.
Brown guys with funny sounding Muslim names
Bucket drum, bucket drum
But all I want for you is to get over this
But Ann's being a little weird about it.
But at least I didn't make any new friendships.
But having never been in something like this before,
But he's all talk. It's just...
But he's hiding his emotions
But I apologize. I apologize for having fun,
But I can give you a ride back to your car.
But I can't see anybody but you
But I digress
But I have a system
But I'm fine.
But just promise me you'll be ready,
But now I'm ready to pull myself up by some g strings
But now that she does she's sorry of course
But she doesn't know what it is.
But some other one. Some other lesser award.
But still just beautiful.
But that's our community garden.
But the high birthing rate of immigrants frightens me.
But then I realized there's no book version of Avatar.
But then yout hought, maybe it's not a whale.
But this is as important. Look at a piece of art.
But with famous people from Indiana.
But you teach a man how to kaboom. Kaboom, kaboom, kaboom
But you're effeminate. What?
But... for these past three minutes,
Calm down, I haven't signed it yet.
Can I get my shoes shined?
Can I just say, I still feel kind of weird about this money.
Can I... Can I get a picture?
Can it wait? I am so swamped here.
Can't say "unfortunate," and you can't say "situation."
Can't you walk faster?
Clever lady.
Come on
Come on, guys. These suggestions aren't gonna suggest themselves
Come on, people! I see more ground than playground!
Congratulations, Ron. What's that?
Cool. Okay.
Could you carry him out of here?
Councilman Dexhart, this has gone far enough
Craig! Craig, I got you, dog! Craig! Don't worry, I'm coming!
Damn, that's good. Nice party
Did that work out?
Didn't need to tell me that.
Do you have some kind of book with photos of the women available to us?
Do you have the check that we gave to you?
Do you know how much fun gay Halloween parties are?
Do you live down here?
Do you wanna just come by after work today?
Don't be all like,
Don't do that, Tom!
Don't do that. Don't do that.
Don't tell anybody, please.
Don't worry about it. We can fix this. Totally.
Don't... Get your hands off that.
Drop in a token, look at a duck
Easy. Care...
Episode 211 The Fourth Floor
Especially if you're going to...
Even if that horse is crazy and wants to peer inside my body.
Even though I didn't invite you, you came here anyway.
Every day of my life for 40 years
Every February 13th, my lady friends and I
Every Halloween someone defaces the statue
Every little tiny street, so much culture, and history!
Every November, they let him use their cabin so he can go on a secret hunting trip
Everything I do is the attitude of an award winner
Everything. He has, literally, everything you don't have.
Everything's okay. Or is it just the same?
Excuse me?
Excuse me. You guys are really adorable. It's really nice
Fairway Frank You're gonna die
Fast, smooth, handsome rock
Find the animal and put it down
Fine. Tom, you're in charge.
Fine. You bested me. Is that all?
Five courses
For excellence in female stuff.
For legal reasons, wecan't make puns about the temperature of the meats.
For reals, this time
For the weirdest second date ever
For wearing a Live Strong bracelet.
For what?
For your troubles.
Frank? Frank, are you okay?
From the Journal to stop by to interview,
Full. Okay. Okay, I get it.
Furthermore, it was wrong of me to say
Gay penguins, parks, sugar, parks.
Get off my car, woman!
Get this furniture out of here, y'all, we're making a dance floor.
Get used to this.
Glitter bomb!
Go ahead.
Go Badgers!
Go faster. Go faster. Go faster, Ron's the master.
God, Ron, you have to.
God! Well, I was
Good job.
Good meeting you, man!
Good morning. As many of you know,
Good night.
Good stuff?
Good, a couple days are free.
Good! We just finished the MRI.
Good. You're gonna take April home
Great job. I got gifts.
Great question. Someone steps into the room.